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The Gemestone Update! (coming next on November 17th or 18th 2021)

Zamioc Yuki

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Hello guys and girls, Zam here writing you as a player and a mod part of this community,


          For those who haven't followed on discord, there is a big update coming soon. It's going to impact massively the way the game will be played on the aspect when you give your guys exp. It went live a couple days ago on the HH test server and the next update is expected to go live next wednesday morning (the regular update time if you live in Paris time zone) or right after the league reset (on Thursday).
         This update consists in a big change on how you train your guys/girl (if you play Gh and/or HH too). Now the guys/girls' max level is capped on the MC current lvl and it can go up to 500. After the update, it'll be possible to max any guys/girls up to the level 750 and this will be possible thanks to the new gemstone mechanic. In the image below, if nothing changes until the update goes live, guys/girls lvl will have a cap every 50 lvl. You'll have to spend gemestones to unlock the next 50 level threshold. It'll be possible to have a guy/girl in your harem that have a higher level than your MC if you have the corresponding gemstones and the minimum required number of guys (second image below.) Gemstone can be acquired pretty much everywhere (season, pachinko, places of power, daily missions, daily contests, etc...) so it seems this new feature won't be something rare to get, we guess...




Nota Bene: those images are coming from the HH test server and may change before the release.



       For now on, players in discord (both HH and GH) are trying to figure out what would be the best thing to do before the release of this update and they came to this estimation that training all your guys/girls to the max threshold you can go would be the best solution to not be too impacted by the update and give you time to collect gemstones and transition smoothly to this next game mechanic. For example, a player lvl 175 should try to get all his guys/girls to lvl 151 to have time to collect gemstones and then spend it on the lvl 200 threshold so he can unlock the lvl 201 to 250 for this particular guy/girl (if the player has the proper number of gemestones and guys required). I'm currently level 324, I should train all my guys in GH up to lvl 301 if I want my transition toward that new game mechanic to be smoother and get used to it.

Some mechanics have still to be experienced but you have the great lines here. I'm really praying for you to apply this important advice.


          For the next step after this post, I would like to call to mind than we can discuss about this update in a both positive and negative way as long as we respect each others and the staff. In other words, I'm recalling the rules that are in force on this forum and in discord. For example, you can say that something is stupid and put your arguement with it so your affirmation brings something to the debate but you can't say that to qualify somebody. Most important thing: ARGUE! Any arguement, wether positive or negative, is welcome and can be debated here between us, shared with other people and/or/then posted as a constructed summary in the feedback section (in English). For negative argument I can accept and tolerate some sarcasms, cynicism or irony as long as it is constructive and brings something to the debate. Any insults for free will be proprely sanctioned according to the rules (mute then ban, the usual you have everywhere) so please, behave yourselves good as proper human beings.



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New update concerning the incoming update:


Guys/girls lvl will need gems to unlock their lvl starting at 251 and the cost has been reduced. But you'll need more guys to unlock the next threshold.

Also quote:

- Awakening before level 250 will cost 0 gems
- All awakening costs in gems are reduced /common & rare -20%, Epic -40%, Legendary -55%, Mythic -60%/

Added rebalance Gems:
- Seasons: each win gives 1 Physical Gem
- Leagues: each win gives 1 Voyeur Gem
- Epic and Mythic Pachinko can give all Gems
- Side Quests final reward give different Gems
- Temporary PoPs can give all Gems

Added rebalance Books:
- Mythic Books will keep their price but give 2 times more XP (20k / 40k / 60k)
- Higher Rarity books in the Market for all levels
- Legendary Books in temporary PoPs
- Daily rewards - replacing epic items  with Legendary books"

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