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  2. He just re-phrased the game "Rock, paper, scissors".
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  4. I managed to catch Bianca, Katana and Saoirse. Bianca and Katana are fine, but I was very disappointed with Saoirse. She's basically a generic LC girl and they forget Scáthach's most iconic characteristics that makes everyone call her “Shishou”🤦‍♂️ With this, they killed all the grandeur and power of the original source and made her another girl who was surpassed😔
  5. This skill can be very ....... surprising (only polite word that comes in mind 😏)
  6. I don’t understand why everyone is waiting so much for this unfortunate Radka? What is its charm? If she exists, of course, or maybe she has some kind of peculiarity and fundamental advantage over other mythical girls??? Tell me, inexperienced...
  7. It's reported (and it seems it's fixed at test-server since yesterday). If you take a look here, you can see which Relics don't work:
  8. My experience with the normal mode at test is mostly from the time before they fixed some of the relics (and because of the 2h cycle at test at the moment I had a intense Labyrinth time from 23rd to 25th to get Golden Lupa with the aditional comabtivity from labyrinth 😉 ) I did ca. 40 runs and had to use 14 heartstones, but 10 of them between 23rd to 25th because I wanted to get as much as possible coins and combativty from theese runs - so 18 runs in theese two days with 8 heartstones, the other 20+ runs with 4 heartstones. I have 126 5* Girls maxed at test - including starter, common, rare and Legendary Gilrs, no Mythic or Epic. Most of the Common, all of the rare are fully skilled.
  9. that is a good point, I have no experience with the hard or normal mode, as I don't have any test server account, and even If i created one, there would be a substantional amount of time before I would be able to do any meaningful labyrinth testing. That is why I used easy mode, as it is what I am familiar with, and the amount of coins on hard mode. The main question would be how much harder is hard compared to normal, as in how earlier in the run would one need to use the first token to proceed with the run. Now since the increase from easy to normal is 1092 coins, one could still use one token on normal mode and be in profit by 242 coins. There would probably also be a middleground, that if one are stronger then normal mode, but not powerful enough to complete hard, one could make it to the later floors and hope for a good floor layout where one could grab as many coins before running out of girls, and then just cut the losses.
  10. What the grade and level of the 140 girls? All mystics and L5 max level 750 with max gear full skill upgrade?
  11. When using any of the relics that states "The final damage received (after all calculations) is diminished by %" does not actually function as expected. While in battle, it will state how much damage was blocked but the original total damage would be removed from target, completely disregarding the "blocked" damage.
  12. Guess that was the best advice, I tried it also and even if the TP? looks smaller on paper, the sim in Leagues looks much better. And when I change the middle girl to a stunner, I get even a 2% chance in the Pantheon, compared to nearly zero before. I have literally no clue, what you are talking about, but is always quite interesting to see, how much information and knowledge is needed, to really understand all those mechanics. And as much as I would like to now this stuff, I just don't want to now all this stuff. 😁
  13. Well, I've been in the no-MDR situation for quite a while now, and for me I dropped to top-10% on the 6th ranking, just after halfway through the event. I saw I needed to make up at least 300 points then to stay in the 5% group, and that's just not worth the effort without a monthly card to skip champion timers. I've been staying in the 10% bracket since then.
  14. In the end, I have been able to hold on buying both cards until now with only one time dropping into the top 10% and being able to climb back up thanks to the first MDR. I will use both cards during Radka's MDR now for them to count in the last ranking. Or maybe not since I could stay in the top 5% with the MDR spending and keep the cards for MD. I'm not sure yet and I have 2.5 days to decide. My champion tickets is at an all time low (~400 remaining) and I'm starting to wonder how I will fare when I won't have any MDR to partake into since it's coming a bit faster than expected.
  15. Rotation #1172 (02/27/2024 7:00 EST): Angela 🟡 (July) Ghostly Present Winter 🟡 (December) Summoner Nero 🔴 (EpP)
  16. Fair enough, I seem to have misunderstood what @mdnoria meant to compare.
  17. Unitl 5min before reset Sadrac was at 1st. After this I took over, but Apokles appeared from the bottom of the bracket and it seems he hit the "play again" button fuiously! he spend in less than 30 seconds more than 100 Orbs... so a top4 to me. 15th needed 140.000 points.
  18. If you only compare hard and easy mode your calculation is correct, but you have to include the normal mode too in my eyes. After normal mode give you aditional 1092 coins and you can run the normal mode without using a heartstone (at least I can do this mostly at test and I have to use there some 3* girls and some not maxed 5* girls so I expect better results at main with my way bigger amount of 5*/6* Girls) so you should calculate the profit not from the 2184 coins, you should use the 3276 coins from the normal mode - so: 0 tokens used - 1528 coins profit 1 tokens used - 688 coins profit 2 tokens used - 152 coins lost
  19. Actually I think it's more useful to make sure they both have all their light bulbs at least, and probably gear. Light bulbs should be added because different rarities get different maximum numbers of those, so you should compare with those. Gear affects both equally, so as long as both girls have equivalent gear it doesn't matter if it's 6x0 or 6x10.
  20. Yeah, such is the Rock-Paper-Shotgun nature of the next meta (which is already the current meta for a few of us when there aren't super strong Blessings forcing us to revisit the previous meta of starting over from scratch every Monday)... Of course Dark/Red teams can't have as much synergy as the two better dual teams (technically they could, but at the cost of having Stun and Execute as their GS5s instead of Shield and Reflect, which is definitely worse than losing 7 instances of GS3 buffs out of 49). But they can be a pain, for sure. And there's no double-counter against them, only the Purple half of the Rock band works against the Paper clip, which breaks the cycle a bit. Both barrels of the Shotgun work on the Rock band and sadly, both halves of the Paper clip can jam the Shotgun. Still, I haven't dismantled most of my Virgo team (didn't have to, as I keep my everGreen team at the ready at all times these days, so that no light bulb transfer is required when I return to it)... So if I end up facing too many smart asses with Dark/Red this week of the next, I can always switch back to Orange/Purple to tackle them. I'll just have to be sneaky about it in case a fellow Green/White enthusiast is lurking in my group. ^^ OH, I see it now. The lack of a space or a comma in your long numbers made me assume you were listing 6-digit figures, not 5-digit ones, so my mind went to team numbers. My bad. ^^ So these numbers (screenshot of the right-hand side of the "Edit Team" screen)? They do take buffs from both GG and GS into account, though (on top of Blessings). So to compare the raw power of individual girls from Blessings alone looking at that screen, one would need to both Unequip All their GG pieces AND remove all light bulbs from all their girls. I don't have Nike, as you probably know (since I've whined a fair bit about it last month ^^ and even though no there's no really good team to be built with her for now, I'm a bit salty she's technically the top blessed girl for two weeks). So she doesn't show up (duh). Apart from that, the rest of the top of the Blessings charts is there, still behind the two M6s I'm actually using, and barely ahead of the rest of my team (and the two Red M6s I'm no longer using since the Blessings change, but who still have all their light bulbs). Any Rare I've used in PvP since the introduction of Girl Skills are fully skilled at all times (it's not like green light bulbs were rare lol) and they're maxed out, but still a fair bit behind both groups even with a +30% blessing (we can see just the top of their heads sneaking in at the bottom of the screenshot). And right after that there's the rest of my M6s (maxed out in grade and level but with 0 light bulb or GG piece on them).
  21. forget what I said, I misread and you only considered the extra coins for your calculus.
  22. Yeah, MCP pointed it out in Chit Chat already, I did remember 28th but for some reason I thought that was today already. ^^ But you're right, today is only the 27th. (Shh... No, no, I'm not a time traveler... I'm just absent-minded today. Speaking of which, look at this flashing device for me, will you?...)
  23. Since the max coins you can get from easy is 2184 (base, not considering cards) And the hard mode is supposed to give 120% extra coins, then 2184*1.2 = 2620. The number is actually 2620.8, but just going to use 2620 here, as I don't know how coins are rounded. So if we want to get a profit doing hard mode, we need to spend less then 2620 coins. Each refill tokens costs 850 coins in the labyrinth shop. 0 tokens used - 2620 coins profit 1 tokens used - 1770 coins profit 2 tokens used - 920 coins profit 3 tokens used - 70 coins profit Anything past 3 tokens will be a net loss, and one could say the 3 token run would not be worth the time investment. The reason that I am using the 120% number is that you'll be getting the base amount for doing easy mode either way, I am only looking at the additional coins for hard mode. There is actually an argument here that if your cannot complete the first three floors on hard mode, that is if they are harder then on easy, then you'll be getting a net loss just by choosing hard over easy.
  24. Luna wrote "moved to the 28th", so garadron you remembered correct.
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