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Prepare for this... again.

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Dear mods, you know that soon a new forum section is going to open for PsH. I want to help you by anticipating the most common questions *all* users are going to ask you, so you'll feel ready.


"I click the COMING SOON mission, but nothing happen. Bug!"

"The game is bugged, as I fought three times all opponents in the League, and the game doesn't let me fight again."

"I've reached tier 20 in the Season as you can see, but the girl doesn't appear in my harem."

"The game is bugged, I've reached level 250 with Sasha Grey, I own the gems but it doesn't let me awake her, telling I need 26 more girls."

[Version B]: "The game is bugged, it doesn't let me upgrade Sasha Grey above level 250."

[Version C]: "The game is bugged. Sasha Grey is not grey, but yellow!"

"Can I move my kobans from Hentai Heroes to Pornstar Heroes?"

"What Classes are about?"

"How it's possible this guy have so much points? The game is bugged"

"How do I win new girls?"

"How do I login?"

"How do i ask questions in the forum?"

[Version B]: "Hola! ¿Está aqui la sección en español del foro?"

"I want to state to the Universe that I don't like how the mods in a porno game forum replied to me, where is the Boss mail? You dunno who I am, I'm F2P since 1875, my mum tell me I'm a good boy and you know, I own a PS5."

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