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Idea about the Labyrinth Jobs (Dominator, Fluffer,...)

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Idea about the Labyrinth Jobs (Dominator, Fluffer,...)

First of all, for those who do not play on the test server, the jobs and their characteristics are as follows:

Fluffer: Heal the Ego of the % Ego girl in the team instead of damaging the opponent's Ego. Having the chance to Critically heal instead of Critical hit.

Sexomancer: Trigger skill (overriding the regular): Recover a random tired girl from the team with Ego equal to the current Sexomancer Ego. Do not trigger the skill at all, if there are no tired girls in the team.

Pleasurelock: When Crit-adds half of the damage dealt by the opponent in the previous attack to her own damage.

Dominator: Dominators get 5% more damage.

1. the problem:

I see a few problems with the fixed assignment of jobs to certain girls:

If you have a team more or less fixed for the labyrinth, you either don't get the chance to use the jobs there at all, because none of the selected girls has one. 
Or the harmony of the team is massively disturbed or even destroyed by one or the other girl with a job, which leads to massive problems in the labyrinth and to the balancing there. 

If you now have 2 fluffers in the team and a sexomancer, 2 of the 7 team members only heal and the sexomancer only uses his skill when someone is exhausted.
In the high levels of the labyrinth, especially in hard mode, 1-2 fluffers in the team probably make no sense anymore, the opponents there are so strong in terms of stats that you need 1-3 attempts (or more) to win, the opponents use their skills extremely fast and often due to the high mana and speed value, so it is important to deal as much damage as you can quickly in the short time you have until your own team is KO'd, which makes fluffers in hard mode from level 3 onwards zimlich superfluous (unfortunately).

Also in normal mode, Submissive (White), Sensual (Blue), Exhibitionist (Green), Dominatrix (Black) Physical (Orange) and especially Playful (Yellow) Sexomancer are probably useless, with Submissive, Sensual and Physical's you probably value the healing or protection skill more than the possibility to refresh (revive) a team member.
A Dominatrix Girl as a fluffer is certainly very good, as a Sexomancer I would probably also attach more importance to it if she then does damage and with an Exhibitionist Girl the mana support is definitely more important to me !!!!
Playful has the hook that he almost never triggers, a yellow sexomancer girl like Bunny (5 stars starter girl) which is also hardcore, so a tank, proves to be absolutely useless, tanks stand if you take them at all, then only in front as cannon fodder, the little blocker that does some damage and refreshes itself (revive) is probably bad ^^

That leaves only Eccentric (red), Voyeur (purple) and of course all 3 star girls or 5 stars without skill, as really good candidates for the job as a sexomancer. 

As for the Eccentric girls, I have to admit I still don't know what the Eccentric skill does exactly, the burnout description sounds like some kind of poison effect, but I've never noticed it in the fights themselves. 
In German the description is not understandable at all, because it makes no sense!

2. the proposed solution:

The solution to these problems is actually quite simple, please let us players decide for ourselves which girl in our harem gets which job.

And it could look like this:

You could, for example, in the detailed view of the girls where you also put on the equipment, train the girl and the skills, simply add a new rübrik for the jobs.

But simply assigning the jobs in a clumsy way is of course very boring and since learning a profession, both in reality and in any good role-playing game, costs time as well as money or materials, why shouldn't it be the same in the game?

In the new job section you can then simply learn the jobs of the girls and determine which of the learned jobs the girl should do.

My thought was that the story hero is of course indispensable in learning the jobs of the girls, so since he is significantly involved in the training, it should definitely be his time that would be used and as the head of the harem and gentleman he would of course pay for all the costs.

This is a kind of background justification for the following:

In principle, every girl in the harem can learn any job, but only one job can be actively performed, which is then determined by the player.
Once two jobs have been learned by a girl, it is possible to switch back and forth between the jobs at will, even during a running maze, which also means that once a job has been learned, it remains in place and does not have to be learned again.

The first and only job you can choose from at the beginning is Dominator, only after learning it you can learn Fluffer, Sexomancer and/or Pleasurelock.
I think Dominator is the best choice, it's a good bonus for the Labirinth, it's not too special and the name expresses that the girl is something special, so it's a solid basis for the beginning.

As training costs I had thought of using things that are already available in the game, since the story hero is involved and it should take his time, the Energy and Combativity (the fists) and/or the kisses should definitely be used for the season, after all he can't be active there if he “trains” with the girl ^^
And as material what is needed I simply thought of the ingame game money.
Of course, there should also be an option for paygamers and sparring foxes to buy every job with Kabans/gold.

Which brings me to the costs:

Dominator = 100 Energy + 20 Fists + 10 Kisses + 5,000,000 $ OR 300 Kabans/Gold
Fluffer = 200 Energy + 40 Fists + 30 Kisses + 10.000.000 $ OR 600 Kabans/Gold
Sexomancer = 300 Energy + 40 Fists + 20 Kisses + 10.000.000 $ OR 600 Kabans/Gold
Pleasurelock = 200 Energy + 60 Fists + 20 Kisses + 10.000.000 $ OR 600 Kabans/Gold

I just think that the different jobs should also be a bit more focused, the Fluffer sounds a bit cuddly and romantic to me so he has more kisses, the Sexomancer is more of the mage type so needs more energy and Pleasurelock sounds a bit like Warlock, Fighter or Berserker and the skill is also more practical, so I think the slight increase in fists is quite coherent.

As an alternative, you could of course also take out the varriable and say across the board:

Dominator = 100 Energy + 20 Fists + 10 Kisses + 5,000,000 $ OR 300 Kabans/Gold
all other jobs = 200 Energy + 40 Fists + 20 Kisses + 10,000,000 $ OR 600 Kabans/gold

But that's just a suggestion of what it might look like. 
Maybe someone now thinks that this is not enough for the jobs or for my 5-10 girls that I always need in the labyrinth or even that he or she does not need the jobs to get through the labyrinth.
Please keep one thing in mind, there are also people in the game who haven't been playing the game for 3 or even 6+ years and to keep the old-established players interested, I've also come up with something else that might make learning the professions a little more interesting.

Once you have learned a job, there is a small bonus to the girl's stats:

Dominator = +50$ /h
Fluffer = +150$ /h +300 Charm
Sexomancer = +150$ /h +300 Know-How
Pleasurelock = +150$ /h +300 Hardcore

Total: +500$ /h and +300 Charm, +300 Know How and +300 Hardcore 

In addition, 50 Gems of each type will be added once a girl has learned all 4 jobs.

Unfortunately the jobs are already in the update today, which does not change my suggestion, but I would have liked to post it before the introduction, because I think the job system is a bit immature.

I hope the translation into English with deepl.com was successful enough.

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Even though it's actually clear, I'll say it anyway.

1. With my suggestion, not only situations in the labyrinth are avoided, which lead to the fact that in the worst case your own team heals itself dead.

2. The fun of the game is not diminished, because the player can decide for himself whether he wants to have a girl in the team with a job at all, and if so, with which one.
Which would be good for newer players who can't access old jobless girls.

3. There is no disappointment with the players who may have trained a certain girl for weeks or months for the labyrinth and suddenly have to realize that the job she has now does not fit at all with what I had planned for her.

4. The game developers have less influence on the development of the harem and so on, but they don't have to sit down and think about whether one or the other job fits this or that girl that we are releasing now.

5. The training of the girls by the player relieves the development team.



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