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  1. This week was the most balanced I've logged (in regards to character class). There are 101 players in my league and I am now level 498 (yippee) 😄 I am certain I'll stay in the top 4, just not sure where I'll land when the week closes out. Update: This weeks top ten by class: KH=3, CH=3, HC=4 Have fun everyone, c'ya on the flip side 😃
  2. My take on Patch Notes #33 (2022): Side Quest: I get tired of long side quests that don't tell us anything new about this Haremverse my character is in, so a short side quest is a nice change of pace. New League Girl: I like the girl. This "add a girl" to the Leagues feels like a lazy game addition. Much more interesting would have been a new tier on one of the villians who still have but a single tier in their development. POA: Okay, so it will take longer to complete the path now. Not feeling good about this, but it could be nice. I think it's a "wait and see" how it manifests
  3. I guess "nerf" is too strong a term, it looks like a loss of about 6-10 kobans to me when compared to the previous incarnation.
  4. So, I do like the shortened times (kobans are accumulated at the same rate they were under the older system as near as I can tell). On the other hand, we are not treated to the higher koban rewards overall since we have to focus for a far shorter time period. This would be fine if kobans were increased a little under existing game mechanics Yes, the Crystal path anniversary provides a short term balance to this koban nerf. At least, as I understand it, we don't have to mess with the crystal currency but a few times a year so minor tweaking needs to occur to maintain the koban income game balan
  5. My rating (I got all the girls). Lexie: Downgraded to Faptastic. Why? Because I am getting tired of seeing almost every new girl have size H boobs. Silver Lupa & Love Norou: Faptabulous. Why? Great legs, Great Hair, and the girls curves are not exaggerated. Love Ankyo: Yummy, a take on one of the early girls. She has the potential to be awesome but the artist chose to remain closer to her original namesake in style.
  6. This week I faced 100 players in the D3. The only one I recognized was @FinderKeeper who was just sitting back and taking it easy. I went all out, changing teams, shifting team order, using different booster combinations, basically trying to discover the why and how of critical hits. In the end, I still cannot figure out why a player with zero "physical girls" gets the crit first, and more often than my team which did have a "physical girl." This is how my league looked when I finished all my combats: Update: My score was good enough to hold on to my second 1st place victory
  7. Yup, that's what I said but... I was farming for Submissive gems to level up Bunna and somehow I managed to get Before I collected the gems needed for my girl to level up! Go figure... 🤣
  8. Thanks for the suggestion @starbaterfelay, but nope. I am looking for the map that was drawn as a 3d sphere awhile back.
  9. Does anyone know the link to get the HH global map that was posted several months back?
  10. A week of oddities, getting 25 points three times in a row against opponents where I should average 22.6, then having two losses where the percent chance of doing so was LESS than one percent! Not certain if what I managed will hold up for a top four finish. Top 10 by class this week: KH=3, CH=5, HC=2 Have fun everyone, c'ya on the flip side 😀
  11. Here is hoping KK doesn't take this the wrong way. 24 combats in (4 shards w/Sandlewood active). I do want the girl, but even with my spending habits she is out of reach at this moment in time. There is simply to many things going on in this "collectors game" to go for everything so much as it pains me I cannot make a serious effort to obtain the girl. Perhaps things will be different if she ever shows up again.
  12. This week I started at level 493 and finished at level 494. More important, this week cost me less to play than in previous weeks so I ended up with a +1048 koban gain. 😀 There is no scenario I see where I fall out of the top 4 so I'll go ahead and say Janine is mine! The top ten by class this week: KH=2, CH=6, HC=2 Have fun every one, c'ya on the flip side 😃
  13. Pelinor

    Chat room

    O Crap! @holymolly, I am sorry, I got both of the 1* girls and leveled them up without thinking of today's contest. I am going to bed, that should give you time to "fix" my mistake.
  14. Pelinor

    Chat room

    I mentioned liking this girl in the Patch Notes and the very next Pachinko I played gave her to me 😃 I know she is only 1* but this made my day.
  15. I think you are correct. I knew I saw back-to-back sidequests and wondered what happened to the main storyline. Gads, now I need another spreadsheet to follow KK's production schedule! 🤣 Thank you @Kenrae, I thought I was going cazier than I already am trying to figure out how I missed the regular storyline addition.
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