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Sex God Level 500 - stuck?

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I managed to get through all of the levels up to 500 without issue but don't get past it.

My team keeps getting wiped out even though I have 100 more energy to burn and more overall power and - their energy level regenerates... anyone got some solid hints as to how to sort my team out?

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Overall team power isn't what you should look at to determine if you're going to win a battle or not, especially when it comes to pantheon. You should be comparing your attack, defence & ego. Pantheon itself is largely considered a broken feature because it keeps getting ridiculously more powerful every 100 levels, no players has ever completed the 2000th floor.

That said completing up to floor 1000 is possible without needing to do anything special beyond continuing to level your player level and your guys, generally it can be done when you have lv 600 guys and around lv 400 player level without needing anything extra. Personally I would recommend this as the other way involves spending kobans and in the end you'll just end up reaching a tower level you can't beat even with boosters faster.

If you're okay with spending resources to advance there are boosters you can pay for to power you to advance faster. Best ones to use are 3 cordyceps and if that's still not enough there is a mythic booster called headband of determination.

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Cheers - the majority of my Harem are Level 450 and I have a Level 222 character - I guess I might just have to grind out some more XP for a while & save some of my boosters.

Is there a good tute somewhere on building a team with attack / defence and ego levelled?

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Like said the Pantheon gets murderous after certain levels and the "Boss" levels are always extra difficult because of the passive perks (which you cannot see for the enemy teams) but which govern things such as heal per hit, chance and extra damage for critical hits etc.

For comparison, I am level 379 on the main server and my current battle team are 90% legendary 5-star guys on Level 600 and I still get wrecked on Temple 1000 every single time.

The general gist to increase attack/defense and ego is a combination of increasing your own player character stats in the market and leveling up your primary battle team guys.

For ego, there's also the "harem bonus" which gives an extra boost based on the overall level of all guys you have.

There is a FAQ & Guides thread but I don't think there's a specific tutorial for Team Building.

Generally there is no perfect team that can be built due to Blessings, Elements and the passive Bonuses that apply to both your team and the enemy ones (yes, even the AI teams in the Pantheon have passive bonuses which you cannot check but see i.e. with massive healing per hit).

Basic notions for team building and getting attack, defense and ego high are:

1. Always use fully upgraded guys who have all available stars unlocked (via gifts), ideally 5-star legendary guys who are the strongest apart from 6-star Mythics but the latter are very difficult to get and very expensive to upgrade.

2. Do not waste gems by leveling up hundreds of guys parallel in your harem. Prioritize those with good strength potential like 5-star guys which you try to level as high as possible to become your primary battle team candidates.

3. Increase your own player character stats at the market, first concentrating on the primary stat to maximize attack and ego. Defense is increased by the other two stats but not as high.

4. When you have more than seven highly leveled strong guys you can start to pay attention to Blessings and switch out team members to take advantage of these bonuses.

5. Pay attention to the elemental make up of the enemy team. If you can assemble a team with the element superior to the one used by the enemy team, you get either a +20% critical hit chance or +10% damage and ego.

6. Apart from the actual seven guys who fight, all other guys in your harem also contribute to the passive bonuses. Although you can boost certain passive bonuses even more by paying attention to which element the seven guys in your team have. For example if all seven guys in your team are of the blue "sensual" element you will get a whopping 21% bonus of healing per hit plus the additional bonus from the rest of blue-elemental guys in your harem.


Playing around with the elements, passive bonuses and the blessings is an advanced thing though to optimize your current teams output and possibly specialize it against a certain specific enemy team.

Training a good pool of strong guys with maximum unlocked stars and level as well as increasing your own player character stats is the basic and first strategy to go.

How strong you'll actually get of course depends on which guys you already have in your harem. If 5-star Legendaries are not available, 3-star Legendaries or 5-star Epics, Rares or Commons are the next best thing.

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