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  1. Oh. I see, thanks. Well, I wouldn't have guessed that as middle of the month is worse for me, but to each their own of course.
  2. Which is awesome! (Seriously, why the sad face?) And yeah as Bolitho said, no need to re-post the calendar pic to discuss it. Just link the thread. Huh? It runs alongside OD, KC and BB... Yep. See the Patch Notes thread. It's been announced and discussed there already.
  3. Well, fingers crossed this will be more doable with your actual full account power. I mean, some of you testing things out for us all on the TS have really advanced collections and progress over there, but still nowhere near what you have on your main server account. So even if something is hell on test, it might be very hard on prod but still manageable.
  4. You're right, it's very noticeable in your case. You used to have a comically large mushroom-shaped bright green hat. Now you have a dark green hat that looks almost normal in comparison, despite the noticeable mushroom-like patterns on it. I'm not even sure it's smaller, but it appears smaller because it's a bit more realistic in a way. Jelom's avatar hasn't changed, but it's the literal basic hero option without any visible item on it, and they only changed items. But a bunch of other forum regulars have been using the basic hero with one item or two as their avatar for years, including you obviously. I'm kind of curious how the others' avatars will look now.
  5. I'll have to wait for a decent window of opportunity. Probably not until later this evening. --- From Vovantillo in the PoA thread:
  6. @Vovantillo I'll quote your post in the relevant thread for the MDR (linked). I can't move the post itself because it's older than the other thread's OP. (As Bolitho pointed out, we went a bit overboard with the off-topic chat on MDR in this PoA thread as it is. Cheers.
  7. Thank you! We could have searched high and low for this and never guessed that's what they meant. --- Looking at the blog again, I was wondering why the new adventure scroll wasn't there yet, and it's been pushed to next week: I'll update the OP again (unless someone else beat me to it).
  8. Thanks for letting me know. This was added after I posted it here. I'll update the thread's OP (unless Luna or Bolitho already did). Edit: Done! So we get two Laby runs in a row, with tomorrow's getting the new format. Nice!
  9. Fair enough. Welcome back! We'll keep monitoring your posts for now. If you participate genuinely to the forum, we shouldn't have any further issue (fingers crossed). Cheers.
  10. Patch Notes Week #9 are up already! (No popup in game yet, but I've updated this thread's OP with them). Lots of good stuff! March calendar is up (I'll update the thread here in a minute). Labyrinth gets a few bug fixes and the new Normal and Hard modes today. Some skin tones were changed for "a few characters" (I'm hoping @Yamiray will be able to find out which ones). And, among other things, the most anticipated bug fix (yes, @HornyCat it's the big one this time ^^): Good luck have fun this week, folks!
  11. Global, known issue. Visual only, at least. This is true for ALL girls who have two attributes for Eye or Hair color. Only the second one is shown in the harem as the attribute. Moved to QA. No need to report each girl individually.
  12. Oh. I had completely forgotten about that, but that's a very good point. She didn't have her art reworked or her stats changed (I'm pretty sure) so I wonder what the reason was behind a near instant revival for her back then. I honestly can't remember. I know I grabbed her from her original event as she was the second KH M6 ever and it was still in the old system before Elements and everything, so at the time grabbing mythics from my class was the only priority (in terms of gameplay).
  13. I had to take the medium card today before reset. I would have dropped off the top 5% otherwise, and I'll need the stuff for tomorrow's MDR anyway. I'd rather stash the Fists for 24 hours than miss out on the extra rewards. PS: We're in the final stretch now, since the last 3 days don't have rewards for rankings. Hopefully between the big card and Radka's MDR, I should be fine.
  14. Not everyone, just those of us who have most other M6 but are still missing this one. She's from way back and this will be her first revival in years, so we're looking forward to this opportunity. In terms of art and theme, she's top tier. In terms of PvP, she's kind of middle tier. But gotta catch 'em all, anyway. ^^
  15. The phrasing of these two bits makes me chuckle a bit (taken out of context, I know what you were saying, my mind just made weird associations while reading ^^). On a more serious note, for sure we're at a point now where if Blessings are as weak and awkward as the current ones on dot com, completely ignoring them and using your strongest team just works. And I foresee that this will only amplify as time goes by and more and more competitors get up to speed on GG and GS. Eventually, when most top 4 contenders have full sets of maxed out mythic GG pieces and enough light bulbs to have a couple or more teams fully skilled simultaneously, the impact of Blessings should be much smaller than we're used to, except when they are super strong and they buff enough compatible girls to make a team with. We're not quite there yet, though. And of course, by the time we get there, I'm sure Kinkoid will be just about ready to drop the next meta shaker on us anyway. ^^ With a nod to the game review site RPS (who replaced scissors with a shotgun ^^), and trying to be a bit creative slash funny about it, but yeah. A picture is worth a thousand words, so I went back to the drawing board, literally. ^^ Enjoy! Or don't, I'm too tired to tell if it's a masterpiece or a weird mess, honestly. It's meant to be a clear representation of the weird mess that is the true post-GS "counter bonus scheme", in any case. ^^
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