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Patch Notes Week #13


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World 14 – Stairway to Heaven

Quest 4 – Too Cool to Bother

“Alright, lay down on your back, would you?”


Check out the latest adventure! 



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  • From April Legendary Contest will have a new schedule
    • Day 1 : Champions, Energy and Trolls
    • Day 2 : Harem and Market
    • Day 3 : Pachinko and Ymen
    • Day 4 : Experience, Season and secondary Contest
  • Sultry Mysteries won’t include recruits from permanent features anymore, only from events 


Bug fixes


  • The Labyrinth Relic Critical Thinking is fixed 
  • The infinite loading in the hero personalization Backgrounds is fixed 
  • The visual issue happening when spam clicking on an active tab in the shop V2 is fixed 
  • The issue disabling the Grade 0 animation of a recruit when switching grades is fixed 
  • The visual issue when scrolling in Harem is fixed 
  • “Ends in” is no longer duplicated in the Season window 
  • The visual issue displaying the hero twice in the Seasons leaderboard is fixed
  • The element tooltip shows the correct text in the team selection menu
  • The issue of the game being cut off at the bottom on Nutaku is fixed
  • A small visual issue has been corrected in the team edition Menu (another container was visible behind the recruits’ selection container)
  • The scrolling issue when selecting a recruit variant in the Harem is fixed
  • The visual issue displaying a “Go Back” button behind the logo when playing a quest on Mobile is fixed
  • The visual issue with the opponents’ rewards in the Season is fixed 
  • The visual issue with the contest timer when claiming past contest rewards is fixed
  • The visual issue not updating the value of the Mega event currency when switching tabs is fixed 
  • The visual issue making the character animation out of its container before accessing the Labyrinth is fixed 

N.B. We are releasing a webpack that will most likely slightly improve some of the game’s performance but might also break the scripts used by some of the players.

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