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So I'll admit I'm relatively new to playing, still in new cenabum, BUT the biggest barrier to giving this game time is the energy costs. It just seems ridiculous to me that it costs 20+ energy per click, almost all the time, in such an early stage of the game, and worse - to progress conversation between other characters. 


Maybe even consider lifting the energy cap as a player levels up? I've played many games with energy costs to move through their story and that seems pretty standard. Each level up comes with an increase in energy cap. Or recharge energy faster? Thinking of a similar (but not sex based) game I used to play the wait time for energy was like 6 minutes. It meant I had full energy more regularly, which meant I played more, and I was more likely to do stuff within the game and spend money. HH has a similar problem but it doesn't seem as pronounced. I've been playing them for a similar amount of time and am WAY further advanced in HH's story as the energy costs just aren't as high as frequently. 


Just seems to me that as a business you want people in-game more often than not to entice some sort of payments. All this is doing is making me play for like a couple of hours to get through the daily missions and then I barely think about playing again until reset because I can't get anywhere meaningful. I realise the game is newer and doesn't have as much content, but maybe cause the slow-down later in the game than like the 2nd map? Or is this just me? 

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Well, you can play only for the story, but there are other activities you can use your time: Places of power, Season, Leagues, fighting villains for more girls ...

The usual schedule for many players is playing 3-4 times a day for 30-60 minutes, that way you allow for long daily missions and PoP to complete, and for other resources to replenish (energy, combativity, kisses, league challenges, ...)

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