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server error keeps happening

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Hey i have been trying to access the game for nearly an hour now and i keep getting the server is not responding, error err_H1_err issue, this has been happening more frequently for a few months now, today it has reached a peak on the amount of times it has occurred. i don't know whats up, i have tried doing it on different computers, clearing my cache, using different web browsers, i have tried everything. nothing seems to work. occasionally i just get lucky and i can play with no issue but this is becoming worse as a problem. i dont know whats up nor what to troubleshoot further. please let me know if theirs anything on my end.

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It sounds like something on your end as I haven't heard of anyone else having this issue. Best thing I can suggest is next time you're able to login send a ticket in game by opening the in game menu on the top right corner then going to settings then support and place a ticket. Other option is to join the GH discord and DM Neven Kinkoid. Discord link is here: https://discord.com/invite/djbBgYp

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