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Patch Notes Week #11


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15. 03. 2023



A new league guy has been released.


Up for a challenge? Master the leagues and show Wyatt your power!



Be sure to check our known and fixed bugs article on the blog 👉 here.





🎵 Spotify Playlists 🎵


Do you love tight booties and good tunes? Dicks and drums? RnB and Ramming nice Butts? Or are you more into jazz and jizz? 🍑



We’ve got you covered! 

Want to know which tunes your favorite husbandos and hunks are jamming out to?


🎵 Come check out these playlists on our Kinkoid Spotify Profile. 🎵


Don’t see a playlist for your favorite hunk?

Join our discord / forum and let us know what music you’d like to listen to with your harem! 💗💖1427224819_GH_Patch_Notesimages_gamenews.thumb.jpg.463380f804c30702fc2ca4ff57f72629.jpg

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Scripts for the game kinkoid doesn't have anything to do with, the accepted ones are created and maintained by players and the primary one used by GH the creator (Numbers) quit the game a few weeks back. It has been taken over by a different player (Zoopokemon) but you'd need to get the new one and replace the old one with it which can either be found in the questions and answers > DAQ & Guide section on the forum or on discord in the FAQs & Guide channel.

The spotify thing while I agree is a little weird it wouldn't have been worked on by the bug fixing department, likely the community mangers who have nothing to do with the code.

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2 hours ago, Oliver66 said:

Scripts for the game kinkoid doesn't have anything to do with

I meant ingame script, JS, not user controlled. That bug was acknoledged by support team that told me they wouldn't fix it coz 'derivative' Gecko browser is not supported and I should change my one for Firefox or Chrome. I succesfully use it for all other websites but would change it for that buggy code they want not to fix, lol.

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