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  1. thats why i suggest to think about buying 2 event cards early. they give 40+80 points daily which help to easy stay in top 5% without spending all that time hiting champions. and everyone will be buying those cards anyway at the end of the event because of extra saphires. so u only potentialy lose 360 saved CP in cards (3888 kobans cost) but gain a lot of points in event for being top 5%
  2. in previous Saphires event was farming champions to stay in top5% and it took quite a lot of time to do it while not buying ("saving") event cards for next month. So i will buy both 4k and 2k cards early to easy stay top 5% and dont spend so much time on those champions, because for sure people will be farming this event again very hard. i also advice people to think about buying those cards early if u want more rewards from event or to play event more relaxed way, i think its more usefull than 360 saved CP (3889 kobans) for next event but ofcourse if u can stay in top 5% without extra points from cards there is no benefit in buying them early.
  3. DuDeLoK


    right didnt notice it. searched forum for something related to "luck" and "lucky" and dont find anything related. dont think about chatting thread. in older times when was using some game forums there were such threads so only searched them...
  4. DuDeLoK


    Just wanted to share. Noticing this was funny.
  5. curious how those 2 top rankers get more than 3k points in first 10-30 mins when event started. can they buy those bundles multiple times? because only those 3 were avaliable in the shop also this new event format is terrible for f2p player because nothing really good to farm for. 1st girl is easy. rest of rewards are easy to skip. 15k gold for those extra rewards also seems too greedy (only if those 2 girls crazy usefull or crazy good arts). so will probably relax during this event and not farm so hard also funny how they selected "winter/snowy" theme for event UI. but girls theme totally dont match to it or even opposite theme with black\dark colours
  6. secured top4 on last MDR shards pool with 8-10k ahead of top5 2h before cutoff. checked if some1 was farming MDR and no one moved. 10 min before reset some1 crazy made me 5 position forcing to spend ~200 kobans outside of MDR. mb some1 pushing rank already have Mythic otherwise people are little bit crazy
  7. are u guys sure that shop refreshes twice per day? because for me it only once per day but not at cutoff time... also mb it matters to go in shop right after it refreshed so refresh timer starts going again
  8. any thoughts about buying 55 red bulbs instead of new girl in shop (same price)? ofc buying everytime red bulbs not possible because u also need to find them. so it will make skip 1 girl and have extra coins for next girl
  9. curious have they removed bugged full heal after kill talent cards? havent found them today
  10. which girl expected to be at MDR? kinda usefull information for event
  11. also curious what is worth more. 2 CP+2 kiss or just 2 kiss to get extra points in ME over bags with tokens(stage 1/2/3)
  12. labirinth will be daily not for whole month. also average daily gain from labyrinh might be better or worse?
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