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just imagine a horror film where all infected girls go faceless like this.. creeps me out, sorry..

maybe thats a million dollar idea? probably a film like that already exists..

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20 hours ago, ffs said:

creepy without faces..

but nice effort!

Trust me, they'd be a lot creeper with faces because I can't draw them well at all. xD

But, yeah, this art style is definitely not for everyone, but I make them for myself so I don't really care.

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On 9/11/2018 at 11:32 AM, Ryaku Mcneil said:

oh wow, never even seen this girl


Vechta was a pachinko exclusive from the October event last year. Unfortunately I wasn't around then so I don't have her, but she's one of my favorite girls in the game. :D


On 9/11/2018 at 12:15 PM, Skiron said:

the more you do, the more your style grows on me...

my respect to the eye for details that you need to make the girls recognizable on the first sight!

really nice work :)

Thanks! Some of these have definitely been a challenge for me. XD

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3 hours ago, Ryaku Mcneil said:

well it's almost october again so here's our second chance 😏

If I don't spend any of my kobans before then I'll have enough for four or five 10-spins, but I still have six boss girls to get and, like, twenty-seven permanent pachinko girls. So my chance of getting her will be very low, but I might risk it anyway. 

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Bunny and my OC Pigeon

This is actually the very first piece of fanart I started working on because I just really wanted to draw Pigeon with one of the were-rabbits--ended up opting for Bunny simply because they both have pink hair--but I stopped working on it because I was doing it in a different style and I just didn't like it. And then I switched to the vectors and ended up coming back to this later, changed what I had started working on, and then finally finished it.

And this might be the one and only time I draw more than one person at a time. XD



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