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Can we please also have some events and things to do, like the other games?


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Since I think last month, the differences between CH and HH and PSH etc.. have become annoying. I looked, but couldn't find an already existing thread about it.
In Comix Harem, we have so much less to do now than in the other games and on some level I don't mind much, because the other games are demanding too much of my time (so much so that I just basically stopped playing PSH now), but on the other hand, when CH doesn't get anywhere near the same options to get girls we once missed, that becomes annoying.
Like, are we not even getting a Mythic Revival this month?
Yes, I am kind of torn about this, but even if I am fine with having less events in this game, it's just up to a point, before it feels like CH is missing out and for me, we passed that point last month.

I'm guessing this game is less successful than the other games, but to me, it's a lot of fun and I love the storylines, in all their ridiculousness and all the connections to certain well-established superhero universes and by now it feels as if CH has become the stepchild of the games' family.

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Posted (edited)
2 hours ago, jelom said:

It was announced that ComixHarem would have less new girls, so that implies less events.

For one, I mention specifically Mythic Revival and girls we once missed, so both would have nothing to do with not getting as many new girls.
Secondly, this is for feedback about the game, and my feedback is that I don't like that.
Whether it was announced or not makes no difference in regard to my dislike of it.

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We are having lately two mythic revivals in HH, but the usual was only one near to month's end, don't worry, you can rest assured it will be one this month in CxH.

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