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Welcome Heroes!
To make sure that everyone feels welcomed in this forum, we’ve put down a few rules. Please play nice! 

  • Respect the rules and don’t promote any illegal activity.
  • Respect language specific sections. Post only in English in EN, and only in French in FR.
  • Don’t use any, violent, aggressive, or vulgar language and images. It will not be tolerated and any post that violates this rule will be removed.
  • Personal attacks will be banned on the spot.
  • Do not insult, personally attack, or tell other people to injure themselves. 
  • Hate speech is prohibited. Any racist, ethnic, sexist, homophobic or other discriminatory speech will be deleted.
    • A temporary or permanent ban will be done without any warning.
  • Stay friendly with all players. Toxic behavior will not be tolerated. 
  • No religious or political topics.
  • As the game is aimed at an adult audience, we do not allow people that are under the age of 18 to be present on the forum. 
  • Don’t spam.
  • Avoid Necroposting: if a thread is inactive for months, create a new one.
  • No spoilers! Do not spoil the surprise! In other words, pictures of guys, affections scenes, or just released quests are not allowed.
  • Make sure when you make a post to not use CAPS lock and avoid strange formats. It will be easy to read for everyone 
  • Posting Cheats, Hacks and abuses will not only get you banned in the forum but in the game as well. 
  • No call of action
    • Attempting to rally the community to do a specific thing - boycott something, etc is a call to action and will be removed. This does not include polls by the community.
  • No advertising or promotion whatsoever of private communication tools, sites, or anything else.
  • Do not create accounts for the sole purpose of offending other users or increasing “reputation” with fake votes.
  • When you register in the game, do please use a valid email 
    (not a temporary email address). Otherwise, you won't be able to validate your account and receive our support.

We take the rules seriously and so should you!

If you face a situation that doesn’t respect these rules, please, report the post as fast as possible.
Forum members who repeatedly break the rules will be banned.
Depending on the severity of the offenses, they might be banned from the games as well. 
And don’t forget: the forum is here so that you all can have fun!

Yours truly, 
The Gay Harem Team

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