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Patch Notes Week #37


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Guy Skills (Tier V)


Tier 5 of Guy Skills is now available!


Check out Patch Notes Week #31 to learn more about tiers I to V.


Tier 5 has active skills: skills that can trigger in the fight.


  • The skills are: Stun, Shield, Reflect attack, Execute


  • The active skill can happen only if the guy is in the Middle position
    • This also means that only 1 active skill can be used by the player at a given moment
    • The skills trigger every turn at the end of the Hero damage step
    • Each skill can trigger only once per fight. In example:
      • You have 20% to trigger your Stun
        • 1st turn after you hit, it doesn’t trigger
        • 2nd turn after you hit, it doesn’t trigger
        • 3rd turn after you hit, it does trigger
        • 4th and later turns- it is already triggered


  • Stun the opponent for X turns
    • Skips the opponent’s turn
    • When the turn is skipped, the guy can’t attack or any skill can’t be used on this turn


  • Shield self for X% of Ego
    • Shield stays until it’s depleted
    • If an attack applies more damage than the shield – the overflow amount is taken from the ego


  • Reflect X% of the damage taken in the first 2 rounds
    • Triggers before the hit
    • If execute – calculate the damage up to 0 ego


  • !!Finish Him!! Execute the opponent, if they are under X% of their max Ego
    • Shield counts towards the 25% (100% value does not include the shield)
    • If the opponent has a reflect skill, it doesn’t save him from execution


  • Based on the guy’s Style (style is the combination of element and class) the skill will use a Named Attack (just like attacks in anime 💥)


The exact skills of each guy are defined based on the guy’s element.


Check out the new tier of the skills feature and be sure to share your feedback with us!




Clear team


A “Clear Team” button has been added following player and community feedback.



Players can now instantly clear created teams by clicking on the new button “Clear Team”.



Event bundles are now included in the “Special Offers” tab.


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