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Patch Notes Week #02


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11. 01.2023


Max Storage

For each Monthly Card tier, players will now be able to automatically store more energy from the natural regeneration! This change won’t affect players without a Monthly Card.


Example: For Platinum Monthly Cardholders, the limit for Quest Energy is now set to 250. This means that the energy will keep refilling until it has reached 250.


The affected energies are: Quest Energy, Combativity, Kisses, Condoms.


💎 New Monthly Card 💎

A new Monthly Card with exciting new rewards!

For the heroes who want more resources and more options, we’re releasing a new Monthly Card: the Diamond Monthly Card!



Treat yourself and treat your guys with the awesome new benefits of the Diamond MC:

  • 30 days duration
  • 450 Kobans per day (total 13500)
  • 10 Kisses per day (total 300)
  • 40 All Gems per day (total 1200)
  • Free Collect All
  • Collect last Season, PoA, PoV, PoG rewards
  • Free x10 and x50 Villain Performance
  • Free x15 League Performance
  • 50% Off Market Reload
  • Free x10 Champion Performance and Rest
  • 50% Off Daily Missions finish now
  • 50% Off Pachinko Reroll
  • 16 Team slots in total
  • Free Club Champion Multiple Performance & Short Rest
  • Free Places of Power Auto Assign All and Claim All
  • Free x10 Season Performance & Refresh Opponents
  • Max Storage up to: 300 Quest Energy, 60 Combativity, 50 Kisses, 30 Condoms


Nutaku Maintenance News

Nutaku will run scheduled maintenance on Thursday, January 12th at 8 AM EST.

The maintenance period will be approximately 30 minutes long. Nutaku and all integrated games (browser and app) will be unavailable during this downtime.


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