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Patch Notes Week #14


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New Club Champion

Fight Chayotte when he appears as club champion to add Musashi to your Harem!





A new guy will join the Labyrinth on April 4th.




Art Survey


Vote for your favorite guys in March.


Age verification system


As part of our commitment to ensuring a safe and enjoyable gaming expirience for all our community members, we are announcing the upcoming implementation of age verification systems (AVS) for our games.

Under the new legislation in France, we must enforce age verification measures to comply with legal requirements. As a result, French players will be the first to experience these changes.

We assure you that these age verification solutions are necessary and designed with your privacy in mind. We understand the importance of keeping your personal information secure and anonymous. Rest assured that our AVS solutions are free for players and prioritize your privacy above all else.

To ensure effectiveness and accessibility, we are collaborating closely with industry leaders like Nutaku and Tukif to explore various verification systems. We aim to propose solutions that are seamless, reliable, and convenient for you.

We don’t have a defined timeline for when the implementations of AVS will happen, but rest assured it will eventually.


Erogames is merging with Nutaku

We are collaborating with Nutaku to ensure a smooth transition so that players don’t lose their progression in the game. This should happen by end of June 2024.


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