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(Frequently Asked) Questions - Table of Contents

1. General Questions (click here)
2. Girls Questions (click here)
3. Adventure & Villain Questions (click here)
4. Performances Questions (click here)
5. Event Questions (click here)
6. Pachinko Questions (click here)
7. Patreon Questions (click here)
8. Champions Questions (click here)

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References used in this FAQ
FAQ – Kinkoid
Harem Heroes Wiki (harem-battle.club)
Accueil - Hentai Heroes Wiki (wikidot.com)
FAQ from the official Discord server

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General Questions

Includes: Market, Activities/Contests, Places of Power and Club questions.

Q: What is the difference between Hentai Heroes on hentaiheroes.com and Harem Heroes on Nutaku?

A: It is the same game. Originally the game was launched on Nutaku before Kinkoid also decided to launch a stand-alone version; Hentai Heroes. There is just one difference between the games, which is just a cosmetic difference. 1 koban on Nutaku is worth 6 kobans on hentaiheroes.com. You get 6x the amount of kobans on hentaiheroes.com compared to Nutaku, but you also have to pay 6x as many kobans for the in-game features. For example: on hentaiheroes.com you get 150 kobans for completing all daily missions, and on Nutaku it is 25 kobans. Also, when you play the 10x games Epic Pachinko on Nutaku you pay 900 kobans, and on hentaiheroes.com you pay 5400 kobans.
Other differences is that in Hentai Heroes, players can collect or buy new avatars for their profile.  Harem Heroes does not have this feature and has a limited avatar selection. The platforms have different payment processors. Some collaboration-type events, offers, gift codes and rewards may be exclusive to one platform only.

Q: How do I get more kobans?

A: There are a couple of ways to gain more kobans, both for free and by paying for them.

The free ways of getting kobans are:
1. Complete all daily missions on a day. This will reward you with 150 kobans.
2. Complete special event missions. 
3. End up in the top 4 of contests. The number 1 spot will receive 300 kobans and the number 2-4 spots receive 120 kobans.

4. The occasional community contest/survey reward/banner of another game. These options are not occuring all that often, and are by no means a stable way of getting more kobans.
5. Place 75th or above in the weekly League, except for Wanker 1 where you need to place 60th or above to receive kobans. 
6. Complete certain missions (like Bouncing Buns) in Places of Power.

The paid ways of getting kobans are:
1. Buying kobans directly from the shop. You can get to the shop by clicking on the +-sign next to your amount of kobans (see picture).

2. Buying the Monthly Card. The Silver card gives you 60 kobans for 30 days (1800 in total for a month), with an added bonus of a free collect of harem money at the click of one button. The Gold card gives you 150 kobans for 30 days (4500 in total), with the same added bonus as the Silver card + Free x10 Villain Performance and Free x15 League Performance. The Platinum card gives you 360 kobans for 30 days (10800 in total), with the same added bonus as the Gold card + 50% Off Market reload, Free Champion Multiple Performances & Short rest, 50% Off Daily Missions finish now, and 50% off Pachinko Reroll.
3. Becoming a Patron. You can help the team out by becoming a Patron on their Patreon page (the lowest tier doesn't give you kobans in the game): https://www.patreon.com/hentaiheroes
4. Some Special Offers awards you kobans. Special Offers come and goes, so grab them before they disappear. aaaaaaaaa.PNG


Q: How do I get more energy? I cannot proceed with the story. image.png

A: Your energy regenerates naturally. Every 7.5 minutes you get 1 energy back. Whenever you level up, your maximum energy will increase with 2. The maximum energy you can have is 100, which you reach at level 26. You will also receive 10 energy at every level up.

Other ways you can get more energy is:
1. Some Special Offers/Bundles includes energy.
2. Claim it from the event Path of Attraction that occurs once every month.
3. Claim it as a reward from reaching certain stages in the Season.
4. Refill it by spending kobans.

Q: How do I get more combativity? image.png

A: Your combativity regenerates naturally. Every 30 minutes you get 1 combativity back. For every 5 level ups your max combativity will increase with 1. The maximum combativity you can have is 20, which you reach at level 50.

Other ways you can get more combativity is:
1. Some Special Offers/Bundles includes combativity.
2. Claim it from the event Path of Attraction that occurs once every month.
3. Claim it as a reward from reaching certain stages in the Season.
4. Refill it by spending kobans.

Q: How do I get more ingame money (Ymen)?

A: There are a couple of ways to get more money in the game.

1. Collect the money from the girls in the Harem screen. Every girl has a timer counting down. After that she will give you a certain amount of money depending on how many stars she has, and which girl it is.
2. Battling the world villains. World 2 and on have a villain on the map with a performance button near him. If you perform against that villain and win the performance, then you will receive either attraction shards for one of his girls, a story item or money. The higher the level of the villain, the more money the villain will give. However, the first stage of the villains Karole, Jackson's Crew and Pandora Witch will give you gifts or books instead.
3. Do Champion Performances. If you lose you will receive money (the more EGO you take of the Champion the more money you get), and if you win the battle you will receive cosmetics or a girl instead (7 different cosmetics and 1 girl), if you have received all 8 rewards on a specific champion, then you will receive 10 Kisses instead.
4. Completing missions. Some of the missions will give you money for completing them.
5. Winning contests. Some contests will reward you with money. The higher you finish, the more money you will win.
6. Completing any temporary Places of Power mission have a chance of rewarding you with money.
7. Claim money as a reward for reaching a certain stage/mojo in the Season.
8. Claim money as a reward for reaching a certain stage in the event Path of Attraction.

Q: What is the maximum level I can reach?

A: The maximum level you can reach is currently level 500. 

Q: How can I gain more experience (XP), so that I can level up faster?

A: There is a couple of ways to gain XP.

1. You can gain XP by completing the daily missions. The higher your level, the more XP those missions will give.
2. You will get some XP through story mode. This is especially noticeable in the first worlds, but you still gain xp in later parts of the story as well.
3. You can claim XP after reaching a certain stage/mojo in the Season.
4. You will gain XP by battling opponents in the League (no matter win or lose), you will receive more XP for a win, and you will also gain more XP against higher leveled opponents. 

Q: A girl in my harem has disappeared! What should I do?

A: If this occurs, please do the following steps:
1. Refresh the page.
2. Relog (Logout and log back in to your account).
3. Check out all the different variations of a girl and if they’re present in any of them.
If the above do not help, please contact support.

Q: I can't connect to the game, what do I do?
A:  Have you tried turning it off and on again?
- Wait a few minutes! Sometimes it's just a little server hiccup.
- Delete your browser's cookies, cache and site data.
- Use your browser's Private or Incognito mode.
- Use another browser.
- Use another device.
- Use another network connection.

Q: The mobile app isn’t working, what do I do?

A: The app is known to be unstable and the recommendation is to not use it at all. Approach the game via a mobile browser instead, it has the exact same functionalities.

Adding a shortcut to the game to your phone’s homescreen will allow you to play it fullscreen on both HH.com and Nutaku. If you are on Nutaku, click on the "On iOS? Play here." link to reach the proper mobile page, this is a misleading description.
If you insist, try force closing the app then re-opening it again.

Q: I am getting Error 500, what do I do?

A: Error 500 is usually shown when you can't connect to any Kinkoid games due to your IP address being temporarily banned. This is caused by sending too many requests in a short time, such as upgrading Market stats or giving girls books or gifts. This lasts for 15-60 minutes and is working as intended.



Q: Can I remove/change boosters once I've applied them? 

A: No. You need to wait until the booster expires before you can apply a new one.

Q: Why do I only see common/rare items in the market?

A: The rarity of items sold in shops depends on your overall level. A newly created account will see mostly common (grey) and rare (green) items in the shop. A more experienced player (higher level) will see Epic and Legendary (gold & purple) items in the shops. Epic and Legendary tier items are more expensive but provide higher bonuses.

Q: Why am I seeing mythic items all of a sudden? They didn't appear before?

A: Mythic Books become available in the market for players at level 201+. They have a chance to appear until you get level 351+ where 1 slot per refresh will always be a Mythic Book from that point on.
Mythic Gifts works differently. At 41+ girls in your harem there will be a very small chance for gifts to appear, and 1 gift will always appear once you reach 201+ girls.

Q: Why do I get disconnected when I go to the Gifts or Books tab in the Market?

A: This is a known issue for mobile device users, it's normal for the app/browser to freeze or crash when going to these tabs. There is no fix for this, you have to wait the freeze out (usually takes 30 seconds - 1 minute). What can affects the freeze and or duration of the freeze is:
1: Your internet/wi-fi connection.
2: Your internet/wi-fi speed.
3: Your mobile device (older and slower phones can be responsible for this).

Some players have reported that the freeze doesn't happen if you zoom in on the left side on your screen before opening one of the tabs.

Kinkoid themselves also says the following: iOS/Safari users can sometimes be disconnected when opening the Market. This is an issue we’re currently unable to locate the source of and can’t reproduce on our end. We recommend using a different browser (Chrome/Firefox) to play the game.
Slynia note: I can tell from experience that this happens to Chrome as well. I would try a less known browser like Yandex, which seems to work better.

Activities and Contests

Q: How many Contests can I leave unclaimed? Will I miss out on new contests if I have too many?

A: You can leave up to 21 contests unclaimed. Contests older than 21 days will disappear automatically, and a new contest will be created in its stead.
This does not apply to the event PoA (Path of Attraction), please claim all rewards from that event before the event ends, or any unclaimed rewards from PoA will disappear. The same as PoA applies to Season rewards as well.

Q: How do contests work? I see someone on the #1 spot in one of my contests, but that player isn't even ranked in my other contests.

A: Every contest has 50 players competing with each other. These 50 players belong to the same level group (lvl 1-40, lvl 41-80, lvl 81-120, lvl 121-160, lvl 161-200, lvl 201-240, lvl 241-280, lvl 281-320, lvl 321-360, lvl 361-400, lvl 401+), and are taken at random. So you can have 49 completely random opponents in different contests.

Q: This player have so many points in my Contest bracket! Is he cheating?

A: Some contests allow players to accumulate a great amount of points if they’re set on winning that contest. This does not mean that the player is cheating. More often than not in these cases, the suspicious player is not cheating. However, if you really have a genuine suspicion that a player may be cheating, it's recommended to report that player by using the in-game support system and sending a ticket.

Places of Power

Q: What is Places of Power?

A: The Places of Power are missions to complete, together with a selection of girls from your Harem. The requirements and rewards will depend on the level of your Places of Power. The more you level up a location in the Places of Power, the better your girls need to be to be able to meet the requirements to finish a mission in the shortest time possible (7 hours).

Q: How does it work?

A: The level system allows you to increase the amount of rewards received per mission, and the location that you level up will be permanent, the level will not be reset after earning its exclusive girl or when other girls are added to this location. Leveling up a location also results in a slight increase in the mission requirements. A level increase costs 600 kobans (100 for Nutaku) with a maximum of 9 increases per location and therefore 5400 kobans per location (900 for Nutaku). To calculate the power needed to finish a mission with the minimum time, just divide the power required by 420 (which is the amount of minutes in 7 hours).

The number to the left (11 646 930) is the total power this location needs to be finished in the shortest time possible (7 hours).
The amount of power per minute needed to reach this is the number to the upper right (27.8k).

Depending on the location, certain requirements will need to be met and it will be up to you to choose which girls from your Harem to fulfill those requirements, either by manually choosing girls or by the Auto Assign button. The Auto Assign button will just choose your strongest available girls until the requirements are met. Or it will choose all your available girls if you can't reach the requirement, this will result in the mission taking longer than 7 hours. The power needed for each mission has a cap, so once the minimum mission duration is reached (7 hours), there is no need to add other girls (this will not lower the duration of the mission). Once the mission is started, the selected team will start to accumulate power and after some time finish the mission, the girls that are assigned to a started mission can not be used in any other missions in the Places of Power during that time. Once the mission is finished, you can collect the rewards and start a new mission at this location.

Q: I can't level up this location? Is it bugged?

A: You are probably talking about a temporary location. Only the top 3 locations are permanent locations that you can level up. 
The temporary locations rotate every week, what decides the power required and rewards for these locations is only your level.
Higher level = more power needed and better rewards.

Q: I accidentally started a mission before I could select enough girls to meet the required power! Can I abort the mission?

A: No and yes. You can only finish a mission early by spending kobans (not recommended). There is currently no way to abort or cancel a mission once launched without spending kobans however. 


Q: How Do Clubs Work?

Information provided by Kinkoid patch notes:
A: "It is a social feature that will permit you to play and evolve in the Haremverse with your friends.
-You can be only in one club at the time
-All players will be able to join a club from level 1
-Creating a club costs 600 kobans.  When creating your club, you will be able to choose a name with a maximum of 20 symbols (space are counted).  The first name change of the club is free, after which it will cost 600 kobans to rename the club.
-The recruitment for clubs will have 3 status : Open, Requests Only and Closed.  Open means that any eligible player can join the club.  Requests Only means that eligible players can request to join the club and the club creator needs to accept the request.
Closed means that recruitment is disabled and nobody new can join the club.
-To join a club, players need to go on the club's page and use the join/request button. 
-Currently a club can welcome up to 20 members (40 members with maximum club upgrades)
-Players can quit a club or be kicked out by the club leader without any restrictions.
-Each club will have an in-game chat to give the options to the members to discuss with each other.  The moderation of the club chat is done by the club creator, who can mute and delete messages.

Q: What Are The Benefits of Being in a Club?

A: There are currently two main benefits to joining a club: club bonuses and club champions.
Club Bonuses are given to all members of the club and remain active as long as they are members of that club. Each club has 8 categories of bonuses that can be upgraded through club member donations of ymens and kobans: -Member Cap increases the club membership cap -HardCore/Charm/Know-How/Endurance/Harmony all boost the player stats of each said type. -Experience/Money Gain increases XP and ymen gains respectively.
Club Champions are club-exclusive challenges that involve the efforts of every club member to impress a sex champion and win the affection of special champion girls.

Q: How Do I Remove Inactive Club Leaders and/or Reassign Leadership?

A: Currently, there are no in-game solutions to kicking inactive club leaders or reassigning club roles. It must be requested via support tickets to Kinkoid, who can then manually remove club leaders and reassign roles from their end.

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Girls Questions

Q: How do I get more girls for my harem?

A: There are 13 ways to get more girls for your harem.

1. Finishing the story. The first world gives you 4 girls guaranteed (Bunny, Juliette, Red Battler and Ankyo), and every world after that will give you one girl guaranteed at the end of one of the quests in the world. Usually this is the penultimate quest in that world.
2. Freeing the girls from the villains. Every world apart from world 1 has a villain, which you can perform against. Every time you beat this villain, you have a chance to get attraction shards for 1 of his girls. During events certain villains have a special event girl as well. You can get these the same way as you can get the regular villain girls.
3. Playing the Epic Pachinko or Event Pachinko. The 1 game Epic Pachinko and Event Pachinko gives you a chance for a girl. The 10 games Epic Pachinko will always give you exactly one girl from the girl pool in the Epic Pachinko.
4. Completing all event missions for some events.
5. With the addition of the event Legendary Contest, you can now gain a girl by placing high enough to receive 100 attraction shards during the 4 days that the event lasts. Placing in the top 4 gives you 100 shards. Placing in 5-10th, you receive 50 shards. Placing in 11th-25th gives you 25 shards. For example: If you get rank 20th on all four days of the event you will gain 25 x 4 = 100 shards.

6. Path of Attraction is another event where you have to do quests that the event tells you to, if you complete half of them you will receive 1 girl, and if you complete all the quests you will receive 2 girls. You can buy "extra rewards" for 7200 kobans, and along with it gain 2 extra girls if you complete all quests.
7. Playing the Great Pachinko. You have a small chance to get 1 random 1-star girl in the Great Pachinko pool every time you do a 10x spin.
8. Playing the Mythic Pachinko. If there is a girl in the current Mythic Pachinko pool that you do not yet have in your Harem (this usually rotates every 48 hours), then doing 1x spins have a chance for 1 girl in the pool, while the 3 and 6 games will give you 10 and 25 guaranteed shards instead.
9. Kinky Cumpetition is an event where you have to do PvP battles for a chance to gain attraction shards for a girl.
10. Mythic Days is an event where you have to battle a certain villain for a chance to gain 1 attraction shard per win.
11. The permanent (top 3) Places of Power missions, have a chance to give you girl shards upon completing the mission. Each level-up for the permanent Places of Power will reward you 1 extra shard for that specific mission, up to a maximum of 10 shards per drop.
12. Reaching a certain stage/mojo in the Season will reward you a girl (up to 2 per Season/Month). If you buy the Season Pass you will need less Mojo to get the girls.
13. All champions have 1 girl to be charmed/attracted. There are currently 9 champions (including the club champions) in the game.
More info about champions here: Champions 

Q: How many girls are there in the game?

A: The best way to find this out is by visiting the wiki page: https://harem-battle.club/wiki/Harem-Heroes/HH:Harem
This site will give you the most up-to-date answer to this question.

An alternate site would be this one: http://hentaiheroes.wikidot.com/

Q: I really want [insert girl name], but the event she was available in has ended. When will I be able to get her?

A: Classic event girls will be available again in the Orgy Days events in the same month of following years as their first appearance in an event. For Legendary Days event girls, they usually reappear later in a new Legendary Days event, alongside a new Legendary girl. This might apply to the Mythic Days events in the future as well (only time will tell). Most girls can also reappear in the Mythic Pachinko, there is a rotation of three random girls every 48 hours. Finally, in the Anniversary event held in July each year, many girls (more than in other events) makes a reappearance.

Q: How do I give my girls affection?

A: You can give your girl affection in two ways.

1. Giving the girl gifts. Your supply of gifts is displayed when you select the gift shop in the Market.
2. Using the girl as a part of your performance team in Season. The girls in your team will get a small amount of affection depending on the level of your opponent, every time you win a performance in Season. The amount of affection given is displayed in the table below:

Level opponent          Affection received by the girls in your team
001-050                       1
051-100                       2

101-150                       3
151-200                       4
201-250                       5
251-300                       6
301-350                       7
351-400                       8
401-450                       9
451+                             10

Here is the total amount of affection a girl needs to be upgraded.

Starter:      90 /    225 /    563 /   1,125 /  2,250  (   878 total for 3 stars |  4,253 total for 5 stars)
Common:      180 /    450 /  1,125 /   2,250 /  4,500  ( 1,755 total for 3 stars |  8,505 total for 5 stars)
Rare:        540 /  1,350 /  3,375 /   6,750 / 13,500  ( 5,265 total for 3 stars | 25,515 total for 5 stars)
Epic:      1,260 /  3,150 /  7,875 /  15,750 / 31,500  (12,285 total for 3 stars | 59,535 total for 5 stars)
Legendary: 1,800 /  4,500 / 11,250 /  22,500 / 45,000  (17,550 total for 3 stars | 85,050 total for 5 stars)
Mythic:    4,500 / 11,250 / 28,125 /  56,250 / 112,500 / 225,000  (437,625 total for 6 stars)

Here is the total amount of ¥men you need to spend to upgrade the girls:

Starter:    36k /   90k /  225k /  450k /  900k       (  351k total 3 stars |  1.701m total 5 stars)
Common:     72k /  180k /  450k /  900k /  1.8m       (  702k total 3 stars |  3.402m total 5 stars)
Rare:      216k /  540k / 1.35m /  2.7m /  5.4m       (2.106m total 3 stars | 10.206m total 5 stars)
Epic:      504k / 1.26m / 3.15m /  6.3m / 12.6m       (4.914m total 3 stars | 23.814m total 5 stars)
Legendary: 720k /  1.8m /  4.5m /    9m /   18m       ( 7.02m total 3 stars |  34.02m total 5 stars)
Mythic:    1.8m /  4.5m / 11.3m / 22.5m /   45m / 90m (175.1m total 6 stars)

Q: Why would I give my girls affection? It costs a lot of money for only a small increase in income.

A: There are multiple reasons to give the girls affection. You will unlock a new affection scene every time you reach a full bar of affection. If you pay for the scene, then your girl will gain a star. This will unlock a new pose and it will make her stronger in battle and it will increase her income and income timer.
Overall I would say that most of us play this game to read the story and see the affection scenes/poses of girls we get. So that to me seems to be the best reason to upgrade girls.

Q: How do I level my girls?

A: You can level your girl up by giving her XP (experience). This can be done in two ways.

1. Giving the girl books. Your supply of books is displayed when you select the book shop in the Market.
2. Using the girl as a part of your performance team in Season. The girls in your team will get a small amount of experience depending on the level of your opponent, every time you win a performance in Season. The amount of experience given is displayed in the table below:

Level opponent          Experience received by the girls in your team
001-050                       1
051-100                       2

101-150                       3
151-200                       4
201-250                       5
251-300                       6
301-350                       7
351-400                       8
401-450                       9
451+                             10

From: HH:Harem (harem-battle.club)

Experience requirement for Starter girls from previous level to the next one
To level a Haremette to a 2nd level you always need to provide 10 XP + rarity multiplier.
To level her to n+1st level from an nth level you need to provide 1.0075 times more XP rounded up to the nearest integer than you needed to provide from n-1st to the nth one.
Example given for starting and common girls:
For the 2nd level you need to provide 10*1 = 10 XP.
For the 3rd level you need to provide roundup(10*1.0075) = 11 XP.
For the 25th level you then need roundup(11.787*1.0075) = 12 XP.
For the 50th level you then need roundup(14.207*1.0075) = 15 XP.
Example given for legendary girls:
For the 2nd level you need to provide 10*1.2 = 12 XP.
For the 3rd level you need to provide roundup(10*1.0075*1.2) = 13 XP.
For the 25th level you then need roundup(11.787*1.0075*1.2) = 15 XP.
For the 50th level you then need roundup(14.207*1.0075*1.2) = 18 XP.

The Experience requirement for Common girls will be the same as Starter girls.
The Experience requirement for Rare girls will be 20% higher than Starter/Common girls.
The Experience requirement for Epic girls will be 40% higher than Starter/Common girls.
The Experience requirement for Legendary girls will be 60% higher than Starter/Common girls.

Q: What are the strongest girls in my specialty?

A: You can find a comparative list on the wiki: https://harem-battle.club/wiki/Harem-Heroes/HH:Compare-All-Haremettes
Open the spoiler tag under Hardcore/Charm/Know-how Speciality and click on your specialty twice (first time it will sort in ascending order from worst at the top and best at the bottom) to get a complete list of the best girls. Just go down the list until you find a girl you already have in your harem. That's your best girl at the moment. If the stat is the same for two or more girls you own, then you can make a choice.
Currently, the best girls are known as Mythic Girls and can ONLY be obtained during the event Mythic Days.

Q: Where can I revisit the affection scenes of my girls?

A: Select the girl in the Harem page. Now on the right, you will see the panel with all the information of the girl. Above your affection bar, you will see large yellow stars with a play button in them. Click on those stars to go to the affection scenes.

Q: I upgraded a girl, but I like the old pose more than the new one. Can I change it back?

A: Select the girl in the Harem page. Below the pose you will see diamonds. One of them is yellow, which indicates the selected pose. Click on one of the other diamonds to switch between the current pose and another pose.

Q: The girls in my performance team are all showing their last pose. Can I change it to my preferred poses?

A: Yes. Just select the pose you want from your "Harem" page, and that will be the chosen pose during Season and League performances. This luckily does not affect your battle stats.

Q: Where can I find the affection scenes of [insert girl name]?

A: NEVER EVER ASK FOR THOSE ON THE FORUM/IN THE DISCORD SERVER! Sharing affection scenes is forbidden and you will be punished if you share affection scenes on the forum/in the discord server. It is considered SPOILING.

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Adventure & Villains Questions

Q: I need a special item for the story. Where can I get it?

A: You can get the story items by defeating the world villain in a performance. Every world has its own story items. Those items have 100% drop rate whenever available. After you're done with that world, the story items from that world's villain won't be available anymore.

Q: I am stuck at a scroll named "Coming Soon". Am I doing something wrong?

A: No. The story is still being developed. At some point you will have caught up with the current story. Coming Soon is not the name of the new scroll, but indicates that the new scroll will be coming soon. You will have to wait on the artists to complete it. The new scrolls are released at a rate of approximately 1-2 per month.

Q: If I'm done with the latest scroll in the story, then how do I spend Energy?

A: For those of you who have completed the latest scroll in Adventure Mode can spend your energy at the Reception Desk from the Champions tab (very useful during the event Path of Attraction).
More info about that here: Reception Desk

Q: How much energy/money do I need to complete world [insert world number]?

A: There is a complete list of energy and money requirements on the wiki: https://harem-battle.club/wiki/Harem-Heroes/HH:Adventure

Q: Is there a way to speed up the story?

A: Yes. You can buy energy refills. (As a player I would advice against doing this.)

Q: [insert villain name] has dropped a weird item, and I cannot find it anywhere in my inventory. What is this item?

A: This is a story item. You will need those items later on in the story to continue. The villain will give you as many as you need for this world to complete it.

Q: What is the maximum level of [insert villain name]?

A: The list below will give you the starting level and the maximum level of the villains. A villain will lose a level if you lose 5 times in a row!
Note: All villains are currently planned to have 3 tiers in the end, when you reach the "Maximum level" you will reach the new tier, where you have a chance to get 1 new girl. 

  Villain      Starting Lv   Max Lv(T1)  (T2)  (T3)  Level up(T1)  Rewards(T1)
- Dark Lord             3           30    80    140     10 wins     ¥mens 
- Ninja Spy             16          50    120   200      9 wins     ¥mens
- Gruntt                26          70    150   250      8 wins     ¥mens
- Edwarda               36          100   200   320      7 wins     ¥mens
- Donatien              45          130   260   400      6 wins     ¥mens
- Sylvanus              55          170   350   540      5 wins     ¥mens
- Bremen                70          210   410   640      5 wins     ¥mens
- Finalmecia            90          260   480   700      5 wins     ¥mens
- Roko Senseï           110         290   530   770      7 wins     ¥mens
- Karole                130         310   560   810      10 wins    Gifts: Epic at level 221+, Legendary at level 266+. ¥mens at Tier 2-3.
- Jackson’s Crew        150         350   615   870      10 wins    Books: Epic at level 251+, Legendary at level 301+. ¥mens at Tier 2-3.
- Pandora Witch         250         500   750   1000     10 wins    Gifts: Epic at level 250+, Legendary at level 400+. ¥mens at Tier 2-3.
- Nike                  300         550   ---   ---      10 wins    ¥mens
- Sake                  350         600   ---   ---      10 wins    ¥mens
- WereBunny Police      400         650   ---   ---      10 wins    ¥mens

Note: All villains will reward ¥mens at T2 and T3, and it always takes 10 wins to level them up.

Read more about villain battles here: 

Q: How much money can I get from [insert villain name], when he/she is on maximum level?

A: A villain will always give 500 + 100 x [villain level] per won performance. So for example: Edwarda at maximum T1 level will give 500 + 100 x 100 = 10500 per battle.

Q: I upgraded a villain to the next Tier. Can I go back to the previous Tier?

A: Yes. All you have to do is click on the diamond to the left of the one that's glowing yellow.
Example: dddaaaaaaaa.JPG

The first diamond is yellow here, meaning that Ninja Spy is at Tier 1.

Q: How long does it take for [insert villain name] to give me his girls?

A: Shard drop rates can vary by event or villain tier, but has a chance to drop of about 5% to 10% per performance. There’s also a small chance after each won performance against a villain that you can get a 100 shard drop (excluding Mythic Days girls, as you can only get 1 shard at a time there).

Outside of event girls, these are the drop ranges:

- Dark Lord:      1-69  
- Ninja Spy:      1-30  
- Gruntt:         1-16
- Edwarda:        1-7    
- Donatien:       1-7    
- Sylvanus:       1-8
- Bremen:         1-7    
- Finalmecia:     1-5    
- Roko Senseï:    1-4
- Karole:         1-3    
- Jackson’s Crew: 1-3    
- Pandora Witch:  1-3
- Nike:           1-3
- Sake:           1-3

* All Tier 2 Bosses: 1-4   
* All Tier 3 Bosses: 1-3
* 1-Star Girls can be dropped by Dark Lord only. They always drop 100 shards (full girl), but the drop rate is only ~1-2%.

To learn about the drop-ranges during events, go to the event questions section (click here)

Q: I have finished world [insert world number], and I haven't gotten all girls from the villain yet. Can I still get them if I continue with the next world? Is this a normal thing to happen?

A: Yes. You can always go back to a villain of a previous world and try to get the remaining girls from his/her harem.
And yes, it is normal that you do not have all villain girls before completing a world. That's why you can always come back at a later moment.

Q: Is there a way to speed up the girl drops?

A: You could always buy combativity refills and keep beating the villain until you have all the girls. (As a player I would advice against doing this.)

Q: Does the Perform! 10x button increase my chance of getting a girl?

A: No. The Perform! 10x button plays 10 single performances against that boss and then shows you the rewards. The chance for shards is the same for each of the single battles as it would be when you had done ten times Perform! 1x. The only thing this button does is speeding up your villain performances for the cost of 12 kobans (or for free if you have the Gold or Platinum monthly Card).

Q: Can I get more than 1 girl when I use the Perform! 10x button?

A: Yes. It is possible to get more than 1 girl when you use the Perform! 10x button. You play 10 performances, and every performance has a chance for shards on a girl.
When you get more than 1 girl, it will look like the picture below. It will show one girl in the center, and then an icon of the other girl amongst the money icons:
Note: This is an outdated screenshot, however, it's still possible to get more than 1 girl with a 10x Performance.


Q: What's "Side Quests"?

A: Side Quests is a way to explore the haremverse further by spending energy for XP just like the normal Adventure Mode. What is our hero doing when he's not out saving the world or recruiting for his harem? We'll find out here!
Side Quests are at writing moment a new feature and not much more information is known other than what can be read at the official release post here:
📜Side Quests 📜 

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Event Questions

Before starting with the questions, I will explain the different kind of events.
Right now there are 8 (9) types of events: Classic events, Mythic Days, Legendary Days, Epic Days, Orgy Days, Legendary Contest, Path of Attraction and Kinky Cumpetition. The extra (9th) event would be the Anniversary event, that only happens once a year (in July).

Classic Event <10 days>(usually around the 1st - 10th day of the month)
This event is the first event every month. New girls make an appearance here.
You can get them from fighting a villain with one of these event girls on him/her, play the Epic Pachinko and by finishing all the Event Daily Missions (finishing all Event Daily Missions will reward you with one girl).
You can only get Dating Tokens during this event. Scroll down to the questions to read about Dating Tokens.

Mythic Days < 3 days>(usually around the 7th day of the month)
Mythic Days is the event where the currently most powerful girls makes an appearance. 
Here you have to fight a villain of the developers choice, and you have a chance to get 1 shard per won battle. The drop rate is very low, and therefore the total amount of kobans that you can afford to spend should be around 20k for a guaranteed chance to get her. If you do not have 20k kobans to spare I would advice against spending kobans on combativity refills and just get whatever shards you can in hopes that she'll make an reappearance in the future. Beware to not fight the villain when the current available shards have been depleted, as you have to wait for more shards to be added before you have any chance of getting shards at all.
Be sure to check out the Mythic Days page from the homescreen to see if there is any available shards:

Legendary Days/Epic Days <4 days>(usually around the 10th - 14th day of the month)
These two event are rotating. It's always either the Legendary or the Epic Days event, never both, they usually switch every month.
During Legendary Days you have to fight a villain of the developers choice, for a chance of attraction shards to drop. Usually there is a new Legendary girl on one villain and a reappearing Legendary girl on another villain. You can not get these girls in the Epic Pachinko.
During Epic Days there are more girls to get than during Legendary Days, and you can get them both in the Epic Pachinko and on villains.

Orgy Days <5 days>(usually around the 14th - 19th day of the month)
Orgy Days is the best event for those wanting to Catch them all, this event is the best event when it comes to how "easy" it is to obtain girls (best drop range of shards). Girls from previous events will make a reappearance, and except for the anniversary event that only happens once a year, this event has the most girls to choose from. To obtain girls in this event, either fight a villain with an event girl, or play the Epic Pachinko.
You also have a chance to obtain a girl from finishing all the Event's Daily Missions, unless you already have her in your harem.

Legendary Contest <4 days>(usually around the 19th - 23rd day of the month)
Legendary Contest is an event where you are fighting others in the player base like you always do in Contests in the Activities tab, but instead of fighting for kobans in the top 4 spots, you will now fight for shards on a Legendary girl. The event lasts for 4 days, meaning that there are 4 contests where you will have a chance to obtain shards for the girl.

The rewards during this event is:
1st place: 100 shards of the Legendary Girl + 3 Epic Pachinko x1 orbs
2nd-4th place: 100 shards of the Legendary Girl
5th-10th place: 50 shards of the Legendary Girl
11th-25th place: 25 shards of the Legendary Girl
26th+ place: Legendary Equipment

All players who won the Legendary girl before the end of the event will be separated into different brackets in order to continue enjoying the event and win more rewards.

1st place: 2 Mythic Pachinko x6 orbs + 3 Epic Pachinko x1 orbs
2nd-4th place: 1 Mythic Pachinko x6 orb
5th-10th place: 1 Mythic Pachinko x3 orb
11th-25th place: 2 Mythic Pachinko x1 orbs
26th+ place: Legendary Equipment

Path of Attraction <6 days>(usually around the 24th - 30th day of the month)
In this event, you have to finish tasks IN ORDER to obtain different rewards (including girls). You can buy extra rewards for 7200 kobans (hentaiheroes.com), usually resulting in more than doubling your total rewards.
An example from a previous PoA event these were the rewards and tasks (screenshot taken from a level 401+ account, so the amount of Money you need to spend will wary depending on your level):

The rewards in a gold frame are the rewards you can get after buying the extra rewards.
Remember: You need to CLAIM all rewards before the end of the event, or you will end up losing any unclaimed rewards.

Kinky Cumpetition <2 days x2>(usually around the 8th - 10th and 22nd - 24th day of the month)
Kinky Cumpetition is an event where the feature is primarily PvP, fighting players in the League and Season to obtain shards for an event-exclusive girl. Books and gifts are also available as prizes. The event last two days and happens twice a month.

Anniversary Event (usually around the 13th July - 18th July)
This event only happens once a year, and might change from year to year how it's presented.
Usually this event has the most girls of any event, both on villains and in the Epic Pachinko.

Q: I got Dating Tokens. What's that?

A: Dating Tokens are a special type of dropped currency that can only be obtained during Classic Events, either as drops from villains or from Epic & Event Pachinko. They can then be used from your Harem page, where they are exchanged for Affection Shards.
  - Common Girls: 3 Dating Tokens per shard      (That's 297 Dating Tokens for a Common if you only got 1 shard).
  - Rare Girls: 6 Dating Tokens per shard             (That's 594 Dating Tokens for a Rare if you only got 1 shard).
  - Epic Girls: 9 Dating Tokens per shard              (That's 891 Dating Tokens for an Epic if you only got 1 shard).
  - Legendary Girls: 15 Dating Tokens per shard (That's 1485 Dating Tokens for a Legendary if you only got 1 shard).
  - Mythic Girls: 60 Dating Tokens per shard       (That's 5940 Dating Tokens for a Mythic if you only got 1 shard).

NOTE: You need to have at least 1 affection shard of a girl in order to earn the rest by using Dating Tokens!

Q: What is the drop-range for event girls?

A: These are the drop-ranges during events.
- Classic Event        : 2-8
- Orgy Days             : 1-12
- Epic Days              : 1-5
- Legendary Days   : 1-3
- Mythic Days          : 1 
- Kinky Cumpetition: 1 (Seasons), 1-4 (Leagues)

Q: I played the epic pachinko and didn't get an event girl. Is this a bug?

A: No. This is not a bug. At the moment the epic pachinko pool contains all permanent pachinko girls and during some events, also the event girls. The girl you get is a random girl from the pool. Event girls are not guaranteed.

Q: I got a regular villain girl from an event villain before the event girl. Is this possible?

A: Yes. You can get regular villain girls from a villain before you get the event girl. The event girl has no priority.

Q: Do the regular villain girls interfere with my chance of getting the event girl?

A: No. The regular villain girls and the event girls have a separate drop system. After every won performance the game will determine what you will get from the pool consisting of money, attraction shards for one of the girls in the villains pool and if applicable, world items. The last 2 options lower the chance on getting money.

Q: There were legendary gifts available on the villains, and now they are gone. Where are they?

A: Legendary gifts are available on villain(s) during one type of event. During Legendary Days events they are available on the villain that has the legendary girl. They are only available during this event, and will disappear again after the event has ended.

Q: Do the legendary gifts interfere with my chance to get a girl from that villain?

A: No. The chance on shards is set per performance, whether there are also gifts available or not, that chance doesn't change.

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Pachinko Questions

Q: Why does the 10 games Great Pachinko cost more than 10x the 1 game Great Pachinko?

A: The 10 games Great Pachinko guarantees you a legendary equipment. The cost of this legendary equipment is reflected in the cost of the 10 games Great Pachinko. In the 1 game Great Pachinko you only have a very small chance on a legendary equipment, which makes the cost significantly smaller.

Q: Why does the cost of the Great Pachinko increase everyday?

A: Technically it doesn't increase everyday. It increases everytime you level up. The equipment in the pachinko also becomes a level higher. Higher level equipment is worth more money, so to adjust for this increase the Great Pachinko has to become more expensive.

Q: Can I get a girl from the Great Pachinko?

A: Yes. Doing a 10x spin in the Great Pachinko have a chance to give you a girl (not shards) from the Great Pachinko pool. Remember that only the 10x games option have a chance to award you with a girl.

Q: Can I get a girl from the 1 game Epic Pachinko? And what is the chance of getting a girl from the 1 game Epic Pachinko?

A: Yes, you can get a girl from the 1 game Epic Pachinko. The 1 game Epic pachinko can give anything from the pool of girls, legendary items and epic items.
The exact chance on a girl in the 1 game Epic Pachinko has long been tracked by the playerbase here: 
Epic Pachinko 1X Girls
TL;DR It seems to be ~7.5%

Q: Can I get more than 1 girl from the 10 games Epic Pachinko?

A: No. You get 1 girl from the 10 games Epic Pachinko. No more, no less. You also get 3 legendary gift guaranteed. The other 6 games will give you 6 random epic or legendary items. Obviously you won't get a girl if you have emptied the entire Epic Pachinko pool, you will receive 4 guaranteed legendary items instead.

Q: Can I get more than 1 girl by playing the 1 game Epic Pachinko 10 times?

A: Yes. You have a chance to get more than 1 girl from 10 spins of the 1 game Epic Pachinko. The 1 game Epic Pachinko is a game of risk versus reward. You risk to get 0 girls from 10 spins, but you could also get more than 1 girl from those 10 spins.

Q: Am I guaranteed to get an event girl during an event, if I play the 10 games Epic Pachinko?

A: No. You can get any girl in the pool of the Epic Pachinko, including villain girls and permanent pachinko girls.

Q: I got an Pachinko orb/ball. What's it for and how can I use it?

A: There is an FAQ exclusively about pachinko orbs here: Orbs FAQ

Q: What are the drop rates for the Pachinkos? Which one should I go for if I want girls?

A: The drop rate differs for every pachinko.
- Great Pachinko x10 has a ~1-2% chance to drop 1 random 1-Star girl from the Great Pachinko pool.
- Epic Pachinko 1 game has a ~7.5% chance to grant you 1 random girl from the Epic Pachinko pool.
- Epic Pachinko x10 guarantees you 1 random girl from the Epic Pachinko pool (recommended).
- Epic Pachinko Draft gives you a choice between 1 of 2 random girls from the Epic Pachinko pool (not recommended).
- Event Pachinko has a 22.5% chance to grant you 1 random girl in the Event Pachinko pool (not recommended).
- Mythic Pachinko 1 game has a ~1% chance to drop 1 random girl from the Mythic Pachinko pool.
- Mythic Pachinko x3 guarantees 10 affection shards for 1 girl in the Mythic Pachinko pool.
- Mythic Pachinko x6 guarantees 25 affection shards for 1 girl in the Mythic Pachinko pool.

Which one you prefer is up to you, however, from my experience I would recommend the Epic Pachinko x10, unless you got orbs, then go for whichever Pachinko you got orbs for and where there is a girl that you want.

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Patreon Questions

Q: How do I become a Patron?

A: You can become a Patron by visiting Kinkoid's Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/hentaiheroes
Clink on the orange "become a patron" button and select the tier you want and fill in your personal data.

Q: I've recently become a Patron, but I haven't received my kobans/rewards yet. What should I do?

A: Patreon charges you on the first of the new month. After Kinkoid has received your payment, they will start with handing out the rewards.
They will do this within a week after receiving the payment.
If you haven't received your rewards after the payment has been made, then you should contact the team.
The best method to contact Kinkoid is through the discord server (send a Private Message to one of the Kinkoid employees).

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Champions Questions

Q: What are Champions? 

A: Champions is a feature that is unlocked for players that have at least 10 girls in their harem AND have finished the 5th quest at the Ninja Village in Adventure mode.
Here you can Perform against Champions to win money, or a legendary equipment if you complete a stage. If you complete all 5 stages of a Champion, you will receive either 1 out of 7 cosmetics, or a girl, then the Champion will level up and you will have to start over from stage 1 again. If you have gotten all 8 rewards from a Champion you will instead receive 10 kisses when finishing the last stage.

Tip: Hover your mouse over the last diamond on a champion to see what rewards you have left to win (see picture below):

For those of you who have completed the latest scroll in Adventure Mode can spend your energy at the Reception Desk (very useful during Path of Attraction)!
More info about that here: Reception Desk

Q: I’ve won the same reward several times, why is that?

A: Different backgrounds are different rewards, because they handle a different number of recruits: 1, 4 or 9. You can also win the Champion Theme.
So it might look like you're winning the same reward up to 4 times, but they're different rewards.

The following section is taken from the Hentai Heroes wiki:

Q: How does it work?

AThere are currently 6 zones, in other words, 6 Champions (more champions are planned for release in the future).
Each Champion will have 5 stages in which you have to impress him, the champion is more powerful for each stage compared to the previous one.
Before starting the performance with a Champion, the game will choose 10 random girls from your Harem.

You can then decide to keep those 10 girls and choose their positions for the Battle or if the Champion’s Draft does not satisfy you, you can pick a new Draft.
If you want to keep a girl for the battle while rerolling the others, you can select her by clicking her and keep her for the next reroll (you can do this for up to 5 girls).
You have free drafts depending on the number of eligible* Girls in your Harem. It’s calculated by the total number of eligible girls in your harem divided by 10 and then rounded down. Example: If you have 332 girls, including twenty 1-Star Girls, then you will  have 31 free rerolls.
*(1-star girls, the ones obtainable from Great Pachinko, are excluded for this: they cannot be drafted for Champions, thankfully, so they don't count towards your total number of girls for drafts either).
After using all your free drafts, the reroll price will be 2 (Nutaku) / 12 (hentaiheroes) Kobans and will increase by 1 (Nutaku) / 6 (hentaiheroes) Kobans for each reroll.
The draft is saved even if you leave the page.
You can switch the girl's positions by clicking and dragging them to another spot.

How to battle
Every battle against a Champion can be paid using a Ticket
-Tickets can be obtained as a potential reward after winning a performance against villains, daily missions, Places of Power and can also be bought in the Reception Desk for 60 energy.
-If your total tickets are below 9, you will receive 3 tickets for free every 24 hours.

For each stage, 5 poses will be chosen randomly, these poses will be repeated at rounds 6-10, 11-15...

Every time you face the Champion, you and your girls will try to impress him while his mockery will drain your ego bar:
Your ego bar will be based on your character’s endurance and the stats of all the girls in your current team.
You win if the Champions impression bar gets full, the Champion will then reward you one of the 8 rewards (or kissies), then evolve to his next phase. You will need to wait 24 hours before being able to fight the next phase (or spend kobans to skip waiting, NOT recommended).
You lose if your ego bar is depleted, you will then need to wait 15 minutes before being able to try and impress the champion again.
All waiting time can be skipped by paying kobans.

The Champion’s performance system
The first time you try to impress a champion, a rotation of 10 poses will be created and saved until you impress the champion. These poses can not be changed unless you finish that stage.
Each round during the performance, you will fuck a different girl from your team in the order you ordered them in before the performance.
After your turn, then the champion will fuck his girl to mock you, damaging your ego.
Then a new round begins, the next position is selected and the next girl of your team enters the scene.
The rounds come one after another, until the champion is fully impressed or your ego is depleted.
If the performance last more than 10 rounds, both rotations of girls and positions are repeated.

The impression you give to a Champion fades over time:
The impression of the Champion is reduced by 10% of the max every 24 hours after the first performance, the impression can not go below 0, meaning that the Champion will not go back to a previous stage.
This will occur on every Champion phase.

Every time you Perform against a Champion without fully impressing him, you will receive an amount of ¥mens depending from the performance:
Romero : 0.25 ¥mens per impression point
Whaty : 0.31 ¥mens per impression point
Matsuda : 0.39 ¥mens per impression point
Ryu : 0.49 ¥mens per impression point
Visor : 0.61 ¥mens per impression point
Alban : 0.76 ¥mens per impression point


Club Champions

If you are in a Club, there is also a Club Champion each month to impress. The club champion will only drop shards whenever you and your club manages to fully impress him, until you got at least 100 shards = that Club Champion's girl. If you got the girl, you will the next time your club defeats the champion gain 1 random legendary gift instead, as long as you Performed against the Champion at least once before getting defeated.

More information about the Club Champion feature from the Patch notes by Noacc below:

Q: What are club champions?

A: Club Champions is a cooperative feature that provides rewards to all participating club members

Each club will be able to challenge a Champion 
Depending on the progression of the Club, the Champion will have a respective level and tier

The feature will start with 3 Champions 
Champions will rotate once per month 
The Champion in the current rotation can be challenged by spending Champion Tickets 
More Club Champions are planned for the future
Each Champion will award one base girl 

More girls will be added later on

Club Champions have one stage that must be completed that month.
When the tier Changes, the Champions levels up.

Q: How do Club champions work?

A: Club champions work the same way as the original single-player Champions.
The main difference is that the Champion impression (progression meter) is a shared goal for the whole club.
A challenge session starts when a Club member fights against a Champion.
After each individual challenge, every active player has a personal cooldown of 15 minutes.
The cooldown can be skipped using Kobans.

Q: How is a challenge session happening?

A: The logic is the same as in Single player Champions. The only difference: after a challenge, the generated Impression stays the same for the next challenger, no matter who he is.
If your club defeats the Champion, there’s a 24-hour cooldown that affects all club members.
The cooldown can be skipped (using Kobans) by any club member and will be removed for all members.
If a player has removed the cooldown while someone else is trying to pay, a pop-up message will inform that the skip has already been paid.
Kobans cost for skipping is the same as the single-player champions.
No other players are affected by this cooldown.

Club Champion Rewards 
You will be rewarded after each single Challenge. The rewards will be Club Contribution points.  

Note: Contribution points is just a visual thing that you can brag about for your club members. Contribution points currently have no other use.

Negative Impression
If a player’s performance is too weak, it decreases the Champions Impression. This means the player is “working against” the club's effort, so he should be advised not to do more harm to the Club.


Matching and favorite poses
Now the final and most important thing about fighting any champion is matching poses.

Q: What is Matching Poses?

A: Here is an example:
Here you can see that I was lucky and have gotten 9 out of 10 Matching Poses against Matsuda (they are the same as the poses shown up to the right in the picture). If you scroll down to the next picture you can see that I was slightly unlucky that Matsuda chose the pose Nose Dive as one of the poses during this stage.

Q: Why is this important?

A: That's because matching poses deals double damage, both for you and for the Champion. This is the reason why you should always try and get Matching poses during a Champion's stage. As already explained, there will be a random draft of poses (5 of them that will be repeated) at every new stage of a Champion. You might get unlucky if the Champion gets a lot of his Favorite Pose during a stage where he could be matching that pose. The champion will only use 1 girl against you, meaning that he will only have 1 pose. Luckily, only the Club Champions + Visor and Matsuda can have matching poses at all times, the other 4 champions can only have matching poses during their last stage.

Q: What are the poses available in the game?

A: Here is a list of all the poses including all the champions favorite poses that you should be vary about:


Return to the Table of Contents (click here)

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