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Game progress after 5 months

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Hi all, I'm Safi! A small number of you know me, a few more of you know of me, and maybe a tiny number of you wish you'd never heard of me :P 

Normally I stick to subscription games, or if there are micro-transactions I'll buy whatever the monthly bundle is (e.g. cards in this game). This is my first time taking on the role of whale... I don't see myself as the traditional whale though - more of a fun-loving, playful and cunning creature that can occasionally delight when not causing mischief. That's just me though. To everyone else, I'm just another oversized marine mammal :D 

A couple of weeks ago I realised I'd been playing this game for almost 5 months. 28th of June until today, how time flies! Figured I'd set myself a few silly goals to see in the 5-month mark, so here they are:

  • Generate an income of 1m ymen per hour
  • Reach level 400
  • Persuade 600 girls to join my harem

Success, as of today all 3 objectives have been achieved!

Along the way I've managed to tick a few boxes. I'm not really into completionism in the OCD sense, but I do like to hit milestones. Here are some of the highlights! *dim lights, start the projector*

Champs - I've obtained all the rewards from the final stage of each of the regular champions. Club champion girls were slow to arrive initially and now I'm happy with the acquisition rate of 1 club champion girl per week.

Places of Power - the 3 upgradeable tasks are at level 10. Yes, not necessarily efficient spending of kobans, but I'd rather get a PoP girl in 10 shard drops, not 11 ;) The other 9 tasks are all at level 12 and I have no problems setting them all up to finish in 7 hours.

Pantheon - I passed level 1500 last week. With the blessings change tomorrow I'm anticipating team power around 200k, and with the added benefit of recently-introduced mythic equipment I am hoping that 1600 will fall quickly too. Who knows, maybe I'll switch back to legendary equipment with tomorrow's blessings so I can at least say I did it the old-school way 😄 


League - Hanging out in D3 with no real problems anymore. My first week in D3 I was placed #66. Each week after that I progressed approximately 10 places higher, with the last 5 weeks being top 15 finishes. Typically averaging 20.5 to 21 at the end of a league, though with the arrival of mythic gear that average has gone up noticeably. There have been a couple of very close calls for top 4 finishes in D3 recently, giving me further optimism! I'm a bit behind with fights in the current league so a few refills are on the cards.


Harem - where all the real action takes place! I have a total of 90 5* + mythic girls in my harem. 6 of them are not fully awakened, and 7 of them are not fully upgraded yet. Usual story, waiting for contests, or some gems are not as readily available as others. In club I've been jokingly referring to my GPD Rate (currently 4😞 girls per day acquisition rate. I won't bore you with any further break-down of who is in the harem, instead I'll share a few screenshots to help paint the picture :) 




Player level / experience - So this is something I have no control over. Maximising experience available from all sources, taking into account the club bonus and Alban's Travel Memories, there's approximately 1.5m experience available per month(ish). Time is my friend.

Ymen - The true bottleneck. What with market-bought stats, mythic girl upgrades and now mythic equipment upgrades, ymen are in short supply. To compound issues, one significant source of income is no longer viable - selling unwanted equipment. Villains and champs are the primary sources of income beyond the harem. Right now the most I can hope for from a single villain challenge is 75k ymen. It's okay though, we all need to put the brakes on occasionally while we stop to smell the roses! Oh and if you're interested (and have the means), I'll gladly trade you 1000 combativity in exchange for 1 billion ymen ;) 

Resources - I'm pretty much covered for most eventualities. Energy and league challenges are always recharging, it's rare for me to be sitting on either of these. Everything else is plentiful. The loss of natural regen could be considered a crime, but this is the way I'm playing. Oh and I'm probably not going to run out of boosters any time soon...


Well I guess that wraps it up, other than to say this is me, hi! Introduce yourself if you like, I don't bite - often :P 



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Hey, I remember you from leagues.  I'm kinda shocked you could reach lvl 400 in 5 months.  I think it took me 25 months as F2P.  Also, jealous that you have 4 mythic gear already.  You're still progressing at a fast pace.

I'm curious about your mythic gear.  If you could share more screenshots of them, I'd appreciate it (tag me).  You probably leveled up the first 4 that could fit, right?  Got any dupes?

You have an abundance of CP, AMEs, and Temple worship.  I'll be wary of you in leagues from now on. 

You can get any mythic girl that appears w/ that much CP. 

The only thing that'll probably still challenge you, besides being short on ymens, is the Pantheon, b/c no whale/wallet warrior has beaten floor 2000 yet.   You can probably reach it (floor 1999).  It's not like you need it though, w/ that much CP.  I'm looking forward to a 200k+ TP team after blessings change as well.  Gonna try to break the 1800 wall.  I've been stuck there about 3 months.

I should do one of these introductions too, but I've been on the forum for ~8 months.  I assume ppl know me.  Maybe I'll make it once I get max passives, and have that to brag about.  I'm close.

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4 minutes ago, SafiTheOrca said:

@Ravi-Sama maxing the elemental bonus is a fine achievement, hope you get there soon! Here's a screenie with the mythic gear details. No duplicates, unless you count a mythic torso slot piece for my class - it has different bonus though (ego/harmony). Still waiting on rainbow themed pieces for my class :) 

Wow, two charm/sensual, and both w/ atk/defense.  Those are nice ones.  Some players prefer using sensual teams to atk in leagues, so those two are actually top tier imo.

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So yesterday I learned something important about champions and the 10 girls in the team... Something I didn't know for the whole 5 months I've been playing. Rather embarrassing really - I never knew we could drag and drop the girls into different slots 🤣 

And today I broke through the 1700 pantheon barrier - yay! I did 1600 on Monday after the blessings change, traditional way with legendary gear. Today while wearing mythic gear I saw I had a 2.87% chance, used a couple of worship on a whim, and was pleasantly surprised when this happened:



2 hours ago, krasserficker69 said:

How did you manage to store so much CP and kisses? Energy is "easy" at the end of season and my temple worship also stockpiles from time to time but never had I reached more than ~250 CP and ~100 kisses... Just from bundles and rewards? But you didn't collect all villain girls did you?

Originally I was buying bundles and any unused resources would be left over to accumulate at the end of events. Now I'm thinking there's some sort of critical mass involved and my combativity is just multiplying of its own accord... I've already got another 1000 more than in the screenie from a few days ago :D 

I regularly farm villains for gems, and gradually work my way through the girls available. If an event adds a girl to a villain then I'll always make a point of getting the shards. Mythic girls are a must-have! If I can coordinate the girls available from villains during events with a contest, even better :) I have all regular villains girls before the legendary girl on Karole.

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  • 4 weeks later...

How time flies! Started on the 28th of June, tomorrow marks 6 months since I joined all of you in the haremverse :) Figured I should share some updates on progress over the last month...

First up, level 416 and leaving behind the messed-up (I'm being polite) world of Digisekai. Onto the first quest from Stairway to Heaven, so no doubt more surreal story-telling to unfold.


As you may have spotted from the screenshot (hard to miss thanks to scaling and UHD display creating an oversized image) I have a sizeable harem with me! Harem level is currently 294,579. Closing in on capping each of the elemental bonus which is a nice feeling. Ego and Defence are maxed, Damage is almost there. Probably easier to chuck in another screenshot here, provide some more detail behind the scenes of my harem.


I've won D3 twice, the first time at level 403. I'm at Pantheon stage 1899 and am the lowest level player at this stage. I have 69 pieces of mythic equipment, and with only 1 duplicate item, that accounts for 10% of the different varieties available. 22 S/C5 girls, 6 R5 girls, 1 E5 girl, 68 L5 girls, and 13 Mythic girls. My maths may be slightly off, I believe roughly 17% of my Legendary girls are 5*. The harem reckons there are 54 5* girls across all rarities left for me to obtain. Basically I'm at the 2/3rds mark of a moving target 😛 


There was a question by @krasserficker69 asking how I manage to stack up so many resources, and inquiring if I was skipping the villain girls. The screenshot above hopefully shows the progress I've been making. Karole and Jackson's Crew are reliant on event girls before I'll level them further. Pandora Witch is at level 582. Villains are one of my main sources of gems when I'm running low on a particular element, so yeah, I get through quite a lot of combativity!

I've just posted an update in the mythic gear topic with the spreadsheet showing the mythic equipment pieces I've obtained so far:


And as a final thought, I'll leave you with an overview of my progress during the last few weeks...


This is your friendly neighbourhood orca wishing you all the best for 2023, hope it's a fine vintage!

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