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  1. Greetings, potent heroes!❤️ We are very excited to invite you to participate in the Legendary Contests and join this brand new event. From the 25th (1pm UTC+2) to the 29th of June (1pm UTC+2) you will be able to shake up your sex routine and win the biggest reward - a gorgeous Legendary girl! Only those who have been active in the last 72 hours and are above level 20 will be able to compete for her. Only the heroes who can face the challenges coming their way will have her! Only the strongest dicks will be able to satisfy her tight capricious pussy and give her a big
  2. Greetings, heroes!😍 A new wet romance is about to begin! But don’t think that this is going to be the typical love story about a sexy girl, a hard cock and a mouthful of cum! And, no, you won’t start out as perfect strangers ending up in the same room... This is going to be a Legendary romance with three smoking hot ladies who will make you explode all over them! You will meet the voluptuous Valentina famous for being one of the best mercenaries in the entire Haremverse and the notorious but humble twins - Fanny & Fione! 💞 Having two heavy hand g
  3. Hello! The poses are inverted intentionally. This is not a bug.
  4. Hello, everyone! The issue is already fixed. Champions are playable.
  5. Hello! The issue has already been fixed. In case it permits, plase, log in & log out.
  6. Hola! The scenes are already translated.
  7. Hey, heroes!😉 Can you resist the magnetic sex appeal and the advanced sexual skills of two gorgeous Legendary ladies?! The seductive sorceress, Layla, and the insatiable sex fiend Ombresse are going to make your hearts thump wildly, your cocks throb intensely and your legs shake uncontrollably…You know, a hot Legendary girl can show you a lot of dirty tricks! Coming from the ancient Cuntslip Kingdom, which still hides its dirty impenetrable secrets, the skillful Layla embarked on a sexual journey to find the unknown pleasure. The Undefeated Master - a
  8. Hello! Before making such a change, we need to verify your email address ownership. That's why we always send a code to the current email address of the account. This is done only for security reasons and if you cannot provide us the code, we cannot proceed with the change of the email address.
  9. Hey, heroes! It’s time for the first Haremverse elections!😘 The girls desperately need a Minister of BDSM who will set higher bondage standards. Every class elected a representative to make decisions on behalf of the party: Mala has been chosen to represent the Hardcore class. The know-how candidate is the gothic chick Lilith. And the sex fiend Ombresse defends the Charm political views. Here is what our sexy politicians promised to happen in the Haremverse if they take the power: Lilith: “I am commit
  10. Hello! Please click first on "Confirm" and then you will be able to switch their places.
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