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  1. Last Night SUCKED. Damned headache would'nt go away, wrecking my focus, i somehow failrd to do Nite=clubs AT ALL, so NO DD in CXH (i did in HH, Test.HH & Psh), &^ got brutally murdered in Contests... Nereyda is the only 1 of the 4 i already have so i have 50💖 from 1st Day, 0 from 2nd, event is 5 Days? so i am 50/300💖 needed. Concerning past CCCs & my panicked/mad posts about CCC 💖Shards Disappearing, they must be collected WHILE THE EVENT IS ACTIVE. THEY CANNOT BE SAVED.
  2. i wish to share Customer Service's response to my issue & inquiries. What are the Forum Rules concerning such information sharing?
  3. That's what i figured. Sad i can't count on Customer Service...
  4. i think it might be Apocalyptika, whom i don't have, but i do have 84💖 Shards, from prior event/Contest. i added a couple more questions to the CS Ticket. I'm hoping to get this figured out & resolved. Soon...
  5. it's very Frustrating - what i thought to be a glitch appears to be a new standard with CbC & a few others. Screen refreshing when getting the Girl, robbing players of getting their screenshot. Have any of you been having this issue? BTW, anyone have the name of the Girl that came AFTER Halcyon Harrier?
  6. So Halcyon Harrier is about to expire? OK then, collected!
  7. Is there a reason she needs to be collected today? Do Shards expire? (mods, please feel free to merge with a prior post if you feel i'm making too many posts)
  8. Halcyon Harrier was in the preceding CbC, still uncollected & showing Shards for all 3 Contests then the 3 after for a more recent girl, which were immediately changed to Orbs the day after it ended. Karxan Edit: Unlikely but not impossible, i guess? so, um doubtful...
  9. IF i knew her Name, i would check. You quit CXH long ago so you don't have it, so i need @OmerB or @jelom to chime in, since CbC isn't announced like other events nor are they mentioned in the Patch N💀tes. I'll Double check recent News, maybe she got a brief mention with something else.
  10. No response so far from Customer Service as to why my Girl Shards💖 got changed to Orbs🔮 before i collected any...
  11. Alpha Lupa in Heat 43💖 from prior events 1st CPx50: 26💖 2nd CPx50: 28💖 1st CPx10: -💖 2nd CPx10: -💖 3rd CPx50: -💖 3rd CPx50: -💖 =========================== Total 💖Shards: 97💖 Thorny Rose Red 1st CPx50: 46💖 Thorny Rose Red 2nd CPx50: -💖 1st CPx10: -💖 2nd CPx10: -💖 3rd CPx50: -💖 3rd CPx50: -💖 =💖=💖=💖=💖=💖=💖=💖=💖=💖=💖=💖=💖=💖=💖=💖=💖=💖=💖=💖=💖=💖=💖=💖=💖=💖=💖= Total 💖Shards: 46💖 Date Night Puss, Pink Silk 42💖 Date Night Puss from past event 1st CPx50: -💖 Date Night Puss, -💖 Pink Silk 2nd CPx50: -💖 1st CPx10: -💖 2nd CPx10: -💖 3rd CPx50: -💖 3rd CPx50: -💖 =💖=💖=💖=💖=💖=💖=💖=💖=💖=💖=💖=💖=💖=💖=💖=💖=💖=💖=💖=💖=💖=💖=💖=💖=💖=💖= Total 💖Shards: 42💖 Date Night Puss, 0💖 Pink Silk I am Torn - For Delicious Darkling, do i use the Orbs i have to get her now, or wait & save them for DD?
  12. hp hewlett packard, they were a quality brand in the 90s & 2000s, but got taken over by asshats that ruined the brand, making shit cheap & designed to fail. There's tons of info easy to find now that consumers had to dig deeper for in 2016. Basically they rope you in with a PC that works great - for One Year. Then parts go to shit. If you didn't get the Extended Warranty you're SOL... (my pc should be 100% dead) see Design Obsolescence Decline of HP @Der DinX [sad truth] these browser games are the only things it can play... that & web-based videos.
  13. *trying* until then 30-60 Error messages per hour is the new normal...
  14. Hey, Mods & discorders! Is there any Official Update on Fixing the Harems? Seriously, my patience is running out... I would have asked in the correct, designated thread, but i couldn't find it - i only found 3-5 Locked threads, & @DvDivXXX saying there is a correct thread, somewhere.... Please direct me to it/Link It? Thx!
  15. Wildman, Are you feeling passionate? Amara and Julie Joust will be all yours if you manage to prove your pleasure skills by February 18th! Complete objectives and earn Potions of Penetration that will grant you awesome rewards! Show them what you got, Wildman! FREE PATH: Julie Joust ((Sonya Blade? - not confirmed)) BONUS PATH: Amara ((Kitana? - not confirmed)) Julie Joust Amara ❤Eccentric/Red🔴❤ 🖤Dominatrix/Black🖤⚫ Zoopokemon's spreadsheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1g-5kmvlHhA728yTF7xMdKfWuMe9-SqxW-QDdjc26J6I/edit#gid=505705965
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