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  1. ***ALL TIMES AND DATES ARE CET (or CEST when relevant). Eg PARIS, FRANCE TIME***
  2. << Previous Event This event is part of the Cyber Season. Next Event >> Mythic Revival Designed to Love Mythical hero, Starting today and ending on the 25th of February, you’ll have the chance to try out the upgraded Lovebot Norou. But first, you must face Finalmecia. Insert your update! Boss Girl Lovebot Norou <- clickable @Tohru - Kinkoid
  3. << Previous Event This event is part of the Cyber Season. Next Event >> Path of Attraction Wizardly Knights Brave hero, Walk the Path of Attraction alongside an aristocratic and kinky crew! You have until the 1st of March to persuade four adventurous and magical babes to join you on this quest. Complete all tasks, and Raveno and Wizardly Berry will join your Harem. If you are insatiable and want Millenia and Ignatia, you’ll need better stats. Break the curse and feel their power! Free Path Bonus Path Raveno Wizardly Berry Millennia Ignatia Recent Girls 1x One-star (not part of the event) Kimono Katsumi <- clickable @Tohru - Kinkoid
  4. Moving to Spanish section. @berham199220
  5. Try disabling animations in the settings. @Phatty81
  6. Hey @ju8000 You were not auto banned. A person checked activity of your account before issuing a ban and it didn't have to be about something recent. Asking for a review would probably be asking same person to make same look and come to same conclusions. There is no fix - or ban waves wouldn't work. You can try the ticket of course, but they say in the ban message - there are no appeals.
  7. Comix Harem << Previous Event This event is part of the Season of Dangerous Desires. Next Event >> Legendary Days Blazing Days Wildman, Starting today until the 25th of February, you will have four days to seduce the high-tech heroine Blazer and take her to your Harem. You must first face The Mimic to recruit her. Arachno Slit has returned for another go with you! Go get her now from The Nymph (if you haven’t already). Show them what you got! Boss Girls Blazer Arachno Slit <- clickable @Tohru - Kinkoid
  8. Hey @Bluplus12 A) Are you sure Double Date was still on? B) You can't get more than 1000 extra shards (10 girls) during Double Date:
  9. @venom123 1) Holy necropost, batman! 3 years! Please don't do this - they are long gone by now. 2) Please use english. 3) You can exit your club by pressing three dots next to your name
  10. Hey @slingoo There was an inactive account purge awhile back. That's the probable reason. You can try contacting support to get more info via in-game ticket from your current account. (top right menu - settings - customer support)
  11. These aren't final but should be good enough ...a-and I missed my time to add poll to this. I'll add it to PoA in a few days.
  12. << Previous Event This event is part of the Cyber Season. Next Event >> Legendary Contests I Spy With My Little Eye Legendary hero, Enjoy the lustful adventure of the night with the ninja spy Olivine! You have until the 23rd of February to seduce her and add her to your Harem. Are you seeking some excitement? Olivine Recent Girls 2x PoV (not part of the event) Betty Lott Ebony Way <- clickable @Tohru - Kinkoid
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