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  2. Nous avons une nouvelle voie de la valeur Saisons et ligues où on gagne 2 potions par combats. Faisons un peu les comptes : Pour avoir les filles il faut au minimum 2100 potions (plutôt 2300 pour ne pas trop perdre en payant la seconde colonne grâce au booster mythique qui vaut 540 kokos). Hors en 14 jours, on fait : - au grand maximum 606 combats de ligue (ligue à 101 adversaires) soit 1212 potions. - 336 combats de saisons maximum en régénération naturelle soit 672 potions. Il manque donc au minimum 216 potions soit 108 combats de saisons à financer. On peut ut
  3. The last PoV was terrible this one is even worse and I´m afraid that the Pachinko and Contest PoV will be even worse than this one...why do they care to have a focus group, test server, feedback options, etc... if they don´t use it?? I don´t expect to get to the 6500point in every PoV heck.. I don´t even expect to get to 2,5k for free (without managing your resources but 1,8ish k points with natural regan and timing this PoV "perfectly" so that it starts one day after people spent a bunch of league fights and kisses ??? common ....) I can only repeat myself.. I have absolutely no clue w
  4. Sucks that the pve pov ended just before legendary day 3 event started that is based on pve champs/villains as well. If i made this pvp pov then i would have made earning points in contests count because contests are pvp you are competing against other players for top spots.
  5. Is the club active how many players are currently participating in the club champion?
  6. PoV Objectives: TERRIBLE I barely managed to grab the 6.25k rewards on the last day... At the cost of well over a thousand champion tickets, many extra hours of daily play to attack all my champions (making them even stronger than they already are, which isn't a good thing), and quite a lot of "fuck it I'll just throw 60 kobans at it for the x10" moments, as well as multiple "fight villain X to get shards for girl Y" events I went for (eg refilled my combativity for kobans many times) during those two weeks... My final score was something like 6.37k and I was not going to spend kobans just f
  7. Looking forward to those daily spent koban tasks "rng and so on " at least the mythic book and gift per day is something good ..
  8. Reading through discord shows that number of tasks and their rarity change with player level. @_shal_ (with his test accounts ) posted:
  9. Indeed; same here. I thought it was 10 The goals didn't reset, though. The timer says "New goals in 4 hours and 5 minutes", but it's been stuck there for a long time (Maybe it never changed I didn't pay attention) Edit: I had to log out and in again, to get the new goals.
  10. Yeah and no. For anyone saving Kisses for KC, intentional losses are not an option. Likewise, I've got ~50 banked, many from the last PoV, that I'm holding back so I can use them on PoA (given my position in D3, I prioritise taking the best fights not those with the highest chance of winning, which can make the PoA where you HAVE to get wins in certain windows tough). So even if the losses count, many players till won't be able to access them.
  11. It seems that rewards directly depend on rarity: Common = 10 points, Rare = 15, Epic = 20, Legendary = 25 The goals are pretty easy to complete, because even though some tasks are tricky, you'll likely have more potions each day than the required 100 (If you have 10 Common goals, you'll get exactly 100 Potions per day. So, any Rare/Epic/Legendary goal will allow you to obtain more potions). I like the concept, it's not too complicated, and I like the rewards (Although I haven't seen any gems. But Epic Books and Flowers are better anyway ) There's also 7750 XP of reward, each da
  12. Tier 13 is the guys avatar, not the guy. You can go into your hero page and set that picture as your avatar now. On the top path the guys are available in tiers 37 and 62, on the bottom paid path you can get them earlier.
  13. Today
  14. Hey guys, Promised new feature - Daily Goals - yesterday hit the test. It gives you a number of tasks of 4 rarities (common, rare, epic, legendary). You only have one day to complete them. Tasks can be completed in any order and are different for each player. Their number and their rarity depend on your level it seems. Completing each task gives you potion points. Upon reaching 20/40/60/80/100 points you get to claim the rewards. : 20 points : 40 points : 60 points : 80 points : 100 points (rewards and anything else can
  15. I hope they will correct this terrible amount immediately and increase the collected points too. 5 Points per action or 6 are thinkeable. But I fear, they will do nothing and didn't understand the problem because not enough from them are realy active in the game as players...
  16. I claimed a tier 13 reward which is a guy of highest rare value but it is not showing up to my harem? If you know the solution pls do let me know
  17. Considering the PvE Top 3 was at 89k, 68k and 48k, I'm pretty sure many whales players will complete the full path no matter what. For PvE, 48k points is more than 12k Fights in 14 Days (Twice that if the fights were mostly Villains)
  18. Not enough GPx10 for an MyPx6, but a MyPx3 is also a good addition.
  19. I would be very curious to see what balancing changes they make for the second iteration of the PoVs. Its pretty apparent that noone will buy this PoV, except maybe few whales. I am assuming that Kinkoid is gathering statistics how much kobans people spend on the different events and the gap will be apparent. Obviously I have absolutely no confidence that they will make the correct decisions, but it will be interesting to see in any case.
  20. Got the girl on Day 2 (Well, technically, I don't have her just yet; I'll claim the shards tomorrow). Top 10 twice. I didn't have to use my MP Orbs, so that's good
  21. It's either : 1 - a genuine mis-calculation of what's needed to obtain free girl for free 2 - an attempt to force players to use kobans on refreshes to obtain the free girl Call me cynical but I know which one I think it is .... You do get points for losing in Seasons, I'd assume same for Leagues ...
  22. @JustVisitingRebornIf I want to make a statement about the calculation of an event I have to take the natural regen (season), respective the max amount of possible actions in the time (league) as base because they are the same for all players. If players make decisions that prevent them from reaching specific stages of the Path, that's a balancing thing from playerside (what's worth more). So the 1800-1850 points is the amount of points the defs say "this will be reachable with normal gameplay" in this PoV and that is ............ If they would give 4 points from Kisses and 6 from league
  23. Yeah, it's actually weird to be disappointed at one-hit victories against the Champion. Conserve the tickets? That's nice. Waiting 24 hours to go again? That sucks. Daily contest that yields points based on the number of Champion performances you do? One per day, not much help, lol.
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