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Patch Notes Week #46


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Bug fixes:

  • The Guy in the Seasonal event disappearing from the path after being claimed, and being replaced by another reward, is fixed.
  • The notification for available adventures, showing even when players have completed all quests is fixed.
  • Crazy Cumback Contest starting 30 minutes early is fixed.
  • The guy’s name not showing in the Harem’s tooltip, when the amount of shards is between 1 and 99, is fixed.
  • A rare issue of combat freezing, when the opponent uses the Stun skill, is fixed.
  • Some discrepancies in player/opponent stats are fixed.
  • A rare issue of a player receiving the Seasonal progression reward twice is fixed.
  • Players were showing in the Hot Assembly’s leaderboard but were not supposed to. It is fixed.
  • An issue reverting a change made in the Hero personalization page is fixed.
  • An issue on the number of shards displayed in the Pantheon guy reward is fixed.


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