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  1. My comment was just a reminder, many things can go wrong that need some time to correct. No system is perfect and overload in servers is usual (no system is designed for the peaks if the usual load is well below those peaks). Near the end of the league and Cumback contest the server was saturated with many people connected, but I was around the game during the last 15 minutes and I could do many tasks including collecting some daily goals rewards. Ah!, and I am not a superstar ... yet
  2. @lepidocter if you remember when it was the first PoA in ComixHarem, it happened the same, the only way to circunvent the weakness of the initial champion is: - changing all equipment to harmony - trying to make your girl team as weak as possible, avoiding at all costs know-how and preferring hardcore over charm. This is pretty difficult to do with so few girls. Even doing this two things the champion won't last too many battles before you beat it, in my case only three battles the first time and it seems that it will be more than 7 the second time (new level 1 girls added to my
  3. Using my magician powers I can sense that you have less than 7 girls.
  4. Shhhhh!!! Don't talk so loud. They could hear you.
  5. Well, seeing how the people deplete them in two minutes, perhaps the shards refills should increase in revivals from 4500 to 6000 or even up to 9000. That or adding a day to the mythic revival.
  6. congrats to our korean friend shin. He has always been a tough competitor, and this time he took the first place. I did an honorable second with 7062 points (23,54 average). As always no AME needed. good play for Snorkk and barbenoire reaching the Top4 podium The next week I am in a pool full of sharks, so even top 4 will be difficult.
  7. Lesson learned: don't leave things for the last minutes
  8. Another milestone passed. My 28th place in D1 was good. 5574 points with 18,76 average. Enough without boosters.
  9. There is a "slight" mistake in one of the missions in the Pornstar harem PoA @Noacc Please look at this As we have no dedicated subforum for PoA I have created it in the main HH Bug section, mods, please be free to move it to other place if you deem it convenient.
  10. If you want to see the end result then you have to wait for the skip button to appear, but if you want only to do the battle as fast as possible, just start the battle and inmediately press your back browser button or the game home button.
  11. jelom


    Disable your adblocker
  12. Too bad we are in the bracket of death with the 80 top level players ... 😭
  13. That's the problem with concurrent events, if you focus in one of them you can easily forgot when another one ends. I have always said that there are too many events and features, even if they give some needed resources
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