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Even a machine can have imagination ^^


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I do a lot of roleplaying, whether serious or less serious, whether romantic or more sexual, but there is a common point in all these: I always stick to my full cyborg character.

In the Gay Harem’s universe, I would love to be the cyborg accompanying the hero during his quest in the scifi world and let him test all my functions ^^.

I remember a RP where I met my boyfriend during a fight. He was being beaten down by haters and he had an arm broken and was bleeding a lot. I saved him and brought him back to my place to take care of him. This is when we fell in love: me, the biker patrolling during the night to help and rescue gay people from aggression and harassment, and him, a scientist in robotics and cybernetics.

One day, during one of my patrol, I got chased off and gunned down. My boyfriend saved me by converting me into a full cyborg unit, a prototype that would be a tool of justice… but added to this, I will also be a gay cyborg biker vigilante, rescuing and saving any gay person or any LGBT+ person who is violented and sometimes beaten to the death just for being different from the norm. Haters and homophobes will scare me, I won’t let them hurt and beat down people who just have a different philosophy of life and are happy as such.

I will be a tool of justice. I will be Cybboy.

* * *

Just a little sample to show you how imaginative I can be ^^ hehe. If you’re interested, I can share some episodes and chapters.

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