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[Spoilers Inside] Offering Help With Spanish Translation


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I want to help improve Spanish.

Currently, there are 3 types of errors:

1) Wrong sexual gender "he/she", bad articles or inappropriate verb tenses: it make the game lose meaning and comprehension at certain times.

2) Scenes/Dialogues/Images without any type of translation as I show here: https://prnt.sc/Lu0kG2GiQ4lj

3) Misspellings: can sometimes cause a little confusion.

All these improvements would make the game much more entertaining and enjoyable.

Thanks for your time.

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Before I start, I want to make it clear that my intention is not to disrespect or offend anyone, just to tell the truth and try to help as much as possible. I'm aware that the team is very busy creating new girls, new stories, new events, adding game improvements, fixing bugs, etc, etc, etc, and we appreciate it 100%. May this wonderful game not die and stay alive.

Quick intro: I've been playing this great game since 2019 and in the beginning, when I would submit a ticket about translation errors, in 3-4 patches (3-4 weeks) they fixed them.
Currently the Spanish translator has been fired or is on indefinite vacation 9_9. Whenever I send a ticket he responds "mimir" VERY kindly but with a copy&paste that basically says: "I can't do anything, I'll send your ticket to the right people. You can additionally send your suggestions here: forms.gle/gAgAmTofX7Vq3x3k9"... and whenever I send the suggestions I don't get an answer either, just like I don't get an answer in the forum, in-game tickets, etc...

I'm going to leave all my work here and, at some point, if possible, to be able to correctly translate the errors.

I'll start with the story and when I finish, I'll continue with events, Harem Messenger, Images of the girls when you upload stars, etc, etc, etc.

The first 3 images are of errors that I sent many years ago and they corrected almost all of them, but some were forgotten, the following images will be a continuation of where I left off.

Forgotten Mistakes World 2 & interface:

Forgotten Mistakes World 5:

World 5 Finished & World 6 Started:

World 6.2

World 6.3

World 6.4

World 6 Finished & World 7 Started:

World 7 Finished:

World 8 Started:

World 8.2:

World 8 Finished & World 9 Started:

World 9.2:
World 9.3:

World 9.4:

World 9.5:

World 9 Finished:


...Next Update Soon...

P.D.1: From this post, I'll deleting the photos that they go fixing.

P.D.2: I'm aware that Latin Spanish is different than Spanish from Spain, there are even more Latin people than Spaniards in the world... I've many Latin friends and I've been with my Latin girlfriend for 5 years but the developers began to translate the game into Spanish from Spain... so I continue with that, simply when I see Latin words or expressions, I leave them.

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