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Thank you!

Daddy Fucker

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Hello there!
Hi all! I immediately apologize for my English, I’m bad at it...
I want to thank you for the wonderful game "Gay Harem"! I love how great you are at creating characters! I've been playing this game for a long time and I'd like to know... How many characters (by name) have a pecsfucking cutscene? I've only found two (Lustful Sharkbite and Tournament Bastian)...
Can I have the names of the others? Somebody knows?

I really love pecsfucking and want to gather all the men with such at this cut-scene!

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Oh, wow. I doubt anyone with kinkoid could properly answer this for you. I do know of a player who has similar tastes and collects all the guys so I'll see if he can answer this for you.

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These are the ones he knows of:

two scenes in story have it the one Kai(main story), and Bruno (sidequest)
Anniversary Sharkbite
Druid Titan
Golden Lobo's Dad
Tribal winter
Golden Lobo
Bara Bunny
Infernal Amotus
Cowboy Cullen
Lord of the Night Igor
Pride Ricky


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Thanks to the admins for watching the cut scenes and poses of the closed men!
I already have
Cowboy Cullen (big boy Braum I love you), but the other guys aren't.
Eh... I'll try to collect them as much as possible.Many look very cool!

The combination of hairy tits and pecsfucking is the best!

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