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  2. Beeing Ninja'ed by Ravi is not uncommon, have you looked at his avatar?
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  4. Why are there only 1, 3, 5 and 6 stars girls, and not 4 (and 2) stars girls? I understand that it's easier for KK and for the players to arrange the game this way, and 2 stars girls won't be useful anyway, but 4 stars rare and epic girls might be useful, and make the game a bit more interesting... It shouldn't be difficult to implement and make new 4 stars girls from KK.
  5. I'm glad to welcome you to our club
  6. It's not about randomality. Someone (maybe Ravi or Liliat) wrote somewhere on this forum the Formula of the best legendary items stats. There's no way that a legendary item will have better stats than level 20 Mythic gear, bar mono-stat legendary items, which give a better one stat than Mythic items (but other worse stats). And I was Ninjad by Ravi-Sama.
  7. Hang on to mono gear of each class, if you care about progressing in the pantheon. It's better than mythic gear at floor 1800. For each class, in case you decide to switch it later.
  8. It's called Mythic gear. You need other items in order to level it up (legendary, epic, rare items, etc). The background of items indicates its rarity: Common - Grey Rare - Green Epic - Yellow Legendary - Purple Mythic - Red
  9. Yeah, no dice. I had my Rainbow gear for over a year, always used to exchange the stuff when I got something better, and there wasn't anything better since...you guessed it...over a year, the sentence did start like that for a reason. The level 20 red gear is so far above this, over 400 points per stat, there is no way you get a random roll with leg. gear that's higher.
  10. Bonjour ce n'est pas une fille mais un avatar que tu peut mettre sur ton profil
  11. I just got my second gear for my class which I already had one for not my class. I had held off upgrading the non-class due to skepticism and now am convinced that that was fine, I'll call that the Lepideffect Or should that be the anti-Lepideffect... Anyway, I have been assuming that there's no legendary gear that can possibly be better than a level 20 mythic but would be curious if anyone ever finds that to be contrary. I had a similar ponderance in another thread wondering what the max stats for legendary gear was (looking then for "gear cap") but didn't see a reply. Would suck to
  12. Sweet, I got a piece of Mythic gear from my free MP roll today. And not only is it my first piece that corresponds to my class, but it boosts attack! The only bummer is that I've already fully upgraded a piece for that slot, but I have plenty of old gear and ymen so that's no big deal. I'll consider this my Christmas gift from the game. 🎁
  13. Bonjour, je ne suis pas connaisseur de programmes informatiques mais il me semble que la fille palier 13 des saisons ne m'a pas été mise dans le Harem. Après, c'est peut-être une erreur de ma part. Et de toute façon, je ne vous en veux même pas tellement votre jeu est super ! On s'y prend et on a toujours envie d'en savoir plus, d'avancer dans tous les domaines ! C'est rare à ce point ! C'est doc tout simplement que c'est bien conçu ! Bravo à vous et merci encore ! Dede64
  14. I might be considered lucky, as I got Mythic items for all 6 slots (out of 8 items), but only one of them match my class (CH). I got 3 KH and 3 HC items usable items. I changed my class right after I started to play, more than 15 months ago, without even knowing what it meant, just because I liked the flower symbol near my name. I suggest that KK will give free class change once a year.
  15. I got Azana, at least that. Matsuda wasn't generous with the drops, so I got only 70 shards of Flynn. Now about Lotti - I've got 51 shards of her (only in the past 1-2 days), and I'm contemplating whether I should push to get her - If I'm not wrong, the amount of shards in each drop in CE is 2-8, with a 10% drop rate. So on average, I should get her with 98 fights. I will get 37 fights from natural regeneration until the end of the event. So I would need 3-4 refills... The problem is it' not a sure thing (to get her with 100 fights), and I'm not a whale... so I think that over 600 k
  16. The Game knows... never let the game know what you are thinking/planning
  17. 🔥 Heroes! 🔥 Due to the end of year vacations, I will be away from December 10th and back on January 4th. 🎄 💝 For any urgent questions, please contact our dear Forum moderators! 💝
  18. @SamReiyou can use Tampermonkey and this script https://github.com/45026831/hh-plus-plus it allows you to mark items as favorite and then prevents you from selling or forging them.
  19. Great stuff, I got 6 red Items by now, isn't that great? Ok, so 4 of them are for the same slot, which is what I expected from this game, but still. Also manged to get the same Item twice with just 6 items in total, isn't that great? It's also annoying as hell to upgrade them, since there are some Items I want to keep, and it seems there is no "keep this stored" button I could use to save these items.
  20. Today's Profile Update: Antigoni Spyros - Career: "R" in "Rewind" changed to lowercase Description: "h" in "heroine" changed to uppercase
  21. Got my first girl from Auga, here's my drop stats so far If you want more details don't worry, here's all my drops in order from top-to-bottom, left-to-right.
  22. Rotation #0689 (2022/12/09 7:00 EST): Corrupted Stacy ⚪ (EP), Giovanna ⚫ (EP ), Hymevarta 🔵 (EP). Corrupted Stacy - 128 MPx1s (6 old, 134 total) 3 Mythic Gear dropped, all for slot 6, and 1 matching my class 😁. (3/221, 1.36% drop rate)
  23. Today's Profile Update: Mocca deMardigal - Career: "L" in "Living" changed to lowercase, "artefact" corrected to "artifact" Description: "artefact, that is" changed to "artifact,", "There" changed to "As there", "artefact. She was" changed to "artifact, she has been", "the" removed from "to the leisure"
  24. Got my third mythic gear, this time from Seasons. It's my first duplicate slot. Have 1 of each class now, and 2 are for slot 3 (legs). It means I have more time to save up gear, to be able to upgrade one. Update: 3 more mythic gear dropped from the MP after I noticed I was missing Corrupted Stacy (EP). 3 gear / 221 MPx1s, 1.36% drop rate. Mythic Gear Sources: PoA - 1 PoG - 1 Seasons - 1 MP - 3 It motivated me to figure out a better way to display, and keep track of all 648 mythic gear possibilities. Best thing I came up w/ so far, is thi
  25. thats ok. just wanted to ask if it will work 😃
  26. Hello Comix Harem forumers and admins, i would like to know what is it possible to do with the red class equipment. I try to upgrade my first, but i dont see anything for.
  27. well now you gotta tell us too
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