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  1. Comix Harem << Previous Event This event is part of the Open Season. Next Event >> Path of Attraction Disaster Dames Wildman, four disastrous elemental superbabes will compete for your super boost! Starting today and ending on the 25th (1 pm UTC+2) of May, you can seduce them and recruit them in your Harem. Jagged and Azure Grade Mermaid will be yours if you complete all tasks. With some extra effort, you can also get on your side Emerald Flame and Stormy, but you’ll have to double your efforts. Come
  2. << Previous Event This event is part of the Provocative Picnic Season. Next Event >> Path of Attraction Kinky Carnival My showstopper, The Kinky Carnival is in town! Practice your magic tricks and take 4 gorgeous hotties to your love boat. Starting today and ending on the 31st of May (1 pm UTC+2), you’ll have the chance to complete all tasks and recruit Cotton Candy Abrael and Love Estelle. If you also want Ferris Wheel Darla and Mirror Shina, you’ll have to put in some extra effort. I am just here for the cotton cand
  3. I know, I know. Tbh I consider such simple polls to be about quality of presentation - how much do you like the first pose. And the results should interpreted accordingly - as tastes can differ, results only highlight which first poses were universally disliked. Eg. Imagine 60% of your audience likes oranges, 35% likes apples, 5% likes cabbages. It doesn't mean you should focus on oranges from now on - you'll lose apple-likers. It means you probably can dismiss cabbages from your roster - maybe. Sorry for off-topic
  4. Not just you. Affects some others as well:
  5. It's not very clear what are you having a trouble with. Would you like to elaborate? Anyways please post questions to a proper forum section. Moving this to Q&A
  6. Hello @mark01 Please don't double post - you can edit your post to correct any mistake. As for Clubs, we (players) don't know yet.
  7. Mythic Revival Stress Relief Mythical hero, Nike is very tense from all the work she does around the Pantheon that she needs a bit of a stress relief! Starting today and ending on the 25th of May (1 pm UTC+2), you’ll have a second chance to prove to her that you are great at letting some steam off and touch the right pressure points! Hope you offer a happy end with this massage, hero! Boss Girl Nike <- clickable @Noacc
  8. @Kittieslut Hey Try contacting support via an in-game support ticket: Top right menu -> Settings -> Support
  9. Comix Harem << Previous Event This event is part of the Open Season. Next Event >> Legendary Contests Infernal Desire Wildman, wanna start a fire within me? You’ll have until the 23rd (1:00 pm UTC+2) of May to set ablaze the soft lips of the too-hot-to-handle superheroine Inferna. There will be 4 Legendary contests that you have to complete in order to get her in your Harem. Time to fire up the night, Wildman! Inferna <- cl
  10. << Previous Event This event is part of the Provocative Picnic Season. Next Event >> Legendary Contests In Good Hands My legendary hero, As incredible craftswoman and enchantress Ellie is known to possess magical hands that can not only give amazing handjobs but also create magically orgasmic sex toys. But they do not work fully on her. She needs a talented hero to help her reach the climax. You’ll have until the 23rd of May (1 pm UTC+2) to try and give her the desired orgasma and she might join you Harem.
  11. Kinky Cumpetition Space Encounters My space hero, Get ready to compete for the heart of Alt.Nina - the passionate intergalactic nurse. You have until the 21st of May (1 pm UTC+2) to win her over. Let’s explore this black hole, darling! Event Girl Alt. Nina This event (usually) happens two times each month - first during a Classic event. <-clickable @Noacc
  12. Hey @SAusageKing In the future for best results try posting to Q&A forum first. (moving this to Q&A as well)
  13. Hey @lmooo Please don't necropost into old threads. It's quite possible your individual issue is different from what happened a year+ ago. When in doubt - try creating a new thread in Q&A forum. In your case, if you're new to the game, it's possible you have less than 7 girls in your team so you can't join yet.
  14. 13 EpPx1 for Mecha Pilot Gal 2 EpPx1 for Plush-tan
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