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  1. Bolitho handled the rest like a boss already. So I'll just give you your mandatory warning that you should read and heed sticky warnings in ALL CAPS: [WARNING] DO NOT ASK QUESTIONS HERE. GO TO "QA" INSTEAD!
  2. Most of the points I would have made were already made. Max out and Buy all buttons are so important, I cannot stress enough how big of an improvement adding them is (and honestly it's insane to me that we're only now getting such options in the game's sixth year of existence, this is basic stuff and always should have been there imho, but better late than never). I actually expected the Mythic equipment crafting system to be a part of this package, but it's probably for the best that we get a total rework of the interface first, and time and opportunity for devs to iron out the few thing
  3. Which might be sooner than you think... Hint: this is MDR 12. With next month's (likely Red, at least it would make sense) MD, we'll reach 24 Mythics total. Granted, they haven't followed the order of release cleanly to say the least, but still. There's a decent chance MDR starts showing 2 girls soon (one from year one, one from year two). Just a hunch, though. ^^ In any case, there are quite a few quintessential MD girls I'm still missing from Year One, more so than Year Two, and I'm saving up looking forward to the opportunity to catch up. This happened to me plenty of times dur
  4. Rotation #0604 (2022/09/23 13:00 CET): Merlinda, Barmaid Stephanie, Pheralia. No girl available to me. Nothing of note otherwise.
  5. I was #4 when I went to bed, returned to the game shortly after reset and was ofc #5. No regrets though, the guy who passed me over more than doubled my score and I didn't have that kind of resources handy anyway.
  6. Yes there is and you really should know better than to bump the CE thread from 3 weeks ago to babble about random stuff that has nothing to do with CE, by now, Zorba.
  7. No official ETA as far as I'm aware, but typically (unless there's a big issue found during the phase on the TS), once something goes to TS, it moves up to main server on the next weekly patch (so Wednesday).
  8. @Chuck Nutz Yeah, sometimes when someone posts something that's so out there to me I can't imagine them being serious, I jump to the conclusion that they must be trolling. More often than not, it's the case, but in this particular instance you just didn't know any better, and I know that. To be fair, you're only the second of exactly two players I've ever known in 3 years in this community to brag about their temporary position in an ongoing league (and the other one is beyond a troll, don't even test me about him ^^). Seriously, we're good. Let's move on, shall we? Looking forward
  9. @holymolly Well, yeah, that's part of where I'm coming from when I tell you stuff that basically boils down to "can you control your troops a bit, dude?". You've reached your goal of recruiting every forum regular not already married to another club... Now, half the posts everywhere are made by your club mates. Careful what you wish for. As for teaching and guiding those of them who want to improve on their PvP toolkit, I'm sure you and other veterans in your club are already doing it. It's just pretty dissonant for me to cross path with so many opponents with the same tag that used to i
  10. Thanks, guys. Glad we talked some of this out. Holy, you had a lot to read and to respond to in like half an hour it seems, so it's not surprising you misread or just missed some of it. To clarify, I didn't give Chuck a temp ban, just a temp mod-approval restriction to his posts, in case he was in troll/spammy mode. Even his taunting posts were not worth banning for in my eyes. He's delusional that a temporary position during the week means anything, but that's not a sin. ^^ As long as he doesn't troll us with it, that's fine by me. As for Uxio, if you really feel that my one pa
  11. Okay, it looks like I gave this one criticism too much of my time and energy indeed. @EpicBacon Okay, well, we can't really agree to disagree I guess. It seems we have different opinions and interests, and we feel strongly about different things, you and I. Your answer to my loooong open letter basically didn't acknowledge let alone agree on anything I've clarified or explained, you just reiterated what your own initial reasons were for preaching to me about my behavior in that one paragraph like you did. And then went on to elaborate on stuff I don't care all that much about to be hon
  12. That's just a reference to those (well, the TV series version, at least ^^) that we mods have taken a liking to using when we have to edit someone's post on the forum. It's even in my list of saved-up "Reason for Edit" notes. ^^ PS: I would also be curious to see a real LAA report from Chuck. But if he isn't ready for that, for reasons we can easily imagine, then let's leave him in peace.
  13. To be fair, her scenes have much better art than her poses. That's actually early work from our goddess herself, "Venus", the god-tier artist currently blessing this game with her insane talent (and, unfortunately for me since I gave up on all the reskins and only play regular HH now, also other Kinkoid games). It's clear she was cutting her teeth on HCL though; her technique and mastery of her craft made huge leaps since those days. Anyway, as most of us who used to play HCL regularly a few years ago and got her HH transfer automatically, I've already seen all the art for Wyagu-chan a lo
  14. DvDivXXX

    Chat room

    As in, Isekai style? ^^ Honestly, I would get tired pretty quickly. Then again, that would include immortality and also all manners of magic, gods, dimensional gates and other supernatural powers and stuff. So... assuming I'm not a peasant or a random elf in the woods but someone with actual power and influence like say, the MC... Yeah, there would be quite a lot of upsides (beyond "having sex all the time and being supernaturally enhanced for that to be physically possible" that is). The big question would be if I can bring my wife along with me, though. Anyways. Just rambling. Y
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