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... how perverted and deviant has humanity become ...???

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I thought I'd start a new topic that's been on my mind for a long time and to see what opinions other players have on it. Even at the risk of triggering a "shitstorm" that will befall me.
The subject I would like to comment on is the scenes behind the stars in "Affections", but also in the Quests. Especially with the girls in the harem, who had to be hard earned.
I am aware that kinkoid is trying to cater to every preference of the countless gamers worldwide who play this game. I also know that the sexual preferences of (primarily) male customers are diverse.
But still I ask myself: how perverted and deviant has humanity become that anal sex is currently seems so popular?
Because what else is the explanation for the fact that anal sex scenes are apparently shown more and more often in the stories? Because that's exactly what really annoys me and what makes me think more and more about whether I should continue to invest a tired penny in this game and/or even stop playing this game completely.

My first kinkoid game was hentai heroes. After playing it for a while, it just annoyed me and finally disgusted me. Mainly because the anal sex scenes were becoming more and more common there, the whole game is totally below my intellectual level and no longer attractive enough for my age. Then I discovered Comix heroes and found the game a bit more interesting, the graphic style is significantly better and a lot of things are more mature, fair and fun. >>> Of course, I noticed early on that Comix heroes also had these disgusting, deviant anal sex scenes, but I've already commented on that. In the beginning I regarded these scenes as an annoying evil that could still be tolerated because the frequency was still limited. Although it really annoyed me when these scenes happened to girls that I thought were super cute and sexy. But now it's getting worse and worse.

How do you feel about this and wouldn't it be possible to design the game in such a way that the player has the choice between disgusting anal sex scenes and normal, (healthy) vaginal sex scenes?

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