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  1. If you accidently played Event Pachinko multiple times you would also have gotten 9 legendary items and 2 avatars (since you got a girl). If you were playing a 10 game Epic Pachinko then you also received 9 legendary items. I hate being the bearer of bad news, but from the KK perspective it looks like you received proper value for your koban purchase. So unless you have a recording of your activity showing an error in the game I suspect there is nothing you can do about the lost kobans.
  2. Five missions a day reflects one of Kinkoids ideas at further monetization of the game. It isn't difficult to do for those with the time to invest (annoying but not difficult). If you don't have the time you can spend kobans to complete the tasks. For myself, the koban "rewards" now become "koban discounts" on finishing the missions so I can get the girl at the end of Orgy Days. I cannot say I like this monetezation idea when Orgy Days has historicaly been one of the few events that was fairly easy and fun in the past. Now the event becomes another "gotta plan for it event" which might be a go
  3. I lost at least 60 points (one player had 4 crits in a row), but gained 46 points.
  4. WoWsers what a ride! I managed to hang on and get a top 15 win, but dang it was close. The pic was taken with less than 15 minutes remaining and @Moddy inched past @jelom for 1st place in the end. @tay kept nibbling away at my 15th place and came in a mere 35 points below me. This was a very competitive league, no lead was safe. I did lose 14 points to the RNG gods which was annoying but didn't matter in the final totals. On the fun side, I pulled off 3 wins against @Shal during Monday's change on the "blessings" (the joys of being up the minute it happened). 😄
  5. I got Trixie 😃 But, I already had Sai and I needed some koban refills to get her!
  6. Well of course I'm being serious! When on adventure or quest it is really nice to know where my character is at. 🤣 So what say we put the Island of Solaria off the western coast, between Begin City and Gems Kingdom?
  7. The first Side Quest takes place on a beach. From the artwork, which shows palm trees, I think it is one of three places 1) Mermaid Island (technically in the world of Begin City) 2) A small spit of beach between Begin City and Gems Kingdom (but the artwork doesn't show any beach at that location) 3) The beach at the beginning of the Gems Kingdom adventure. Any guesses on where the beach is?
  8. We are an English speaking Maxed out Club (no contributions required) looking for members (32/40 at the moment so there are 8 openings) - Name of the club Carnal Knights - The ID of the club 5652 - The goal of the club Have fun and help each other - Possible restrictions for people when wanting to join the club. Interested players should be level 300 or better - Expectations of the members To be involved in the club and game * My guidelines: To be active in the game means we see you gaming once a month. Do you need (or want) the Club Champion girls? Our club is active
  9. I missed getting one girl (Extreme Alex), the poor drop rate made her impossible to get in both the MP EP (97 spins for nada) and EP Event P (22 spins). This included spins gained by purchasing 2 bundles (which gave me junk equipment). I won't be purchasing bundles for awhile now. I mean seriously, why bother when you get nothing to show for the cash spent?
  10. Ever since the Dating Tokens were introduced I've used them to get the girl in this event. Not sure what will happen now that the DT's are effectively gone, but I'm going to give it a shot because I think the girl looks awesome!
  11. Oh boy this is going to be fun. I have Jelom, Moddy, Shal, and Deann in my D3 league this week! 103 players total (low 349 and high is Jelom at 497). A true test of what I have learned. 😃
  12. I overslept this morning and missed the screen shot for the final results. Here is the one I took prior to going to bed. I ended up dropping to #10. I gained a level (from 422 to 423) without using any of my Seasons rewards. This is the 2nd week in a row I went over 6000 points with an average of 20.19 and with fewer than 10 losses.
  13. Greetings, I understand wanting to get Mythis boosters into the mindset of the players but some of us do need something besides this in a six hour period: You know these boosters and the Mythic items in general are not being received well. Why even allow this result as a possibility under the current messed up Market system? You made the correction for Books and Affection, why didn't you make some adjustment for Mythic boosters? Will I be seeing Mythic Equipment next? God this hacks me off. I am forced to do a Market refresh if this shows up since the cost of "stocking" a Mythi
  14. Patch Notes #40 Okay, I like new adventures and the energy cost per scene in much better than the last one so way to go Kinkoid. DT shut down is still being hyped. I need 180 more to get another girl (don't think that is happening in the time remaining). What concerns me is the new claim that this is in preperation for yet another interation of the B.D.S.M. system. Hell, I am still figuring out the system as it is now so boo on Kinkoid for changing the system without clearly explaining the trouble with the current system (a vague claim of fixing imbalances doesn't really cut it)
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