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  1. Thanks, Eckos! I never noticed the name there. And that is what I figured. I will be stuck mid-level forever and never quite reach a league guy again.
  2. I don't know what level I am in the leagues. I can't find the words, just the picture. But I have been at this level for well over 2 years and I'm almost always in the middle of it still. 41st was my highest, but I am usually on the 60s. Can't seem to go much higher than that. But I will also admit that leagues aren't a priority for me.
  3. I would definitely agree with that. I also get the season pass and gold card, but I have never gotten a Mythic guy and am barely covering the two path of valors and the two guys at the end of the month event (currently kinkquisition, but I forget what it used to be called), and that includes winning pretty many contests to bulk up my kobans. I was f2p for the first two years I played (pre-season and a lot of other event introductions, I will admit), but it got to the point where I had so many guys, I wanted that "collect all" button and I had been playing very regularly by then, so i con
  4. So I don't know if it is a "complain and it shall be fixed" thing or a just very suspicious coincidence, but after literal months being stuck at 1099, I passed it today. It is super weird because it is the middle of the week and I've been using the same guys at the same ranks since Monday. Just very odd timing, in my opinion, but one is grateful.
  5. Yeah, I have been stuck at 1099 for several months now. I am not quite level 500 yet, but I've been playing long enough to have over 860 guys and it really surprised me to get stuck so long so quickly. I barely remember to even try now unless there is a specific daily goal or competition need. At this point, I just figure it will be a pleasant surprise on the day when I finally pass it.
  6. So what happened to all the guys you need being on the left and all the guys you have being on the right? Is that not a thing anymore? I just noticed today that there was a guy with Ryu that I could have been trying to get, but he was in the middle of all the guys that I already had and I hadn't bothered to scroll over. I mean, I recognize that that is my bad for not looking properly, but the ordering of guys have been working so well up to now. Well, I thought. Now I guess I am questioning that...
  7. Is anyone else having trouble in the market? I offer a high value book or item and right after it immediately chooses the lowest level item, so I have to scroll all the way back to the right to select a high level item again. Before, it would stay on the selected high level or move to the next high level items (moving to the closest item on the left). It is super annoying when I am leveling up my hunks a lot at a time and must be a recent change.
  8. I guess I am out of luck this event. Five rounds and nothing to show for it with two days left. Ugh.
  9. Well, I mean 35 shards out of 100 is 35%...but yeah, no luck for me today either. So frustrating to be tied to my phone for so much with nothing to show for it.
  10. I don't know. I think setting a 15 minute timer for multiple hours over two days is a lot of effort to get no shards. My coworkers hate that alarm. Hopefully the third time's the charm. I guess I have just gotten super lucky in the past. I thought when they raised it to 35%, that was pretty great, but I have never gotten nothing two days in a row like this.
  11. Is everyone having trouble getting shards from Whaty for this event? I have gone through two full days/rounds of fighting the champion every 15 minutes, but I have yet to receive any shards. Since the final level doesn't count and is a wasted day, I'm starting to worry I won't be able to get him.
  12. I would love this option. Scrolling down to the bottom when you have 800 guys takes an eternity. I also wish the filters would stay on after you do what you need to do to one dude.
  13. Yes, every two weeks you have to pay the 3600 kobans to unlock the second track when the new path starts.
  14. I ignore the ones that require donations/money because they are far too time dependent and I am not in a time zone that is helpful. But I do save up a lot of my pachinko orbs and experience books for the contest days and that usually gets me in the top four to get the extra 120 kobans. Sometimes I even wait to redeem a guy I win in Seasons or wherever until I know that there is a contest that will give me the extra 50,000 points for dude. Those extra kobans have actually made it so that I can get the path of Valor unlocked, sometimes. And I almost always win the contest on days that require Ch
  15. That is pretty much exactly what happened to me. I got the 20 shards for the first two rounds (stages 3 and 4), but then played a stage everyday, and I never got any more after it reset back to level 1
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