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Fun but pretty lost at times!

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Hi there, so I am getting kind of addicted to this game but not in a bad way. I enjoy the story and the pics! hmm I like the fun of getting money and trying to get lives etc to do things. But most of the time I have no idea what I am doing!! lol For example the Sex God Path - Champions path is totally lost on me. I have no idea how to win or lose for that matter or what I am supposed to do so I just click on skip after a while and then it tells me my result. Most of the time I lose but sometimes I win! A complete mystery.  The same for most of the games for that matter. I have figured that you need to get extra strength and when you are strong you defeat your weaker opponents, but how you get stronger is not that obvious either. The market seems hard to figure. I rarely see any equipment that will boost my power without seriously denting other skills so most of the time I don't equip myself. I sometimes pay to go a bit higher but it does very little. Just occasionally you can win some equipment which helps a bit. Another mystery! lol. So apart from the fact that most of the games are meaningless to me, I still like it. I like the daily challenges and the missions (which is just about clicking on a button every n minutes or so). I like the story most of all and I suppose that's what motivates me to do all these silly things, just so that I can advance in the story!! So there you go. A newbie. Is anyone else as lost as me or am I just totally dumb? I am at level 173 so I have been around a month or so. Maybe things will make more sense later. Or maybe there should be just a bit more guidance ?? Dunno. 

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