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  2. Thank you all for your feedback on Update Week #12 and the League Girls in a Stack. I will be forwarding the relevant comments and observations to the team for review 💗. @DvDivXXX About Messenger currencies, your feedback has already been forwarded. 🌻
  3. This icon opens the club bonuses: On this tab, you can find all club bonuses and upgrade them:
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  5. I had this problem for quite a while now and I always thought it's because of my browser that I never updated for years. It made everything a little bit inconvenient, especially clicking on the 4th girl in my team (there are always just a few clickable pixels), but I could live with this. Now I've updated my Firefox on tuesday - and everything worked fine, hooray! I could finally see the fourth harem column. And some of the other menus in the game looked better, too. One day later the wednesday update came and it all went back to the garbled bullshit you can see in the two pictures above. Which would be okay for me... if it didn't make everything worse. Now I have to press the tab button on my keyboard to make the ''Validate'' and ''Cancel'' buttons visible (and to be able to click on my 4th girl). And ''Validate'' is always greyed out, no matter what I do. So I can't edit my teams anymore. I tried logging out and in again, deleting cookies, deleting the cache, disabling my adblocker, disabling tracking protection... nothing worked. Except for the adblocker I don't seem to have any other add-ons in my Firefox that could interfere with the appearance of hentaiheroes.com (just 3 different download helpers and one addon that adds something to the context menu). So I'm running out of ideas now. Anyone else with this problem? Any hints on how to fix this? Did I overlook something? The only workaround I can think of is using a different browser to edit my teams. But this would be kinda stupid.
  6. Got her. About 7.5k kos + 5 SPs. The discount helped, but I had to rely heavily on x50s due to how quick shards deplete still. (As of this writing, it just went back to zero in under half an hour; that's for the 6th batch. Previous ones were gone in about one eye blink to 5 mins at best).
  7. Thank you! I had procrastinated on installing it previously, but I've just installed the new version. Just a couple of questions, if you don't mind: It's a simple ON/OFF thing, so I simply need to disable the script itself if I want to see my current stats and odds instead, right? When active the script only changes things in the Pantheon, so leaving it on by default as long as I don't equip a real HB shouldn't disrupt anything? Very handy tool to quickly see if it's worth trying the current wall or not (even more invaluable now that the Pantheon currency has been removed from Leagues and we can't stash it any further). ❤️
  8. They are talking about the page with the hat and the arrow pointing up like⬆️🔼🔺️😉
  9. Sorry I may dumb but I do not understand how to upgrade my xp bonus in the club page, Is this the page you are referring to?
  10. Pretty weird stuff. The fact that we see advanced poses from our opponents (that can be spoilers or, in most PvE situations ARE spoilers) always annoyed me anyway. To me, the ideal setting would be that if we don't own a girl in the opposing team, we should see her 0-star pose when fighting that team. And if we have her in our collection, ideally, we should see the pose we have selected for her rather than the one the opponent selected. It's a solo game after all (even PvP is done by proxy through PvE).
  11. LIAR he tried to kick fakeMM 😛
  12. I updated the Pantheon Headband Script on wednesday. If anyone is still using the old version, please update to the current version v0.6. Also, the attack is now displayed in red when the script is enabled.
  13. Good sleuthing. I don't use any scripts and verified what you said with Vespa (was on pose 1 was showing pose 5, changed to pose 2 it shows pose 2). And that none of the other 6 girls I have were pose 1. I have Chiba but did believe that one of my Werebunny Police girls changed. I wasn't sure and I just acquired another so I thought maybe some feature was added if you have multiple girls it changed the remaining ones positions or something. Or my failing memory. On closer look, it appears the reward portraits poses are different than the girls poses, so that might also be another hint something is different. I'm not 100% confident anything changed and I've been cautioned on the forum before (not warned formally) about saying things changed when I'm not sure...glad to have sanity checked tho Even if things have changed whether intentional or not, I have no idea.
  14. Yesterday
  15. Yeah, it doesn't work. I tried to kick @holymolly to take over the club from ambush. No, kidding 😅 I assume that it does not work because i tried to kick our CC Account (also co-leader). I got the following error message:
  16. Ok I had a closer look, as far as I can say it is like this: If you have chosen the first pose in Harem, (in fights) the last unlocked Pose will be shown. (You don't need to actually fight to see this, you just need to edit the team.) If you have chosen any other pose, that one will be displayed. Haven't tested yet if it is a Problem from the Script or the Game, but if it is the Game we should make a Bugreport.
  17. I tried the mythicrevival18 variations, b/c these were posted in the past 2 months. The EP drop rate used to be 8%, and then was halved to 4%. Is it possible the account that has cleared the EP might've been older, benefitting from a drop rate twice as high, than the other accounts?
  18. Yes. Everyone experiences this from time to time. There are tricks and workarounds shared in various threads you can find with a quick search in this section. The simplest one is to reload the page.
  19. I'm not experiencing that. Some of the girl poses from Villains seem to have changed, though? I've been farming Pandora for awhile in between events and I always faced Chiba's 3rd pose until yesterday's patch (now it's her 5th pose instead).
  20. Some of it, sure. I'm not implying they should remove the currency from the game. But since it's a limited feature that's been discontinued there's no need for the remaining source of the required currency to be as abundant or take the spot of key daily rewards for all active players. They should either give the Messenger's picture Frames another use in the game, or they should remove them from the top Daily Goals rewards and from Epic Pachinko drops. It would be more than enough to put this kind of thing as filler instead of some of the champion tickets, basic-bitch single book or gift, tiny Ymen stashes etc. in some of the many reward tracks we get through every month (PoV, PoG, PoA, Season, daily login rewards etc.). Any player, even someone who starts tomorrow will be done with the Messenger content sooner or later, and after that Frames are a dead currency. EDIT: Actually, just going through the first half of the Pantheon might already give enough Frames on its own to churn through the Harem Messenger content (if not, it could be tweaked so that it does). There's a lot of it in there for future players, and these are one-time rewards so it's a nice fit for a one-time dead feature. Better than stuff every active player is collecting every day.
  21. I could be wrong but don't think there's a gift code for MDR, usually.
  22. Understandable, as this type of paranoid assumptions don't really have a place in this forum, period. Exactly. Yeah. Because you're not looking at what is actually happening, you're telling yourself a story based on little chunks of it that make no sense taken out of the context of the whole. Random is random. Your lucky streaks and your bad runs are all part of the same continuous thing. Events or any other specific limited sample are not individual stories with a beginning and end. If you want to measure these things correctly and see the bigger picture, you need to zoom way out and check all your results over months, indiscriminately. The longer you do that, the closer it will get to the expected average. Differences between your accounts or from event to event will disappear as you notice the variance in your results don't match either lens and transcends both. Cheers.
  23. ------------------ D3 run #134 2023/03/16-23 (Triana Week 1): Good luck have fun this week, folks. Stay safe!
  24. I do see this for some girls but not all. That is strange.
  25. No worries, I'll do it for you 😉 Nah, but seriously good luck to everyone trying to get her!
  26. Sadly tickets can be very hit or miss, I'll try forwarding this to the content team and see if it helps.
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