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CxH Costumes

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In HH, there are costumes that we can unlock/purchase to change the appearance of our avatar.  It's just hat, outfit, and held item, but it's something.

In CxH, those costume slots are present, but there is nothing else that can be unlocked there.

In PSH, there isn't even the default costume available in CxH, and instead it's all blacked out.

I understand not wanting to devote resources and assets into pursuing this part of the game at the cost of advancing other more popular or more used options.  I know that resources are finite, and there is only so much staff, so much art, etc.

My idea is pretty simple.

The MYTHIC level gear, you have to draw a picture of it that appears on the icon anyways.  Just orientate it in such a way that it could be layered onto our Avatar.  Then we can unlock those Mythic outfits as components to make our own appearance.

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