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Sultry Mysteries


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From Patch Notes #44:

Sultry Mysteries Event (SM)

A new Event type is now available!


In Sultry Mysteries, win rewards by unlocking squares from a grid and collect Sultry Coins to buy awesome rewards and shards for unfinished girls.



How can the event be accessed?

To access the event, players must have reached Level 15

If under 15, the event won’t be visible at all.


How does it work?

Every grid has 30 squares. You can generate a new grid, but you must open at least 15 squares first.


Every square hides a mystery reward. Use 1 key to unlock the reward hiding behind the square.

The number of grids that can be generated is unlimited.


How can I get keys?

You’ll start the event with 15 keys.

Win them by collecting the rewards from the final Daily Chest or battle villains for a chance to win keys.


Keys can also be obtained with Gold or via Bundles.

Keys will be reset at the end of the event so make sure to use them all before the SM event ends!


What are Sultry Coins and how do I use them?

Sultry Coins can only be won by unlocking mystery boxes from the event grid.


You can then use them in the exclusive event Shop to unlock awesome rewards like missing shards for uncompleted recruits!

Note that the Sultry Coins will be kept after the event ends and can be used the next time the event is available.


How does the Exclusive Shop function?

Spend Sultry Coins on rewards or resources like Gems. You can also spend Sultry Coins on purchasing shards for recruits that you haven’t yet completed!

There will be 5 rewards for you to purchase in the shop.


The first slot of the shop is reserved for the shards of a random recruit for which you already have 40 shards or more (does not include Mythics).

The Shop will be refreshed every 12h or can be manually restocked with Gold.

For more information, check out the information button on the event page or our Events article on the Kinkoid blog!




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My first shop on this new type of event:


first Sultry shop CxH 2.11.22.jpg

This is Blitz Bolt, a (3 stars) Epic girl. Not worth spending coin on her imo (I don't have enough anyways).

The 100 energy for 25 coins might be an interesting option.

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I don't even know if its funny anymore, but every time something new shows up both in CxH and HH, CxH gets shafted in some way. HH has mythic rotation during this event, so HH is able to farm more keys for free(when going for the girl). CxH will have mythic later for some reason. I really don't get it, lol
Similarly CxH got screwed with 3* girls instead of 5* during big anniversary event

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On 11/5/2022 at 12:02 AM, OmerB said:

Current Sultry shop:


This is Ms. Freedom, an epic from Pachinko. Should I get her? 🤔

I would!  It's a good deal!

I really want KK to fix the algorithm for selecting girls for the shop; PoG & PoV girls should be LOCKED OUT of Sultry Mysteries bc they are the easiest girls to get.  i am surprised this hasn't been fixed by now.  Even the Whales aren't that likely to pay gold to refresh the SM Store to get a non-PoG/PoV girl.  I know i won't.



only 1 & 1/2 hrs left, i finally get a non-PoV gal, but don't have enough SC...

Saving for next month!

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For three and a half days, I haven't got anything worthy of noting on any game, until an hour ago, at my last "spin" of this Sultry M event, I got my most coveted prize - Spill!

I needed 25 shards of her, and a chance of 1/28 to get her IIRC (the number of girls that I have between 40 to 99 shards).


Screenshot_20230118-082232_Kiwi Browser.jpg

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i started with 74 coins and finished with 137

i did not get any intersting girls expect a girl from champion who i dont want to spend coins on her.

i have enough coins for Kilaria which is the only L5 girl i can get. i am missing 25 shards.i hope she will pop up next time

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