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  1. My comments on the new market design: It has improved some aspects, but is a step back in some others. Positive - One slot more, good. 5-10k more in XP and 3-6k more in affection daily. - Buy all button, excellent - Max Out button for girls, excellent Negative - You cannot drag the items with mouse anymore, bad. - Selection changes to the first item everytime you use or boy an item. bad, very dangerous when using boosters. - Stats buttons disable when you upgrade one of them, bad. - Separate screens for market and girls upgrading. bad. You have to pass throug
  2. Congrats to FrostBurn1 for his easy victory. Relampago, Iwdono and Fran left me out of top4 this week. Unfortunately I have bad blessings this week, so I couldn't reach a good average.
  3. I was 15th with 3 minutes left, but in the end I was 16th. Good place considering I was using only 1 Minute-Man (aka ginseng) and 2 Sly-Man (aka chlorella) as boosters during the week. I will gradually change to stronger boosters during the next weeks. I have also unlocked level 700 this week and I have upleveled some of the girls.
  4. @Methos2 Excellent and simple
  5. Not us mere mortals, but it would be possible if any of our script wizards included such a feature in the script Improbable, of course.
  6. I can tell you what it is the "real late game". You have reached level 500 a long time ago ... you have well over thousand girls ... you have won many (or some) times D3 league ... you have emptied MP and EP pools so long ago that your orbs overflow ... you leveled your champions to the point where you cannot beat them in a full day ... you lost account of how many Mythic and legendary girls you have maxed ... now you get every single new girl in all events ... Out of habit you still repeat the same grind month after month for the miriad of events that are thrown at us without a sin
  7. D3 icon being in the league window doesn't mean that it has unlocked yet. There is always one icon (greyed) more than the last opened league level. And if you check players profiles, you won't find any with a D3 rank, so there are only two posibilities: D3 not unlocked or just unlocked this week.
  8. Good week. I am closing distance with top 15 in D2. Strange that getting fewer points I am reching higher positions, It must be that new D2 brackets are being created and the stronger players are separated. Just ego boosters all the week.
  9. A disputed league, I could only finish 5th. Next week blessings are the worst for me, I have the girls but I would need tens of thousands of gems, so not a good forecast.
  10. Moxy has Voyeur (purple) element, so to counter you need 3 girls of Submissive (white) element in your team also read this https://forum.kinkoid.com/index.php?/topic/21217-your-performance-handbook/&tab=comments#comment-248421 Remember the forum Q&A section has some pinned posts answering the most common questions
  11. Drop rates for this month Mythic days (september 2022) Event Roko, Love Note Jezebel, 888 battles, 50 drops, 100 shards (50 from SP) Roman Romance (september 2022) classic event Donatien, Gladiator Bellona, 256 battles, 22 drops, 106 shards Silvanus, Centurion Victoria, 299 battles, 22 drops, 101 shards Legendary/epic days (september 2022) event Edwarda, Dve, 493 battles, 47 drops, 101 shards Orgy days (september 2022) event -
  12. You need: many girls with at least 200 levels over your character, make your team with girls countering the boss girl element, completing the team with other top power girls, preferably sensual. use boosters and voila, you will reach 100 wins.
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