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Problem with "Mythic Revival #8"

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I've played through the "Mythic Revival" several times and not gotten any of the rewards for "Sharkbite." I've gotten some for Fumetsu Kesseki, but none for the "Mythic Revival" reward. In fact, Sharkbite isn't even showing up as an option! I've even bought two rounds of more energy, thinking this might be the issue. Still, nothing. 



ScreenHunter 3279 Jun. 24.png

ScreenHunter 3280 Jun. 24.png

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Sharkbite doesn't show up because there are no shards left to win.

In the first picture on the left side it says:

Total shards remaining: 0

800 shards available in: [Remaining time]

Mythic Guys are not available the entire time. There is a limited pool of shards for all players in the whole game and if the counter reaches 0 you can't win any shards for the Mythic Guy.

You need to wait until the pool refreshes and then be quick enough to get shards before it runs out again.

Also, you never get more than 1 shard at once when going for a Mythic Guy.

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