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  1. Well, what an interesting OD. First off, Vetcha as mission girl! Wonderful! I've been after her forever. Except, I got 25 shards on her a while back and just spent my DT to get her as that used most of them up (and for a worthy girl, too). If only I had known. Quite a line up. But, for me, it goes like this... Halloween Holly and Tabitha as boss girls Monster's Ball Alicia, Nataly, Ruriko, Joy, and Virgo in Pachinko. I have all the others. So, I'll work for Holly and, if there's time after, I'll work on Tabitha. But, yeah, 5 daily missions. I didn't realize t
  2. I tired for 25 shards last night, burning a lot Ymen but even getting up to rank 24 with a good breath between me and those below didn't help and I woke up the next day to find myself at rank 27. Oh well. I tried my one try and that's it. To many players hitting up into the millions of points early on. Have at her I say. I hope she's worth it.
  3. I had a lot of energy saved up so that gave me a good boost last night to get her in the 2-5 bracket. I did some villain fights with saved up combativity and I think one refill on the energy to get her.
  4. Another OD rises and I look at all the available girls, finding most of the ones I would want are in Pachinko. Of the three available to me, I'm only interested in LARP Geekette. I don't really have any interest in Danielle or Fangirl Jezebel. I don't really have a lot of hope of getting her. The drop rates seem to be growing progressively worse over the last month and a half over all the events, but I'll see what free combat achieves. So far, 2 shards out of 20 battles. It's the worst day of the week for me, no time to get on in the morning before work. Good luck to everyone el
  5. She's ok, I guess. Better drawn than a lot of others, for certain, but she doesn't strike me as anything super special. I do like the image of her in the upper title area. A shame I won't be able to get her, though. Not enough gold bars to do the number of refills I'd need.
  6. I feel they're fairly bad, too. I'm getting one drop every 20-30 battles. That's pretty poor. And the shards per drop were pretty low for most of them, too. But, after last month's anniversary, I've adopted a new outlook on the game: I don't care any more. If I win a girl, I win a girl. If I don't, I don't. This time, I'm not even trying to get all three of the boss girls. I got one so far but I doubt I'll get the second. Overall, they're not that important a feature of the game any more.
  7. Ah. I guess I had my mind focused on something else like mechanical tentacles, laser beams, overly long preachy meta-plot related monologs or a button marked Press Here to Spend Your Energy. But, yes, a new side quest does function well to take care of that energy problem, I suppose.
  8. So... SomeTHING is coming. That statement was quite the shock to my brain. I kept wondering, what THING will it be? Cthulhu? Galactus? The Horrific Elf-Hating Love-Child of E. Gary Gygax and L. Ron Hubbard? All through the night I tossed and turned with what the THING might be and what effect it would have on us? Would the world be the same? Would humanity survive? Will the 2022 seasons get made and aired? Will I have to make a SAN check? Well, now it's late afternoon and, so far, I've not seen or noticed this THING that is supposedly coming.
  9. @Methos2Indeed, the higher brackets become difficult. But I'd say the difficulty is somewhat relative to level based on my current experiences in the Comix LC, where my resources are far less than here but the hurdles are basically the same in comparison. And speaking of hurdles, I managed to gain Venus last night. It was a long struggle of Champion competition, made more difficult in that I was only able to do 2 rounds before work and then try and finish the rest 12 hours later when I got home. There was much micro spending of Kobans to refresh for the battles and it took me to th
  10. Really seeing the Can and Can-Nots in this one (as opposed to saying the Haves and Have-nots). Just couldn't really advance far in the first couple of days and the viable scores were really high in a lot of the contests that I was attached to. But, yesterday, was my day to shine. There's a bit of advantage of being somewhat apathetic in doing the story and I had around 1000 energy to spend. But, still, that was not enough so I hit up the seasons and picked up 300 more. I added in a saved up 40 combat after that, and that got me to 2nd place and the needed 100 shard drop. There was no way to r
  11. At last, after trying to get her attention for a very long time, Flight Attendant is in my Harem. She may not seem like much to newer players but there was a time, in the way back then, when she was the top rated Charm girl to have (according to the Wiki). Many charms have well surpassed her in skill but I'm still happy to have her part of my group. Now my collecting is almost complete. Just a couple more, really. Perhaps a few. Well under 10 girls, I believe, that I would like. Not including Mythics, but I aint getting them. Just can't afford 'em. lol
  12. Thank you, everyone for the feedback and directions on my question. It's been very insightful. So I think that I've been playing in Bracket level 13 for most, if not all, of my PoP experience (I'm a slow leveler). And I just now entered into Bracket level 14, the transition of which was quite the surprise for me.
  13. On a side note, I just noticed that some of the rewards have increased as well. Did anyone build a table to show the increases, by any chance?
  14. Hello and Good Morning, Yes, last night I did roll over into new sets for most of the small quests for PoP. Looking at my currently XP bar, I would say I recently did level up as well. I've kind of stopped paying attention to leveling/when it happens so I don't take much note of when it. I'm going to assume from your question that the Energy needed for PoP quests is based either on level or blocks/tiers of levels?
  15. I may have missed this in the Patch notes, but I just started my next round in Places of Power and the power requirements for a few of the quests seems to have jumped up considerably. Is it me or is this a new thing? For reference, my costs for the secondary quests used to be in the low 90s, now they're up in the 120s. I've not changed anything.
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