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  1. Yeah, or just having the two girls' refill times one hour or even half an hour apart. (Which would also avoid too much strain on the server, thus too much lag if they were synchronized).
  2. Div's Trifecta Day, part 3: ------------------ D3 run #91 2022/05/19-26 Boosters used: 3 legendaries all the time, 3 AM boosters. 100 players. 99 opponents. 297 fights. wins: 297. losses: 0. Average: 23.55 Finished: #1! 😃 Girl Shards: (O'Malley Week 6)X Refills: 4x188kos 3x185kos 147kos 131kos 122kos 94kos 75kos Contenders for top 4: ME and others? Maybe: whoever + whoever gets lucky past the gap? Finally my third D3 win, and just when I needed it the most! Okay so, this week I had identified that I was actually probably the biggest threat, except for the wild
  3. Alright, enough beating around the bush (I'm so pumped! ^^). I've done my regular posts aside from these two, saving the best for last. Div's Trifecta Day, parts 1 & 2: Pretty costly, but still worth it. I was in all or nothing mode from the Leagues and my near empty koban stash anyways (relying heavily on my high risks, high rewards strat to pay off in League to afford PoA), so I through caution to the wind and went for it. And it did pay off! 🍷
  4. I actually love this idea. Although in most cases players would either have a full LC girl or 0% of her. But some might have barely missed and ended up with 50 or even 75% by failing on the last contest, and this would be a fair compromise for them. In some rare cases, maybe a partial buy even if you already have the girl might be worth it for the XP alone, with gradual unlocks like that.
  5. Why? I don't picture it like that. I'm just thinking we would have Gir#1 re-revived on say Ninja Spy with her own shard pool, and Girl#13 revived on say Gruntt with her own shard pool as well. So folks can pick which one to go for. Very few if any players are likely to go for both, be it because they already have at least one of the two, and/or because a double-MDR would be too expensive.
  6. @jpanda Could be the script too (unless you're not using it)?
  7. Rotation #0529 (2022/05/26 13:00 CET): Ketsuko, Danielle, and Fae Marjoa. No girl available for me
  8. Agreed (as previously mentioned, I hope they'll switch things up somehow). Useless? Not quite. The bulk of the Free Path takes care of itself as long as you do your daily goals, which most active players do anyway, and that's quite a lot of free extra rewards at no extra cost or effort, at bare minimum. Plus, since the event runs for even longer than an entire Season (and will always be across two months) it gives the opportunity to store some of those rewards to claim them when that gives extra value (for a contest for instance). If you happen to have missed a girl from an odd-numbere
  9. Hard to say at this point. They took a very long break between MDRs #2 and #3 and we only get one girl revived per month, and a new MD each month as well. If they switch to reviving two girls per MDR with #13 as I half expect and fully hope, we should be fine. If they leave things as they currently are, we'll never see MD girls a third time.
  10. Oh it's not what rubs me the wrong way (a little). It's the novelty factor that's doomed to have disappeared long before I can actually collect the "new" girl. I remember getting curious and intrigued when Lolita was introduced, I was eager to see her. But now, well, when I'll eventually complete her in a week or two, I won't care quite as much. Same thing for the one released today: that one sneak peek in the patch notes made me go "wow!" but when I get her in late June or early July, it will basically feel as new and exciting as getting a past event girl from MP. It's the only type of girls
  11. Yup she's still ridiculously popular. It's very rare for shards to be at 0 so close to the end, even for MDR.
  12. Not really, you've lost the opportunity to grab one extra day worth of points thanks to the release being before reset time and thus technically on the previous day. This often happens on patch day. Sometimes you see it coming and can profit a tidbit more, other times not. It doesn't make that much difference. In my case, I finished my missions and grabbed my daily goals maybe half an hour before the patch, so... ^^ It would have been nice to get a tiny headstart, but it's not needed either. --------- My feedback: see Liliat's post (and also the PoG thread). Except: I would
  13. Rotation #0528 (2022/05/24 13:00 CET): Carlita, Mad Hatter Justine, and Kpop Kameyala. No girl available for me
  14. Well, I was ready to fight against snipers, and then at around 12:50 CET I got distracted and only came back after reset. ^^ Luckily, I didn't even get sniped! Awesome! Now I can soft chill not only for the rest of this CbC for CbC in general until August. Good luck have fun to those still in this one.
  15. It's always like this on Day One. It's still a little short even on the last day for MDRs compared to new MDs, but if you can wait 24 hours more after having waited for a year or so, it's a LOT more chillax on the last day. Even though, to be fair, I think Nike is historically (perhaps tied with Alt. Fin) the most popular MD girl ever. IIRC there hardly were any shards left at the end of her initial run, so no promises for this particular revival. But avoid Day One at all costs is always good advice (unless you enjoy having to throw away 48 extra kobans per batch of fights just to save a
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