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  1. This is different. In your case button greys out after click and nothing happens. That's what you'd see if login screen is supposed to show some error at this point but doesn't. If you've been banned for example.
  2. << Previous Event This event is part of the Season of Untamed Babes. Next Event >> Mythic Revival Fantasy Magic My mythical hero, Help the powerful High Mage Arcana to perform the Ritual of the Wandering Gaze! You have until the 25th of September (1 pm UTC+2) to tame the mythical magician (if you haven’t already). Feel her magical touch on your scepter of desire! Boss Girl High Mage Arcana <- clickable @Noacc
  3. Hey guys. The fix was applied.
  4. I hear switching mobile browser to dektop mode can help too. Also to keep you guys in the loop - KK tech are aware and investigating the issue.
  5. Kinky Cumpetition Real heroes drink milk My naughty hero, Hope you like your milk straight from the source because Wagyu-Chan Moo has a lot of it! Ending on the 24th of September, you need to prove your worth against other heroes and win the “huge” heart of this cutie and she might join your Harem. Make her cottage dream come true, babe! Event Girl Alt. Wagyu-Chan This event (usually) happens two times each month - first during a Classic event. <-clickable @Noacc
  6. @Master-17 Please don't use active bug threads for off-topic discussions
  7. Updated sum: 142 shard drops in 386 champion runs (36.8% or 1 in 2.72) One in three is still a good approximation.
  8. Guys with greyed out login buttons, do you use iOS devices? If so, which versions?
  9. @Hugoboss34 if it works sometimes, when did it start happening for you? I mean, these reports appeared in past several hours. To "sometimes work/sometimes not" you'd have to make several successfull attempts over several days, or am I understanding it wrong? Can you describe your failed attempts step by step?
  10. This thread belongs to Feedback but we can leave it here for a few days. Re change itself - this probably adds to confusion. I think doing it like this would've made it more clear:
  11. Guys, if you remember your player ID number, please post them here to better identify the issue. I can hide them alter if you'd like.
  12. Ok. Have you tried the usual mantra - clear cookies, cache, etc.?
  13. For the current login problems continue here pls: To discuss purchases and compensations you'll need to communicate via ingame Support Tickets. We, mods, are just players and can't do anything with your account or purchase problems.
  14. Ok, thi seems to affect many players. Let's use this thread as a main:
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