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  2. Not only am I disappointed in her scenes, but the other girls as well. The seven “sins” are too well behaved to be considered sins. As for Mala, the scenes seem like a much lighter version of what we've seen from her, if the guy likes this type of content he would certainly expect at least something better in a mythic
  4. Our pleasure. Next time read the STICKY though: [WARNING] DO NOT ASK QUESTIONS HERE. GO TO "QA" INSTEAD!
  5. now that I've started unlocking her affections scenes I have to say that this post seems to be only partially true. While she doesn't have any ropes, she is being restrained by chains which fits her theme
  6. Since the event is over now, is it the same with the new SE?
  7. You mean the daily shop gift? I claimed them all already. EDIT: Logout and login solved it for me.
  8. Do you have any suggestion how to achieve that? The only idea I have would mean a larger (though very reasonable) rework: Native equipment filters Item selection check boxes "Select All" button, which selects everything visible/matching the filters Have the "Sell" button selling all selected items, though make that visually clear as well! Since selling an item causes a relatively slow network call, and, AFAIK, a very slow data crawling and re-arrangement of the visual inventory, those cannot really be made faster, without doing some infrastructure and/or code chore. This would be highly appreciated as well of course, but IMO much more important for the harem. One thing to note is that speeding up selling items makes selling contests much more vulnerable to snipers. Currently there is a limit in how fast you can do that and hence much many items one might sell in a final click fight, similar to using Pachinko. Allowing to pre-select an unlimited amount of items and selling them all at once at least means that players will sell a lot more, if they fear others being online shortly before reset.
  9. Maybe you have to claim the daily Gift, they came up right after that as a Gift. Was too quick for a snapshot.
  10. Where the hack do you see any tendency of overweight?? Her second last affection scene probably has an unflattering angle in this regards, but otherwise I see her at the lower end of healthy BMI 😮. I personally do not like too muscled girls, and they made them more prominent for Red Battler, but perfectly fine to have girls for every taste. Overall I like the new poses and affection scenes. But I cannot find the "Classic" girls in my Harem. Is there a way to obtain them, of are they expected to be there OOTB?
  11. Imagine having a sin-themed event with only vanilla sex, the first girl I got is Ira and in the first scene I already know how will end up, because it's at least ten times that I've read the same story this year
  12. Already received all of them (except the one for completing daily missions). They are all complete disappointments. Are they really demons? Then why are they all thrilled by simple vanilla sex scenes with the main character? Plus, as usual lately, all three affection scenes consist of zoom scenes with minor changes, which does not add positive emotions.
  13. I absolutely agree with you. I didn't like the new art at all, especially the way they ruined Bunny. Instead of a young slender girl, she turned out to be a depraved woman with a tendency to be overweight. So Classic girls forever!
  14. I've already seen three scenes of the six girls and what I want to say.... they're totally disappointing. I'll try to catch all of them to confirm this.
  15. What was the lowest possible points against this opponent? If 21 or less was possible (no matter how unlikely), then 24 points with shield was as well. Better use Rena's simulator to get the minimum possible points with the shield skill implied. Did another Cordyceps vs Chlorella comparison. I had an AME equipped as well, for completeness. Rena's simulator with overall sim sum used: 2x Cordyceps + 2x Chlorella: 7401.4 points 1x Cordyceps + 3x Chlorella: 7387.4 points As expected, the difference is now bigger than 4x Cordyceps (7323.3) vs 3x Cordy + 1x Chlorella (7322.3): https://forum.kinkoid.com/index.php?/topic/30697-august-2nd-2023-girl-skills-💡/page/19/#comment-298718 Of course league/team/opponents changed in between, and a single sample (even that it is the sum above all 102 opponents) is not much, but it fits the expectations that the first Cordys make the largest difference, while the more AP you have, the more compatible ego (Chlorella) becomes. Tomorrow I'll do 1x Cordy + 3x Chlorella vs 3x Cordy + 1x Chlorella comparison, where I expect the difference to raise by about 5-10 points (to about 19-24 points), which could then be taken as the missing 2x Cordy + 2x Chlorella vs 3x Cordy + 1x Chlorella comparison. Looking at it, 1x Cordy + 3x Chlorella could be a good 24/7 configuration, with about 25 points difference to 4x Cordy not dramatically lower, but usually affordable for free with MPx1 and event rewards. Of course if one buys refills, or with the additional condoms around league reset, it might still be worth to boost with more cordys in those periods where more fights are done, and boost yourself weaker/cheaper on days with less/no fights.
  16. Having checked them out, yeah they are pretty good. I do prefer the old art for most poses tho, apart from Juliette, the new one is better there, so I do like that they gave us the originals too
  17. That is bad. I like the fixed free roll at rest much more than the naturally (slowly) moving target. The text is now wrong, as the new selection will be still at reset, which would be 22h 54m at time of screenshot: The increased seasons tier 1-12 rewards are nice, but it also looks strange now that earlier tiers give higher rewards than later tiers:
  18. yes That's what I noticed too after the mythic pachinko had a free roll after the patch this morning. I waited until reset to confirm but now there is 24h cooldown between rolls.
  19. Both the redesigned and the classic versions of Bunny, Juliette, and Tina (Red Battler) have the 300k income for every 6 hours. I hope that's intended and stays in. It might help @DvDivXXX with his eternal Ymen shortage.
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