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Erotical Adventures of an HH player in PsH #2


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Episode 2


Some month ago, in a dusty office...

-Misha, I had an idea, let's do a REAL porno game!!!-
-You mean so far we're joking?-
-No no, I do mean a game with real porno. Not such drawings, but shots! Shots of real women!-
-Like... some '90 Flash game? Ok, what's the engine?-
-I had a great idea. Think of having a lot of girls, you can have sex with them, add to a list, boost their stats and y-
-...Hentai Heroes once again, right?-
-Something in the line.-
-It's a bit annoying, but at least we don't have to feed more code monkeys. What we'll do for pics? We call some Webcam Girl and collect shots?-
-Muahahaha. I had a way better idea. This is the prototype.-
-Mmmm... Mmmm... Pjotr, were you got such shots?-
-I had a genius strike. They are the shots used to promote videos. Cost nothing, after the delivery no one want for them anymore.-
-You know such shots aren't from the video itself, but actors stage them after production?-
-So what?-
-They are a bit... dry. And still. I mean, I had sex with some frigid girl, but none of them was so dry. And still.-
-It's a problem?-
-Well, just a bit. The real problem are the girls. Don't you notice something?-
-They are naked?-
-They look elsewhere! Specifically, they all ideally look to the customer of the DVD/website, so in camera. Is like having sex, and your mate continually turn the head elsewhere.-
-Like I do when we talk of monthly fees... I do  understand.-
-Look here. Asa Akira is telling to the hero 'You're a dirty son of a bitch'... and watch elsewhere.-
-She's watching... a spider on the wall. The wall we don't see. The fourth wall.-
-WTF is this, a mashup of Ibsen vs Spiderman? "There's a spider on the fourth wall"?-
-We deliver high intellectual games...-
-And they all smile to the spider on the 4th wall?-
-What the fuck I know, they think spiders are fun. I found Spiderman movies quite fun, at least the Tobey Maguire ones. They look at the spider and remember of Tobey Maguire.-
-So we had to call this game 'Pornstar Heroes think of Tobey Maguire'?-
-Wasn't Tobey a sex symbol anyway? I do find his traits quite interesting, such good boy face inspire intense sex.-
-We'll talk of this topic of you in a minute. And there's another issue. As they aren't doing real sex, but just posing, the... liquid is not for real. And is quite evident.-
-Okay, okay, players need a bit of suspension of disbelief. It's a symbolic liquid. But how about 'the trick'? The boy that change body? So we don't need the same guy the whole time.-
-There's a small drawback. If the guy morph in the body the girl want, that also mean *no girl* actually want for the hero. Is very depressing. And if I do sex owning another body, isn't equal manipulating another man dick?-
-Now *you* are going Ibsen mode. No one notice such details. Well you did, but no one else will do. They are just dicks. Dicks that do things.-
-On the topic of dicks. And Tobey Maguire. There's also a kinda ambiguity all over. I mean...
-I'm . Not. Gay. I just respect virility and I'm so aware of my male identity that I don't have any problem into recognizing sexual appeal in males. If I do see a sexy man I can tell "Wow, he surely should have a juicy shaft that anyone can love to suck" with honesty- but I'm not gay for that, okay?-
-I'll explain. Champions undress when you beat them, is a bit gay. And EURODICK sound like you go for dicks in Europe. I've told you once that not all thing sexuals are equal. And if you th - OH CHRIST. OH MY HOLY CHRIST, WTF IS THIS?-
-There's something bad? You turned blue...-
-Look her profile.-
-So what? I don't see anything wrong.-
-Really you don't see it?-
-She's a girl, she own a female body, females look all equal to me. I suspect is a strange case of...of...-
-...PROSOPAGNOSYA. I've talked with an expert about this, but we didn't come to a solution.-
-I'll leave you with the shot. Just look at her for some time, I'll be back when you do find what's wrong.-
-Okay. Mumble... in fact the expert was very fit and attractive... I had to call him and ask if I can watch his defined gluteus without pants... I'm curious about such a fit body... Soooo, what's wrong with this girl, in the end?-


(Answer in the comments, it's very silly, but whatever...)

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