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I don't know if it's me or if it's something else but the club I was a part of last year had an owner who abandoned it like most of the members(afk for several months) so basicaly the club challenges that we were doing were only done by 3-4 members max and since the owner was also absent there was nobody to kick the afk members... So we came to an agreement to make a new club and I did a few months back but the problem is following: There is NO option to invite people whatsoever so my club was left empty for several months now..

Recomendation - Invite to club button should be available (i.e. when you look at someone's profile) also if you're the owner then you should get like a list of a few players doesn't have to be much 5-10 every day that are recomended for you to invite them to the club (i.e. similar level or such, currently not member of any clubs etc)

- Notifications that those players that you invite should not be too conspicuous as to not bother people with constant spam or such....

If i've missed something or made a mistake feel free to comment...

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