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  1. There isn't a thread for this event, so I'll open one. We didn't have a thread for the first one (I posted my results on the regular CumC thread). On the 1st CCC I was missing Smithy 🟠 and Fusion 🔵. On the 2nd CCC I was missing Lashing Serpentine ⚫ and Styx 🟣. Here are my results for days 2-3, 5-6 of this CCC (I claimed Styx from the 4th day): I can say that days 4 & 6 were my best days, while the other days were pretty rough.
  2. There wasn't a topic for this, so I've decided to create one. The girl being contested upon now is Skydancer, which I'm having for a long time. For a couple of Cumback contests, I've already had the girl (superheroine?) that was contested at the Cumback event. I'll take the books, gems and orbs, but I'm preferring to get a new girl in an event.
  3. spent the whole event on Tier 5... HH isn't much better...
  4. hello, the new event dont count the mission from thursday the 3 hour mission. and not claim the reward. in ComixHarem the same but in pornstar harem it work and claim and count the mission too. Bug in hentai harem and comix harem pictures is send too, for proof i claimed the 3 hour mission in all 3 games but become only count on mission and reward in pornstar harem. im the only one?
  5. -WIP- Wildman, Do you like to watch or to be watched? Starting today and ending on the 31st of March, you can try to seduce four super sexy superheroines and get them to join your Harem. The Fatalist and Rochelle will be yours if you complete all tasks. If you want Grace Glamor and Atomica to join you, you’ll have to double your efforts. Take them all! The Fatalist Grace Glamour Rochelle Atomica
  6. qwertyuio


    make it so there's a futa hearm or a lesbian hearm because it would be fair since there's the gay hearm or.just make it so the character can become a female or futa or add a futa event
  7. I can't claim the girls after I completed all missions, Darling from Super Sweet and Lovestruck Ankyo from Lustful Valentine.
  8. Il y a un bug, impossible de récupérer la fille récupérable grâce au mission, même en ressortant de la page et en retournant dans les missions
  9. *WARNING - LONG POST AHEAD* Not going to lie, but events like the Midwinter Preparations are really disappointing. The rewards and reward placement are fine, but the tasks required to complete them are too much. Most of tasks are ok in difficulty. However, some tasks are just outrageous. Example: spend 42.3 million of current money. I only had a 3.7 million of current money before the event started. Granted, there were events in-conjunction with this event that awarded current money (after getting a certain number of shards), but you would have to do some considerable grinding in order to get them. So I had to grind the other events before I could even grind the Midwinter Preparations event. I spent an entire week collecting, and I calculated that I would have enough money to get past this hump just hours before the event ended. So I got all the money I needed just 9 hours before the event ends. The next task: Do Champion Performances (no matter win/lose) - 30 times At the moment, I only had 2 champions unlocked, so I got up to 20. And then I tried doing the club's boss, and wouldn't you know - it didn't count. I had over a hundred champion tickets to use (because this challenge required 30, and the first character award requires 70), but I couldn't use them because I had reached the max for club champions and needed to wait 24 hours before it would reopen. In addition to grinding the current money, i was also grinding the champion tickets. "Well why don't you just spend kobans?" I only have around 2000, and if I reset all the champions, It would be impossible to get the event girl, unless I started pouring in a lot of IRL cash into the game. I was fuming. After spending a whole week grinding, it was worth nothing because I couldn't get the first event girl. The reason why this is disappointing is because I invested a lot of time into this game and event, and all of it was for naught because fighting a club boss champion "doesn't count." So, I propose a recommendation: change the way you do the current money and champion challenges. For example: let the club's champion boss count as a "champion challenge" during events such as this. Why? Because (1) I feel like I got cheated (2) for people not in a club, this would encourage more people to join clubs, which means that new clubs will be created and already existing clubs will grow. As a result, the community will become more united and will keep people more involved in the game. Also, please decrease the amount of current money for such challenges or move it further into the event (don't keep it near the beginning) - it was one heck of a grind. This is my input on it - what are your thoughts on this?
  10. The girl Layla seems to be needed to attach to Freddi roko Sensei But she is not, and all the 18 attacks I hit the villain were not counted toward her. Is this a bug or am I missing something here.....
  11. I was just wondering if the girls from previous events will ever come back. Because I saw that Justine was available during the back to school events, but there wasn't a back to school for 2020 and with the path of attraction, is there a way to get the girls from the previous path of attractions. Sorry if this is a dumb question.
  12. Here are the shard drop ranges that I am fairly confident about. - Bosses Tier 2 : 1-4 - Classic Event : 2-8 - Orgy Days : 1-12 - Epic Days : 1-5 - Legendary Days : 1-3 - Mythic Days : 1
  13. wolfor

    bug affichage

    les images de val abrael et val kelina sont bizarre ont ne les voit qu'a partir de la taille le reste est invisible comme si elle sortait du cadre
  14. Hey guys, I know the PoA events and one daily contest has a "champion fight" component, but are there any other events or contests with a "champion fight" component in it?
  15. Since the tutorial phase I can’t access the missions because of a dialogue box telling me to click on the « Places of Power » but blocking me from doing so... What can I do ?
  16. Hello I completed the task in the event but I'm still blocked, no new draw appears. Disconnecting and reconnecting, on different navigators doesn't change the thing. So I'm stuck with something finished and I can't progress to get the girl. With only 1 day left... I hope you could fixed this quickly... otherwise I would like to ask you the girl plz. I think it would be normal considering I had a large amount of gold to finish the event. Thanks ,
  17. Hello Guys despite from having HUGE problems with the system dealing with inputs like me moving one tile onto a field and keeping it there, about an hour ago this error happend. It seems, that the remaining tiles are for positions out the actual box, since the picure itself is too big too. That means, that the flower acutally moves to a bottom line below the acutally lowest in the box. here now my question. what should i do? i already deleted all cookies etc.
  18. I finished event and it show me visit event girl, but suddenly log me out. when I login the event girl is not in my assigned girls and the last puzzle is re started.
  19. The Tiles don´t click in place on the Event - not the first time - sooo annoying
  20. Bonsoir à toutes et à tous ! Vu les (nombreux) retours sur le forum à propos du planning de septembre, je vous propose un sondage pour recueillir vos retours constructifs après ce mois très riche en terme d'événements ! C'est l'occasion (ou jamais) de revenir point par point sur chacun des événements en question et de voir, ensemble, ce qui a été et ce qui est à revoir. Puisqu’il reste deux jours et demi pour parvenir à la fin du mois donc je distribue dès maintenant l'enquête indépendante qui permet à la fois d'avoir un retour quantitatif (réponses obligatoires) mais aussi qualitatif (possibilité de justifier chaque réponse... ou presque). Prenez votre temps pour le remplir et n'hésitez pas à le faire partager avec votre club / Discord / autre moyen pour le diffuser. Merci de m'avoir lu et merci encore pour votre temps et votre volonté de partager vos ressentis. En espérant que vous soyez nombreux à liker à répondre, je vous souhaite un joyeux dimanche sous vos applaudissements. Spy PS. Si jamais @Joe-da-G ou @Polonskypouvait temporairement l'épingler (et désépingler le sujet avec le sondage sur l'anniversaire), ce serait sympa pour obtenir un maximum de retours.
  21. Good evening to you all! Considering the (numerous) feedbacks on the forum about the September calendar, I suggest you a survey to collect your constructive feedbacks after this very rich month in terms of events! This is the opportunity (or never) to revisit, point by point, each of the events in question and to see, together, what has been and what is to be reviewed. Since there are two and a half days left to reach the end of the month, I'm distributing an [MOD EDIT: Link removed due to SPOILERS] right now, which provides both quantitative feedbacks (obligatory answers) and qualitative feedbacks (possibility to justify each answer... or almost). Warning : possible spoilers with the girls' poses! Take your time to fill it and don't hesitate to share it with your club / Discord / other ways to diffuse it. Thank you for having read it and thank you again for your time and your desire to share your feelings. Hoping that many of you will like / will respond, I wish you a happy Sunday! Spy PS. If ever a mod could temporarily pin it, it would be nice to get as much feedbacks as possible.
  22. Je n'ai pas vu de sujet sur les journées de compétitions légendaires. J'en profite pour en ouvrir un. Voici la fille qu'on nous propose : Pour les curieux, voici le sujet anglophone qui en parle : Minorité qui n'est jamais représentative des sondages officiels, exprimez-vous ici !
  23. Bonsoir à toutes et à tous, Après les remous suscités par le calendrier de septembre, j'ai consulté le wiki pour me faire une idée au sujet des durées des "anciens" événements inédits du début du mois. Voici un retour rapide qui illustre le fruit de mes recherches. Je vous propose ce sondage afin de savoir si vous êtes favorables (ou non) à un retour à ce format (de 14 à 15 jours). En espérant que vous soyez nombreux à vous exprimer, merci de m'avoir lu et merci également pour votre contribution (vote + commentaire constructif).
  24. I'm mostly making this to see others feedback on this event, now that it's passed. I honestly hated this event, I have gotten the girl on the 1st day just to be done with it, because I was sure that I wouldn't be able to compete in the next 2 contests, and I was heavily unsure about the last one and I didn't want to leave it up to chance. There were MANY issues with the event in my view, from the start of it all the way through the end. The most egregious I would say is locking the girl behind a PvP event, where we actively hurt others attempts to win a girl in our success and vice versa. To me this goes against everything the game stands for and it's main appeal And not to forget, it's a PvP event that was locked behind timezone issues for many players. I can only imagine how awful this event was for the NA sphere, as if this event was introduced in the old server reset times I can't imagine how pissed off I'd be personally. I probably wouldn't even bother with it! Second issue I would say is 2 issues in one, but I think that they're linked enough to warrant them being in the same category- which is the contest notifications + lag! This does go outside of the event a bit, but I think it's clear that these were introduced before the event in order to slow it down, as we've seen the abysmal lag! The servers absolutely cannot handle this type of an event, that's so heavily dependent on sniping last second. This doesnt even feel good to play (apart from the PvP aspect that's already bad enough!), who knows why we won? Who knows why I won, maybe the other person that was trying to snipe at the same time as me had even worse lag than I did? Maybe they had those stupid contest notifications that we could get rid of thanks to @FinderKeepers script? Not only is it wrong from the start, it also doesn't even feel good to get the girl! While I had gotten her for a measly ~400 Kobans, which just price-wise seems amazing, the amount of effort during the entire day of the contest, time management to devote every waking moment to the game and also stress- it's not worth it, and it restricts everyone way too much. I'd say thats a MASSIVE error on this event. (note that this experience is heavily bracket- related, and I'm level 340/341 during this event, and it was VERY competitive, we've seen screenshots of higher and lower brackets where there was more and less competition. But as players level and stick to the game, we will all be reaching those super high level brackets where people are spending everything that they gain from D3 rewards, and then we'll all be screwed). Third issue Id say is the ridiculous amount of luck that goes into this event. The BIGGEST factor, apart from you hoarding enough resources to compete of course, is who you get pit up against. Which is the nasty aspect of PvP. There could definitely be someone who's pit up against a bunch of players that they just cant compete against, and then they're screwed. The fundamental structure of the event is unfair, and even if this part could be temporary/skipped by going into the next bracket, it still takes away what little control players have in normal events. This takes the game in an undesirable direction for most of the players, and if you keep pushing these events, even with the great art people are highly likely to despise the event. I haven't seen many if any players really liking this event, but that's why I put the poll here so we can all see. Those are the 3 biggest things I've found that bothered me with this event, theres some smaller ones of course, like how the girls with good/top tier art are always locked behind the new events people dislike (PoA and this one of course), as if people will automatically like the event because there's a good girl in there, instead of thinking "well wait a minute why didnt we get this good art instead of what we got for that awful Corrupted Girls event?!". It feels like a kick in the nuts to the new players for sure, and it pisses off the veterans that were used to the older quality. Or maybe how this type of event had a rough start where lots of people didnt even get enrolled in the event even despite being active every day. I'm sure people could list even more problems that I'm not remembering off the top of my head. TL;DR: This event is awful and please never do it again.
  25. Le prochain événement sera des journées d'orgies qui nous occuperont du 14 août à partir de 13H jusqu'au 19 août à 12H59. Soit aucune journée de récupération une fois les journées légendaires en cours terminées. Il s'agit d'un mix des événements "Peaux Bronzées", "Périple sexy" et "Filles sous-marines". Pour ceux qui n'ont pas l'habitude d'aller sur le wiki, voilà ce à quoi on peut logiquement s'attendre (si pas de changement sur les trolls) : http://hentaiheroes.wikidot.com/peaux-bronzees-2019 Tachibana bronzée sur Edwarda et Marina bronzée sur Donatien. http://hentaiheroes.wikidot.com/periple-sexy-2019 Kalissa en voyage sur Dark Lord et Genaëlle en voyage sur Donatien. http://hentaiheroes.wikidot.com/filles-sous-marines Aria sur Edwarda et princesse Kaleda sur Sylvanus. Attention, ce ne sont que des estimations. Nous ne sommes pas à l'abri d'une éventuelle rotation de filles et de trolls (surtout quand on se doute qu'il n'est pas envisageable d'en mettre deux sur Donatien et Edwarda). Bonne fin d'événement légendaire et à demain sans transition !
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