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  1. TL;DR Yeah, this thread's title was terrible and super misleading even over a year ago when it was originally posted, and MDuss never followed my suggestion to change it to something more neutral and accurate. I've changed it myself just now. Never mind being off-topic in the off-topic section. With the title change, let's just make this thread our own and keep it as a place to ask about or clarify stuff regarding forum moderation in general. Problem solved. @Stoned Jesus Man, I'm not sure which post it was, but it sounds like your whole speech about forum moderation and how to apply rules and stuff really boils down to one or a few post(s) you made or were following and got moved and it was mildly inconvenient for you to search for them after the fact. Overreaction looks like an understatement and I think you're actually annoyed by a lot of other stuff (especially the new slash upcoming Laby Floors) than you're actually discontent with how we moderate the forum overall. @bolitho76 has been a bit more proactive than most in moving posts to more relevant threads, especially moving stuff out of Chit Chat when the discussion grows beyond a quick, well... chit chat. ^^ It helps a lot in keeping the forum tidier for everyone perusing it, from us mods all the way down to pure lurkers who hardly participate but still read or even follow some threads. Also he typically leaves one post with a link or comment in the thread the posts used to be specifically to say "hey, I've moved this and that to (thread name, often even a link)". This is more than enough. If we just copied and pasted the stuff that's off-topic but kept it where it doesn't belong, it would defeat the purpose of moving it in the first place and make things more confusing imho, not easier to follow. Apart from that, as @Horsting summed up really well already, the only thing we tend to be strict about is posting stuff that's not a legit bug report in "Bug Reporting". We used to have to be just as strict with Gift Code threads, as well, but it's been a long time since anyone used these inappropriately, so we don't have to these days. Sadly, a LOT of people routinely post anything from pure garbage to complaints to basic questions in "Bug Reporting", and it's been the case consistently for many years now. It's typically people who otherwise never post, so they don't know better, and they often don't care enough about people who use the forum regularly to make any effort for them (and that includes you lurkers who just read stuff silently, that's still a legit and important use of the forum). So yeah, I need to swing my hammer way more often there than anywhere else on the whole forum. That's pretty much it, though. Aside from really obvious shit that no mod on any forum would tolerate like hate speech, personal attacks or pure spam... We very rarely give anyone formal warnings, temp bans or more for much these days. Especially since @Luna - Kinkoid added a cool function for us mods fairly recently: when we lock a thread, we have the option to send an "alert" to the thread's OP directly now. We used to have to send them a Warning manually, but an "Alert" leaves no trace on their account and is just to let them know their thread has been locked (and why, and whatever, we can even give them the option to reply, though I haven't tried it yet). TL;DR for real? ^^ I think we're pretty damn relaxed about rules in general. More than ever before, I would say. Most of the time even when someone does something wrong these days, we just tell them and ask them to do this or that instead next time. We don't punish them or make it a big deal by default (especially for routine stuff like you seem to have in mind), unless it's really persistent or disruptive. Also: the work we do as mods isn't really "already paid for" if you will. We're getting compensation for the average time we supposedly spend moderating the forum, and that's a fixed monthly amount. So when I take a week off, one could argue I'm getting compensated for nothing on that particular week. But conversely, if I spend 5 extra hours in a row helping people out on something that happened to pop up that day, and/or closing, moving threads etc. I'm not getting any "overtime" for that either. ^^ So you're wrong: if we spent even more time and effort than we currently do in order to make up for people not following basic rules instead of telling them to follow them, it would cost us more efforts and stress for no extra compensation. And I'm a big believer in not shitting where you eat, so even beyond that I think it's important everyone using the forum pays a little attention to where they post and a little time to search for what they're looking for, rather than posting whatever wherever and then expecting mods to clean up afterwards. I think this is purely stuff you're projecting from past experiences on other forums, with other mods (or maybe with me like 3-4 years ago if you caught me on a really bad day), or just unfounded assumption that we're the type of community that would be okay with making fun of people for not knowing something or not getting something right. I feel we're much closer to the opposite honestly. Not just mods, but regulars and people who post in general. I make mistakes or ask questions regularly myself, even noob questions sometimes and we even have a whole subforum not just okay with but dedicated to that. Aside from very rare and/or ancient incidents, I see nothing but kind and supportive exchanges all over this place on a daily basis. Most importantly, reading pretty much all of your posts from today, I get a strong sense of exhaustion and you seem to be burned out on the game right now (with the new floors for Laby being the starting incident, but it's clear you were already close to the limit before that). I'd suggest taking it easy, trying to play a bit more casual or maybe even taking a little break, man. I hate to see you stressed out over a game like this, especially since you're usually so chill (okay part of that is me projecting a cool stoner personality on you due to your choice of avatar and nickname, but then again you didn't choose these by happenstance ^^). Here. Take a puff of virtual ahem perfectly legal rolled cigarette from yours truly, my dude. <3
  2. Send a ticket. We are not Support. Read the sticky:
  3. Let's start closing dupe threads. We don't need this issue mentioned all over the place. This one should do (at least it uses words):
  4. I never liked One Piece (can't really stand the art style and story wise it's too childish for me as an adult, without something extra to make it still enjoyable like Fairy Tail, Ueki's Law or even Naruto). I've never been a big fan of pirates as a theme either. But I know of it, still. Who doesn't? --- Mod hat on: @srt Use Spoilers when you're posting big images like that please. Pretty much all players have access to a super old basic free permanent girl like Juliette, but still. You just select the image then click on the "Eye" icon top right as you're preparing your post. I've done it for you this time. Please speak in your actual post, and make your title simpler and clearer. Even on Reddit it's annoying as hell when people just type everything as the "title" and then the actual message is "as per title" or some similar bullshit. Maybe do a tidbit of "research" before posting nonsense like this? Try this site called Google. I hear it can help. ^^ Okay, we're done here. Cheers.
  5. A few bug fixes this week, that's about it. There's a mention of some of the issues with the Harem page and filters getting fixed, but ofc not the Big One yet (in case HornyCat's rant above hadn't given it away already ^^). Wait and see.
  6. Hi there, hello! =) Not getting any easier, though. And between just another top 4 tomorrow (at least I knew it from the start this time), Radka's special MDR at the end of the month and hopefully not but possibly another old-school M6 I'm also missing for the other MDR this week (if they pull off another strange and seemingly dickish move like Nike's unplanned and unforeseeable MDR last month)... I won't be able to hold it much longer (eww sounds gross for some reason ^^).
  7. Thank you both for confirmation on this. So the back line is indeed the safest one, contrary to what I thought due to GS5 and special skills? Good to know, and my bad then. I hadn't even considered that the game would move the remaining girls one line ahead in between the failed fight and the rematch, honestly. Seems both more complicated and less intuitive than just leaving empty slots where there was an opponent you actually defeated in the first match. --- Well, strictly in terms of coins, double the rewards is already a lot (plus you also get more Fists, Kisses and PXP). It means if I'm able to complete a full run on Hard consistently every other day, I get as many coins as when we had the Easy mode daily (and likely more PXP, Fists and Kisses overall, since Floors 1 & 2 aren't as rewarding as Floor 3 and now 4 & 5 which seem to be at least on par with Floor 3). That's nothing to sneeze at (provided I can complete it reliably). --- @Stoned Jesus You seem to have been a bit on tilt or maybe even just in a "why even bother" mode judging by your posts today. I haven't read the other threads yet, but I'll likely answer you in the one in OT. Hope you don't stress too much over this game, this forum or anything else HH related in any case. Hugs!
  8. Nothing against it in and of itself. It's common practice in bug report threads and under other circumstances that make them relevant. Just to be clear, in case you have a problem with Support in general or you're about to complain about the specific agent who answered your ticket (mimir or something similar is the only one still active that I know of, so likely him), then I would advise to apply caution and make sure you don't get personal with it. Other than that, it's fine. I'm guessing this will be further to your recent ticket(s) about the CbC shards you think you might have lost (for a girl you can't identify or remember for sure whether you had her already or not, though). Go ahead. Please take a deep breath and try to be as neutral and fair as possible though. -- EDIT: Not sure if it's the exact same thing that happened, but there's clearly a very similar bug going on these days, and it's been reported and being looked at globally for all HH clones already. See here:
  9. Yeah, but that's not really the case. And it goes both ways, too. It doesn't happen often, but typically when I lose a fight to a Boss, they wipe my whole team and I have to come back with a fresh one, but their own team will be missing both back line girls and maybe a couple of girl from the front and/or mid lines. If they only lost two girls, it will almost always be the two in the back line. Back line can't be targeted by regular attacks, but there are plenty of special attacks or skills or whatever that target it specifically, hitting the team from behind. Mid line can't be targeted by attacks until the front line has fallen, and can't be targeted by special skills until the back line has fallen. So it's the safest as long as the other two lines can tank a bit.
  10. I'm curious as well (haven't checked her scenes in ages, and when I tried to visit HCL a few days ago I got tired of having to reload all the time). I'll check and let you know. It's always a treat for me to look at Venus' (not so humble) beginnings in a lot of these HCL series (even more so now that she's no longer working for KK games V_v). I can tell you that in general, HCL was a lot more relaxed about kinks and its hero a lot less "insecure macho" than HH's. One of the things I miss the most about it, along with the sweet animations and greater level of customization for pose pics (although they did include the version I wanted of my favorite pose of her in this HH port, but that's not the case every time). --- @Yamiray Okay, I've been able to stay logged in on HCL long enough to go through all her chats, poses and scenes. Oh boy! I had forgotten just how much more content there is for each girl in HCL compared to what can be crammed into a 3-star HH girl adaptation. There's like a dozen scene pics left out (and a ton of dialogue), not even counting the alternate levels of clothing we can choose for each pose (and the fact it's fully animated). Anyways, I got logged out just when I was done going through all of Elysa's content there, but before I could take any screenshot. Long story short (case in point lol) yeah there's a pretty clear explanation for what we see in her 3rd affection scene in the HH version. And also a lot more story and action. I need to start visiting HCL more often again to revisit all I have unlocked and maybe even grab daily hearts so I can eventually unlock more.
  11. I got #4 but same difference. Looks like your group and your experience was very similar to mine. Except I had already played my Laby run the day prior.
  12. Typically a delay or temporary disconnection from the server, and the game registering your click (or the DD trigger in this case) as if it had been requested twice. It happens occasionally in other parts of the game too, although it's not as frequent as "you don't have access to this feature" and such (which is what you get when you're completely disconnected without any indication that it's the case until you click on something, then you get that popup and you have to log back in). All only visual, thankfully. You still received the second girl each time, right?
  13. Thanks a lot for all the info, folks. To be clear, are the extra difficulties just additional floors, or are they their own separate runs from Floor 1 (but with one more floor than the lower difficulty)? And do we get to choose or can we play one run of each difficulty? (My test account doesn't meet the requirements for either so I can't really tell).
  14. Same here except I had to make do with a top 4 (#2 to be exact) and I didn't think of taking a screenshot before claiming her. ^^ My contest group was pretty aggressive. I ended up close to 10M myself but #1 literally turned it to eleven, so... I said fuck it, take the random MG piece and the 250 extra shards. I'm just glad I got her on day 1 so I don't have to sweat for the rest of the event.
  15. It's the same on dot com, but it's only visual. I've just tested it by doing a villain fight, and I still got 200 points for LC (through the CCbC task). So just pretend the 0 is a 1.
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