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  2. Same here - I also can't get the girls anywhere, and I also already had account and I'm lvl 150+, logout on both games didn't help.
  3. Rotation #1319 (07/15/2024 01:00 CEST) Magical Girl Lilly 🟣 (EpP) Wicked Nuladva 🟣 (June) Gaelle 🟢 (November)
  4. @bolitho76 Three things: First: I've reworked the post with the "battlesystem" so you can just copy it now. (hopefully) Second: Relics: The strength of the individual selectable relics depends on the difficulty of the fight. To narrow down the possible strength of the relic, there is a small classification here: Third: Could you insert a link to the QA in your first post? Like Эники-беники suggested? [Edit] Thank you bolitho76! I don't know how often you hear that... To all. Tell me, what kind of new girls would you like to have for the labyrinth? I would like to have Eccentric (red) Know-How Fluffer.
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  6. And in MangaRPG there is DP (or whatever it's called in this SFW clone) 2 months in a row. I'm afraid that they really want to abandon BB format 😔
  7. Looked over the data on Voyeur, found something interesting. First off, the mana is indeed transferred to the Voyeur girl, and she gets to keep it. Secondary, the drain in all the data I looked at was the correct %. Thirdly, the drain skill will not do anything if the target does not have any mana. Fourthly; the skill WILL drain mana from the opponent if they have mana, even if tired. Here you can see several opponent girls with negative ego, defeated by normal damage, and girls with 0 ego that are taken out by the "finish move" relic. Skill is still draining mana. One of the problems with this skill is the enemy mana regen, they will use mana skills faster and more often, and even if you drain them, its not going to do much of anything since they will regain 30-40 mana each turn anyhow. And even if you get some good drains off, like I have a round here where I get 30 mana back, nice... I spent 100 mana to get 30 mana with no other benefits. As of now, I don't see any scenarios where this will be useful, Avoid.
  8. No sandalwood involved, but since I'm just going by memory, I might be mistaken about the 13 and it maxes out at 12. I am sure that I didn't see anything below 10 so far since after the first few I paid close attention to that side of the range. I wasn't as focused on the high end. Edit: Never mind, apparently I was just really lucky with my initial drops.
  9. @bolitho76 Yes, I saw it. But unfortunately 3 pictures were not copied correctly. In "Positioning:" and "Lost:" I think that since you deleted the post, the images cannot be loaded. In Lost comes from you. Therefore, we have to wait for a new Lost image.
  10. Nope - earlier. You need to clear all puzzle pieces for the video. Here a table of the tasks with the rewards the pieces give.
  11. @Ich42 Wow! A full rework of the "Battlesystem" Post! Thanks! Tipps & Tricks is updated.
  12. She should be a Sexomancer. [Edit] Do you get the girl if you reveal everything?
  13. @bolitho76 The Battlesystem of the Labyrinth: Before the fight: Labyrinth difficulty: At the beginning of the labyrinth, you are asked about the difficulty of the labyrinth. The labyrinth resets every 2 days. To unlock a harder difficulty level, you need the following prerequisites: Easy - 35 Girls (min. 14 girls) Normal - 140 Girls, 250 Hero Level Hard - 280 Girls, 500 Hero Level Depending on the difficulty level, there are Easy has 3 floors, Normal has 4 floors and Hard has 5 floors. The number of coins varies depending on the floor. For more information, take a look at the table in the The Shop of the Labyrinth. To give you an idea of how the difficulties are different, here is a list (created from a many runs) : The values are based on the Top7 girls, more on this under Squadbuilding. In addition, starting from girl 1 (center), each girl gets 1% stronger, up to position 7. The values are based on girl 1, as all values can get max. +7% on the fluctuations (10%). These percentages influence Ego, Harmony, Attack and Defence. Starting Mana and Mana gain also follow the increase as indicated in the table, but may differ by up to +5% due to relatively small numbers and rounding to whole numbers. The speed has its own scheme and is not influenced by the labyrinth difficulty, but by the difficulty of the individual fight. Base data: There are 8 stats that are used in the Labyrinth battles: 1. Ego - the number of Health Points your girl need to lose before she becomes Tired. In Tired state she can no longer fight, so your main objective it to keep this value above zero. There are some skills and relics that can restore % of her ego. If your girls become Tired you can heal them by either using Rejuvenation Stone (heals every girl) or stepping on Angel Wings field (heals one random girl). 2. Harmony - determines the critical hit chance. As in PvP system, the combined base percentages of you and the opponent is 30%, and that 30% is divided depending on both sides' harmony stat. However, in Labyrinth there is also a Critical Expectation relic that works independently. To calculate your crit chance you can use this formula: Sum of % from Critical Expectations + 0.3 * girl's Harmony / (girl's Harmony + opponent's Harmony) 3. Attack Power - the raw damage that girl will deal to the opponent's Ego during her turn. The final damage is reduced by opponent's defence. 4. Defence - the amount of damage that girl will block every time she gets hit by the enemy. If girl's Defence surpasses opponent's Attack Power then she won't get any damage and the game will display the word Dodge instead of the number of the received damage points. 5. Starting mana - the amount of Mana the girl starts the fight with. Mana is used in Labyrinth to execute powerful trigger skills. To trigger her skill the girl need to gather 100 Mana points. 6. Mana regeneration - the number of Mana points the girl will gain after her turn (if she is stunned, she won't get any points). Contrary to the announcements, it isn't influenced by girl’s Charm or any other stat. That means that for now all player recruits have fixed Mana regeneration stat. 7. Speed - determines who will act first in the battle. Each turn every player and opponent's girl makes one move and the girls with highest Speed stat attack first. 8. GS5 - it is the level of girl's 5th skill. To learn more check out Skills in the Labyrinth post. Girl's stats are calculated with these formulas: Ego = ceil(8 * girl's Hardcore + player's Endurance) Harmony = ceil(0.2 * girl's Know-How + 2 * player's Harmony) Attack = ceil(girl's Know-How + player's Primary Stat) Defence = ceil(0.5 * girl's Charm + 0.25 * (player's Secondary Stat + player's Tertiary Stat)) Speed = ceil(0.2 * girl's Know-How + player's Harmony) It should be noted that Speed is influenced by player's Harmony, not girl's Harmony. One other stat that appears here is girl's total power. By default, your girls are sorted by this stat. The game also uses this stat when it checks your 7 strongest girls. Total Power is calculated by this formula: Total Power = ceil(Ego + 7.5 * (Attack + Defence) + 0.625 * Speed) Squadbuilding: The first/strongest 7 girls when selecting the Squad after choosing a Labyrinth difficulty decisive. It doesn't matter if you don't take girls into your squad, the first/strongest 7 girls you have in total will always be look at. If you choose the Auto Assign, you can also look under Squad at the 7 first/strongest girls you have. If none of your Top7 girls have a GS5, then the (enemy/boss) girls will not have a GS5 either. Then opposing girls have "Default" skill, more on this under Skills in the Labyrinth. Opposing Team without GS5 girls are easier to defeat. Positioning: For every GS5 girl in your first/strongest 7 girls, there will be just as many GS5 girls in the (Boss) fight. The position of your GS5 girls is mirrored in the team of your opponents. The position follows the strength of your strongest 7. First center, top then clockwise, your opponents have accordingly center, top then anticlockwise. If your girls with GS5 have position 3 and 5, then the opposing girls in positions 3 and 5 have a GS5 equal to your GS5 in the positions. Opposing GS5 girls usually have one of the highest defense values, keep that in mind. If the speed of your girls is the same, then the following order is used: center, top then clockwise. And if the speed is the same as the opponent, you start first. For an optimal setup of your girls please have a look at the FAQ. The way: Each Floor has 10 battles or events, the last battle in the Floor is against a boss. There is a maximum of 2 possible fields that you can select next. You can only go forwards, fields that cannot be reached are no longer displayed. You should therefore look where you want to go, otherwise you will not be able to reach certain fields. Here you can see which floor you are currently on. If you can't see the boss, there is a scrollbar with which you can move. Fields: Not every field is available on every floor. Depending on the labyrinth difficulty and floor, the battles are of varying difficulty, please check the table in Labyrinth difficulty. The following fields are available in the labyrinth: [Start] Only on Floor 1 to start the Labyrinth, very easy. [Easy] Only available on Floor 1 and 2. [Medium] [Hard] [Boss] If you defeat the Boss, you move on to the next floor or have completed the labyrinth run. Boss also bring in coins the number of coins varies depending on the floor. For more information, take a look at the table in the The Shop of the Labyrinth. [Coin] Coins are used to buy things in the store. The number of coins varies depending on the floor. For more information, take a look at the table in the The Shop of the Labyrinth. [Angel Wings] Recovering or healing an injured girl. The fight: The fight is carried out as follows. All girls are assigned their starting mana as Mana and ego/health status from the previous fight or from the base data. Depending on the speed, the order of the girls is determined and is visible on the number above the girl's avatar. Now the first girl starts and deals damage to girls who can receive damage. See more under Some hints how some of the Relics increase your stats. After that, the girls follow in order until there are only girls in one team. Or a draw, see After the fight. First the Fornt is attacked, if no girl is able to fight at the front the attacks go on to the Mid. And if there are no more girls in the Mid who are able to fight, it's on to Back. After each attack, the attacking girl receives Mana in the amount found in the base data. The Mana cannot rise above 100 as a result of the attack. If the mana is over 100, it does not increase any further. If a girl has 100 or more Mana after the attack, she performs her Skill and 100 Mana deducted from the current mana . See more under Skills in the Labyrinth. Speed: With Speed you can increase the speed of the animations, up to a maximum of 8x. Skip: You can use Skip to speed up the fight and get the result of the fight. For possible outcomes of the fight, see below. After the fight: The three possible endings of a battle in the labyrinth: Win: If at least one girl in your team survives, you win. The current ego/health status of your team will be carried over into the next battle. Girls who are disabled can only be revived using a Rejuvenation Stone or an Angel Wings field. You will receive different rewards and relics depending on the difficulty of the fight. Here are some of them: [Medium] [Hard] [Floor 1 Boss] [Floor 5 Boss] Relics after Win: You also get a choice of 3 random relics that only help you in this labyrinth run. The strength of the relics depends on the difficulty of the fight, see more under Relics. Here is a possible selection: Lost: If at least one girl from the opposing team has survived, you have lost. The current ego/health status of your opposing team will be carried over into the next fight. This makes it possible to slowly defeat an opposing team, even with weak girls. After the defeat you will see the following: Draw: After 100 rounds (with or without "Skip" and usually 1400 individual battles) when there is no winner. A draw is automatically displayed in the form of a defeat screen, but with the text: !!HH_design:Draw!! A separate display was probably not created. The last state of the damage and disabled girl is taken for the next fight, with the starting mana. After the Labyrinth run: After you have completed the labyrinth run, you get a summary of how many girls are tired and how many Rejuvenation Stones you have used. This is also saved with the labyrinth difficulty in the statistics and can be viewed under Rakning see below. While in the Labyrinth: While you are in the labyrinth you have access: Stones, girls you can revive with Rejuvenation Stone. Shop, here you can exchange items for coins you have collected. See more under The Shop of the Labyrinth. Squad, girls you have taken with you. Relics, you have collected so far for the run. Ranking, your performance compared to other.
  14. The shard range should be 1-12. Did you had Sandalwood charges left from LD or MDR? That would be explain the 13 shards.
  15. Mod-hat on: @memyself393 Don't post anything else than Gift-codes (or similar things like new Sex-Friends offers or extra Free Bundles) in the Gift-code Thread. If you want to discuss or have problems with a code/offer/Bundle please check if there is a thread in another section of the Forum (Search is your friend 😉 ). Thanks! I splitted your posting to the relevant Thread.
  16. I'm wondering about drop range (number of shards per drop) from villains in this particular instance of the event. I've had 7 shard drops from a villain so far, and all of them are in the 10 to 13 shard range. Now I know 7 drops is not enough for any certainty whatsoever and can easily be some excessive good luck, but it's enough to make me suspicious and to ask around if anyone can confirm/deny. Edit: Never mind, apparently I was just really lucky with my initial drops.
  17. I checked in the other games as well. Hentai Heroes and Pornstar Harem both have the identical issue. Click the offer and it will open the Manga RPG page, which is already above level 50, but it refuses to collect the free character. If it's not too much trouble, can we fix this?
  18. For the Manga RPG reward: If you are having issues getting the girl awarded after completing the task (or are already passed that level); Try logging out and logging back in the game (MangaRP)... Seems that the reward function only activates after a log-in (took me 3 days to figure that out). Hope it helps.
  19. For the Manga RPG reward: If you are having issues getting the girl awarded after completing the task (or are already passed that level); Try logging out and logging back in the game (MangaRP)... Seems that the reward function only activates after a log-in (took me 3 days to figure that out). Hope it helps.
  20. Same issue here (across several of the games). Try logging out and logging back in the game (MangaRP)... Seems that the reward function only activates after a log-in (took me 3 days to figure that out). Hope it helps.
  21. But they didn’t introduce Lively scenes, and this is another confirmation that they are quietly closing this project.
  22. The testing on dominatrix was done before we started using the Json to check accurate numbers. The % modifier are from the description of the skill itself, and all the testing I've done on it have been visually. It is affected by defence, as the skill does a lot less damage against higher def opponents. I assume its just taking the value that is listed as "damage" adding in the % from skill, then subtracting enemy def. My laby is on cooldown, so I cannot check it today. Edit: Considering "not so serious spank" from skill less girls is using 50% attack value - enemy def, it would make sense for Spank to add the skill damage before subtracting enemy def. As for Voyeur, I've saved the JSON from 5 battles (hard floor1 and each boss from floor1 to 4) I'll look at the data when I get time and see what I can find there. They would have to do changes to green, like giving it another ability completely. I just think regardless what I find testing of Voyeur, in its current form Voyeur is completely useless.
  23. Villains should be 2,5 Girls if you have an average droprate and -range.
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