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  2. Sometimes the in-game data itself is not accurate; so it might not be a bug on your end. I assume the data you're using is the data used to sort the market by event. Try checking "Boku Mi Maï" and "Mountain Sophie". They're both listed in "Halloween (October)" in the Market, which I think refers to "Halloween 2016", even though these girls were released in 2017. If your script relies on this data, it might consider them to have be added first with Halloween 2016. Edit: Actually I checked your original list, and your data is correct for these 2 girls. So it might be a different issue.
  3. Matsuda: - Stage 1: 35 Shards - ...
  4. I've been away for a while, so I couldn't take a proper screenshot: First time reaching Top 15. - 100 Players, 297/297 fights done - 5837 points (+99) - 19.65 average (+0.06) - Boosters: 2 Ginseng + 1 Cordy all week - Final rank: 15th - Refills: 1 partial refill to finish the league early (150 Kobans maybe?)
  5. I just had this happen today when I was spending a reply in the Messenger feature. When I clicked reply, it first told me that I did not have access to that feature which is obviously false since I have been using it since it launched. When I backed out and tried again, it came up with the message "You have already replied to this message! Logout & Login to refresh your progression." Well, I followed the directions. More than once. And nothing has changed. Still getting the same error. I will attach a screenshot of the problem for confirmation. Also I apologize if this issue is known or ha
  6. Today
  7. Can you give me one or two sample of girls your seeing this with? If I recall my list was able to list all event they where in but you just wanted the first so I was sorting by the event start date and taking the first entry. so an OD shouldn't have taken the place of a CE unless I entered the date wrong or missed the event internally (The 2 EP permanent girls should be the only ones with the OD marker). If that is the case I'd like to fix on my end. I only started tracking the events live I think a little over a year ago. any entry before that I either backwards engineered out of there system
  8. Classic event - July 2022 (Exam Ruriko on Matsuda) Stage 4: 35 shards Stage 1: ?? Stage 2: ??
  9. Thanks a lot for your detailed answer and your tips, @Ravi-Sama! Some of them I'm already following, others I will think about. Of course only if I (constantly) couldn't stay in Top45 anymore, I would consider demoting to D2. In my first weeks in D3 it looked better for me - I could even reach Top30 twice - probably mainly due to blessings that were more beneficial for my no-mythics-harem. But the results of the last two weeks, my impatience in reaching the next level cap 😉 and the intention to try to compete with less cordyceps made me a bit pessimistic, so I just tried to think ahea
  10. I like all of the girls. I'll definitely get Exam Shina (mission girl), Gunnr (PoP), and Nanami (CC), plus some shards for Exam Ruriko from champion Matsuda. I'll get the season girls Pop Piper & Rock Venam too, of course. I'll continue saving my CP (64) for the mythic days, unless the mythic girl shows up w/ Silvanus & Malina. No mythic girl has ever been on Worlds 1-2, or 10-16. Seems like Bremen is overdue. What are you guys doing? Are you saving CP too, or trying to quickly get Exam Malina from Silvanus, in case she's paired w/ the mythic girl? Exam Season
  11. Google is still your friend, you know. ^^ I just typed "how to right-click on Android" and got a bunch of consistent results in a second:
  12. Chrome, but I'm having no success accessing the right click menu.
  13. Maybe is because the market rework is "very close" that nothing is happening: Why do we waste time fixing something that is going to change soon? That could be a reason... At least is what (at this point) i prefer to think. Also because we need a better market very bad, imo. Something like: more items displayed, a dedicated kobans items place (like a "clone" market but only with kobans items and not everything togheter), a way to compare better our equip (maybe even a auto optimize in different ways (balanced,class...)), a filter..... and there would be many more things that i would love
  14. Makes sense from your end, and I would expect this for EP girls introduced during (and as part of) an OD. But unfortunately the game (and consequently, parts of your generated list) also re-assign many CE girls as "OD" when they get a revival through OD. That's a bit harder to sort through, especially because it doesn't appear to have a clear pattern for that. Some events are still neatly consistent in the Harem (and on your list) even though all girls in them have been in multiple ODs, other events (when selected in the drop-down menu through the Harem page) have both missing girls and girls
  15. On the mobile app itself, not a clue (I don't play on mobile at all). But if you play on your web browser using your mobile device as many players do, then the steps should be very similar if not identical (depending on which browser you use). Nice tips and tricks, @jelom and @Liliat. I happen to have experienced this exact issue just last night when my wife opened the browser in which I have HH as a pinned tab on her computer while I was playing on my own computer (the chat popup I usually get exactly once when I open a second tab, but constantly). Of course just closing the tab on her c
  16. @Liliat - that has worked like a charm!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! You don't happen to know how to produce a similar result on an Android mobile do you?
  17. Try this: - Right click anywhere - This frame > Display this frame only (Actual steps/phrasing might be slightly different based on browser/language, obviously ) The main page is the chat, and the actual game is displayed in a frame behind the chat. If you load the main game frame only, you won't have access to the chat - and you will skip this annoying warning (Which I also experienced on HH a few days ago, btw. Really annoying when you're playing on your phone and simply forgot to close the game on the computer).
  18. Les lieux de pouvoir temporaires (= tous sauf les 3 premiers) changent toutes les semaines. Quand tu les visites, tu vois un compte à rebours avant le prochain changement. C'est tout à fait normal.
  19. 1st Question: Most cost-effective way for playfull gems - I think Harem Messenger (ok, small amount but no ressources needed that wanted for Contests or other parts of the game), CmC top15 and better (with a little bit planing reaching top15 is easy in most cases, better placements depends on brackets, but not to rare doable), Mythic Pachinko x1 (with at least lvl9 PoPs 3 times running a day and using all other possible ressources you can expect 250-300 MyPx1 Orbs per month and so around 300-400 playfull gems per month from here), PoPs (higher level of temporary PoPs drop more gems, tPoPs
  20. I have around 2 months before reaching Digisekai. What most cost-effective way to earn playful gems? Is it realistically possible to obtain a girl from club champion with level below 400, not spending 1000 of tickets and within 1 month? When better start to invest in player stats? Is it during PoA when you don't have urgent girl to upgrade?
  21. Sorry, I haven't played in nutaku so I didn't know the URL was so different from the Kinkoid server.
  22. Sadly it doesn't appear to work for Nutaku - unless I've placed the home.html in the wrong place.
  23. The way the sort was setup it lists there first appearance in a timed event. So if they where introduced in an orgy days that is why is shows it that way on the list. I have timed events(CE,OD,ect.) and what I call set events(EP,GP,World,trolls, ect) in seperent areas. and in making that list it only used the timed event table. The set one is still under construction on my side.
  24. Yop, I remember this too. She isn't that "recent" by MP standards. All eligible girls up to sometimes between the middle and the end of May 2022 should be in the pool already, and much more recent girls than this one definitely appeared in both rotations I've documented in the MP thread and in Yami's list. The patch notes from early June also mentioned the latest MP pool update included girls from May's CE and many more. The only two notable exceptions (fuck-ups imho) are Spectra and Serena, who both appeared during last year's mega-OD and by all means should have become new EP girls as
  25. It's very possible the list is incomplete, and those "exclusive" girls are in the pool, but we just can't tell. I remember @Liliat pointing out that Aerial Dance Elsa appeared in the MP before, and she's a recent girl from Jan 14th, 2022.
  26. Thanks guys. My bad for the two girls Ravi pointed out, I had just forgotten to change their Source Type to Pachinko (EP) so they didn't show up when I sorted out by Source Type. Fixed in my spreadsheet now. I strongly suspect most if not all of the girls listed as "in EP but not MP" in your list actually are in the MP pool already, though. They're more likely to have been missed by Yami's list generation process than to actually be missing. LOTS of girls are incorrectly listed internally as belonging to this or that "event" when they really shouldn't in order to keep their database (and
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