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  1. Adventure New World 11 Quest 11 Adventure Release: “The Transfer Ritual”: It’s time to put things back at their right places. Kaien will get his guardian powers back…Check out the latest adventure! Improvements Harem Filters and Sorting Harem section has been improved You can now sort by: Filter by Element Sorting by Level Sorting by Power Leagues New League guy has been added Professor Gardinald Newman (HC) can’t wait to spelunk deep the temple with you Clubs Club Leade
  2. Can you create an in-game support ticket? Go to Settings -> Support.
  3. What's your level? The booster only gives a 20% boost to XP for players under level 300. As soon as you're above that you'll only get a 5% boost.
  4. It highly depends on demand. The more players speak up that they want Spanish and Portuguese translations (or any really), the higher the chances for them to translate the game in other languages.
  5. Side Quest New Common Side Quest Release: “Horny Clone Jutsu”: Trying to improve his ninja techniques, Jino wants to study the Hero’s Horny Clone Jutsu in action…Check out the latest Side Quest!
  6. You'd have to specify which kind of tokens you mean and what kind of coupon you have. The only thing called "Tokens" in the game are the condoms you use to fight in Leagues and there are no coupons/redeem codes for those. Maybe a screenshot could help
  7. Adventure New World 11 Quest 10 Adventure Release: “Hope Is a Tricky Bastard: It’s time for the final confrontation. Along with Devin and Sabaku, you have to confront the Villains! Check out the latest adventure! Improvements Battles We’ve improved the code and unified the display of stats between opponents in different places (Seasons/Leagues/Villains/Pantheon). This will improve the performance of the game.
  8. If you're playing in a browser, try clearing your cache and then reload the page, see if that works. If you're playing on the mobile app, delete the app and reinstall it, try if that works. Let us know, if you're still having issues after trying those.
  9. Yes, there will be another Path of Attraction at the end of the month. And yes this one is particularly difficult to complete for any non-whale players.
  10. Wie viele Juwele du hast, kannst du momentan nur im Harem sehen und immer nur die Anzahl für das Element des ausgewählten Kerls. Hier ein Beispiel für Bunny. Sein Element ist Verspielt, also sehe ich rechts wie viele Juwele ich für dieses Element habe. Was man in dem Screenshot auch sehen kann ist, dass er aktuell level 450 ist und um ihn weiter leveln zu können, muss ich auf das Juwelen-Symbol in der Levelleiste klicken. Danach bekomme ich dieses Pop Up: Und wie du siehst, kann/muss ich dann Juwele ausgeben, um sein Level-Cap zu erhöhen. Bis Level 250 ist das k
  11. Then it would jump to the next point that grants a reward. Just like Season tiers
  12. Potions are like Mojo. You collect them by doing the tasks the current PoV asks for. This current PoV is of the Seduction type. Meaning you'll get potions for collecting shards.
  13. That makes no sense! The only free bundle they wouldn't have access to is the "Frist purchase gift bundle". Any other bundle should be available to them, no matter if they bought anything before or not.
  14. You can find a recording of this Q&A here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qt9GWqGC66WoogVC7I8FCPVnQuzyl20p/view?usp=sharing And here's a loose transcript of it:
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