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  1. Yop. This is likely an issue that doesn't affect most players (otherwise we wouldn't have one thread with a couple of messages, but a whole flood about it). So you're better off each contacting support for your own case. Main Menu -> Settings -> Support -> Create a new ticket. Provide your screenshots and as many relevant details as needed to describe your issue: what happens, when, how, for how long or how often, etc. (and also what device you play on, what browser etc.). Cheers.
  2. Okay, so IF you're not trolling, then you're either using incorrect terms, and/or you're pretty confused. So, in short: Thanks for the heads-up, but "click macros" and any kind of auto-clicker or auto-anything are strictly forbidden for Kinkoid games, and can get you a permanent ban from the game (not just the forum). And that's official, people know already. As bad as this might look from your end, let me assure you that your client-side auto-clicker cannot "break the server" (thankfully). What it can and definitely should do is automatically ban your IP from accessing
  3. Rotation #0409 (2021/10/16 13:00 CET): Arianne, Santana and Larissa. No girl available for me.
  4. Your sample is way too small to exclude a good run (I know you know). I got a little more GPx10s than usual lately, and even a couple of EPx1s actually dropped this week (I have three "EPx1" temp PoPs), but a single MPx1 drop, for instance. Something to monitor for sure, but until we have a lot more data from more sources, I wouldn't bet on it.
  5. Good to know, and if she can give us a version without the echo, that would be sweet. Thank you.
  6. It means your team has a varied selection of the new little colored gems (or "elements" as they'll be called), as opposed to your opponent on the right, who is all-in on the green-ish/golden type. This feature is only on the test server as of this writing, though (it should come to the live server upon the next league reset). So it's best to discuss it in the Test server section for now. Cheers.
  7. FYI, these two changes weren't done by Kinkoid (to be fair, they feel a bit out of place in this list anyway, since they only affect the forum, not the game). For the record, @Noacc implemented them very recently. It started out with some of us mods (well, okay, mostly me ^^) taking issue with the previous choices we had. We asked him if it was possible to add or change some of the visual options to react to a post (especially the old "Confused" one, which was often ambiguous or misunderstood). While he was at it, he also updated the forum ranks as a little bonus for us forum users. It wo
  8. Thanks again for the link. That echo on Rosso's mike makes it really hard to follow, though. Was it like that the whole time? He didn't fix it at some point? I guess I could edit it to reduce the echo, not sure what would be quick and easy for that. I'll check.
  9. Thanks, guys. By the way, was there audio or was the Q&A all in chat? (Either way, I'd appreciate a capture or transcript if anyone has it).
  10. TL;DR. Now, I'm going to use a very simple language, and it's going to be a short post. I do NOT give a shit about your entire argument with George, one way or the other. What I was trying to do is to get you to STOP making such a big deal out of it. The thing you initially pointed out DOES deserve its own real discussion thread. My bad for assuming that was abundantly clear from my previous post. Now, I will shut down this dumpster fire of a thread. @Bomba Please pick one of two options: A/ Create a brand-new thread under Feedback, give it a reasonable and
  11. @Bomba Look, I tried (once more). I'm sorry you misunderstood most of what I've said, I'm sorry you completely missed the points I was making, I'm sorry you still have a ton of incorrect and unfair assumptions about mods (because you clearly do) in general, and as your main motivation for dragging us all into this circle jerk over nothing of substance, and über alles, I'm sorry that you've read and then dissected my post in this overly defensive and hostile bias, and made a reply worthy of a populist politician debate. But I don't have an ounce of the strength and dedication to do all the work
  12. Better yet, we actually know it will be 5-star girls:
  13. Where did you read that? In your club's chat? There's no plan to replace Champions. This is an upcoming new feature that is planned to be added.
  14. The biggest missed opportunity imho is adding another in-game currency for this instead of allowing us to recycle tickets, especially since it's a feature grouped together with champions. Even 100 tickets per fight would have been fine.
  15. Exactly. The human brain is simultaneously obsessed with pattern recognition and extremely bad at estimating odds, which is a terrible mix (not to mention all the other biases at play). That's why you write down your actual results and make actual stats over time. @waynoinsano Do the above for long enough, and if and only if the data itself backs it up (with a large and reliable sample size, not a tiny dot on the chart like 60 fights), let your human brain enjoy itself by screaming bloody murder over it. The rest of the time, when your gut feeling says "aHA! I knew this was rigged" whenev
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