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  1. I had a new thing happen in my D3. @Philbert, a club mate of mine showed up so two Carnal Knights were active in the same league. I placed 2nd (first time ever for that one). I know my clubmate placed in the top 15 so all in all this was a really good week 😃 My avg was 22.5 which also set a new personal best record. Good luck in the coming week everyone.
  2. The 2nd is possible as I run my system maintenence only once a week as a general rule.
  3. My thoughts on Patch Notes #3 Side Quest: Not really a side quest as there is no addition to the story. Good way to spend energy and get XP for it which beats the "buy a ticket" alternative. Seasons (girl animations): I play with Chrome and there are no girl animations for the seasons (unless you count the shimmy-shake as an animation). Another patch released without checking the 4 major web browsers, sigh. Harem (filters & sorting): Good patch, if gems are now irrevocably a part of the game this was needed from the start. Leagues (new girl): Okay, a girl which can be
  4. If Pay-to-win could have done it I would have gotten the 4 girls I needed to get the little treasure chest. But, the bundles (with one exception) were Pay-for-a-chance and with the drop rates as they are that meant no girls and no gems. Orgy days used to be fun, now, not so much.
  5. For the life of me I can not figure out how I won with a -1.87% chance of success at level 1200! But hey, I'll take it 😃
  6. So critical game events are announced on the chat side but not in the "official forums?" 🏳️
  7. Did that, also bought every bundle with EP in it yet in the end I used 97 EP and 4 EvP for zero girls. I am not complaining, I spent the money with my eyes wide open and I did get a lot of gems. If the game was about getting gems I would be killing it, but it isn't and it's the last time I use my total entertainment budget on bundles which fail in the games stated purpose for existing (i.e. get the girls). As for the Champions route, I won't use it deliberately for a simple reason. With over 200 rounds completed (a round is going through all five stages) I have yet to get even one equipment it
  8. On my PC (running the Chrome browser) I click on the dysfunctional scroll bar and then use my PgUp and PgDn keys to do the scrolling.
  9. 97 EP spins, no girl. It's okay, I needed the gems more than I wanted the girls anyway!
  10. Hit the 1200 wall today. Even after wasting money for the mythic headband and going full out on the boosters the pantheon is 25% stronger than I am (and where do this sudden dramatic increases come from?). I feel like I wasted the kobans required to get something that has made zero difference in my realistic odds of winning. How do you install the script you guys are talking about?
  11. OMG! I managed to place 4th in my D3 League (first time ever)!!!
  12. The only thing I can say about Patch Notes #2
  13. Pelinor

    Club Monte

    Not a Pachinko! With Club Monte you can bet what you have (up to the games limit) and you have roughly a 50/50 chance of winning. This is a social activity for club mates and by design it doesn't matter how many members you have in the club. Everyone can play. *** Just a thought, Kinkoid could place a opening value on the club game as they did with all the stats ***
  14. Pelinor

    Club Monte

    I propose a Hentai Heroes version of the game "Monte Bank" to be added to clubs. For those unfamiliar with the game here are the rules. To make the game addition fit into the Hentai Heroes game we have a custom 40 card deck with eight suits (one for each gem color) and each suit has 5 cards. The banker is the game (not a player) and the "pot" is selected at random from any of the ingame currencies (i.e. 20 kisses, 20 tickets, 20 gems, ect). Play is limited to 1 turn per day. The cards in the game would appear when players click on the clubs "top hat." Unlike the
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