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Calendar: August


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Hello, everyone.

I'd like to present to you our August calendar, it includes all the events that we're going to do.


Tanned Skin event
From the 1st up to the 15th of August (5AM GMT+2 to 5AM GMT+2)
Classic event, five girls are present in the game: 3 in Pachinko, 2 are captured by the villains, 1 is in daily missions.

Legendary Revival
From the 17th up to the 21st of August (5AM GMT+2 to 5AM GMT+2)
Revival event. All 3 legendary girls will be present in the game again! So, if you missed the previous Legendary Days events, or just started playing Hentai Heroes, you will have the chance to recruit these legends! All of them come with a set of 5 affection grades and overpowerful stats! They are going to be captured by the villains! Face Dark Lord, Ninja Spy or Gruntt and make them join your harem! And, that's not all! There will be a legendary feature bonus! The villains who have captured the girls, will also give you legendary gifts!!!

Travel Revival
From the 23rd up to the 30th of August (5AM GMT+2 to 5AM GMT+2)
Revival event, five girls will be present in the game again! They're going to be obtainable in Pachinko and also some will be captured by the villains!
The event is giving you the chances to new players and old ones that don't have these amazing girls!

Jessie Kinkoid

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