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[ 10-May-22] Bang Alluza - Discussion

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Boss Bang is a monthly event, with a new girl each time. So, the event will come back next month. The girl, however, we don't know. Pretty much all girls are revived ~1 year after they are initially introduced, but for some events, revivals haven't started yet.

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Great art! Really, is very well done on both subject, posing, proportions, inking and coloring. Even if I don't like muscular legs, they are correct and fitting, so my plause to the artist. Won a

Glad I started lurking in this forum, all the advice made this boss bang was way easier than previous attempts when I didn't know what I was doing. I used 5 blue, 1 red, 1 dark, all level 550. Fo

First of all, I'm really glad you (and at least a few others who posted here or on the guide thread) managed to beat BB for the first time, and glad I could be of service for this. Congrats! To c

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