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  1. Agreed. Let's finalize this iteration of rules and proceed.
  2. New battle system is BDSM. So think it's SadoRandom.
  3. If you want them fixed, I'd go to #adventure-spoilers-dsicussion and #hh-bugs-report on Discord
  4. Nope. Not the only one. I liked it too. I think they also underestimate player experience. On their end something looks like an interesting bit of character- and worldbuilding. On our end we have to spend three days getting through a drama that looks and reads heavier this way. Sign me up - I'd like to read this! Wait, what?
  5. We're figuring it out as we go. Naming worlds and scrolls should be fine, I think. As well as naming characters present in as scene and naming locations. Vague references to the events should also be fine, but deciding on acceptable vagueness is tricky. @NoaccWe may need your input on the above. I'm thinking along these lines: "Begin City, Bunny's House 1. Hero receives a package." - Acceptable "Hero gets a Fruit of Power" - Spoiler "Fruit of Power is perishable" - No problems here "Hero gets a Fruit of Power and now his boner is always ready" - Major
  6. << Previous Event This event is part of the Season of the Angels & Demons. Next Event >> Orgy Days Starting today and ending on the 19th of October you will have five days to get 31 seductive girls! Devil May Cum My mysterious hero, I hope you brought the biggest weapon you have because you’re going to need it to satisfy all these thirsty hotties. They’re craving to taste your flesh! Starting today and ending on the 19th (1 pm UTC+2) of October you will have five days to get in a huge orgy! Welcome the new
  7. Hey guys, Here is a place to discuss and give feedback to the story of the Haremverse adventure of your Hero, it's themes, and art. Usual rules apply - no image spoilers of any scenes. You can give references to the story events as needed to discuss them, but try to keep it minimal and not spoiling it beyond that. Saying "hero traverses Juy Sea by ship" and "Bonny is very demanding but cute" is fine, describing captain's condition is not. Please use common sense. Even then some posts might receive moderation. If it would become a burden for moderation team, this thre
  8. Comix Harem << Previous Event This event is part of the Thunder and Lightning Season. Next Event >> Legendary Days Starting on the 13th of October Let me tangle you My spidey senses are tingling in the mere thought of you, Wildman! Starting today until the 17th (1 pm UTC+2) of October you will have four days to get Arachnologist Jane, also known as Arachno Slit. You must first fight Grey Golem to get the legendary heroine with the silken pussy in your Harem. She will trap you in her web and won’t let you go u
  9. Hmm, ok. I'll bring this up to date tomorrow. EDIT: Done.
  10. Yeah, I've noticed as well. I wanted to start a series of threads and polls for each world (for each scroll actually - surprise! ) once it releases to discuss it's art, themes and highlights, and general haremverse topics. Depriving myself from overdoing it , I think it can be some general story-related topic. @everyone, guys, what do you think? Yay or nay? Do we need it? And can we, forum regulars, do it without spoiling it?
  11. Uh oh. Stars have shifted - something in the world has changed. 👍
  12. Hey @Bubba123 Try reaching Noacc on Discord with this one.
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