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  1. Harem load time: 11 seconds From pressing harem button until Bunny's pose and data are loaded and I can move through the harem
  2. @Bomba I always read all the text walls in the forum, but now I must admit that your great chinese wall of text has defeated me for the first time. 😭 Moreover, you will never convince George that he can be wrong and you risk fedding him up and taking a penalty or a ban in the forum.
  3. If you clear cookies in your browser, and log in again in hentaiheroes you should be in your old account again.
  4. I am sure KK only read a few posts (selected with the same RNG he uses in the game with us ) that by chance are the ones that could justify the bad changes, but do not read the myriad of posts complaining for bad changes or suggesting ways to improve. Yes, it seems logical. 🤣
  5. GangBang Piper - 17 orbs Cougar Kioko - 31 orbs Miwa - 2 orbs Hiromi Ryoshi - 14 orbs Underwater Atila - 21 orbs Hymevarta - 41 orbs Elexine - 20 orbs Latex Lilith - 20 orbs Tornada - 6 orbs Powerful Bonny - 16 orbs Extreme Alex - 61 orbs My historic record with Epic Pachinko is 1949 orbs for 136 girls (6,98% equivalent to 1 girl every 14,3 orbs)
  6. A though was trying to get into my brain the last weeks but it didn't fully reach me until you said it and now I cannot stop thinking it: stupid AM booster With this single change Kinkoid has made a total mess of the game, affecting seasons, leagues, KC, PoA and even LC, and forcing you to choose into a set of all bad alternatives. Now the only solution would be that Kinkoid change the scope of AM booster so it doesn't boost seasons performances.
  7. The password remembering and autofilling is a browser issue. Delete the saved login and password for this site in the browser settings.
  8. I finished first this week with 6822 points and 22,97 average, with Thek doing a good second place not very far from me. Poiuy and HHTopCat were in third and fourth places.
  9. Provide raw number of fights and raw number of drops, please. And before you ask me, yes, I have the numbers of previous KC days to support my claim, you can even see some of them in previous KC threads.
  10. With drop rate (estimated) in KC as 50% in seasons and 10% in league, the probability of 60 league fights and no girl drops is 0,18%, low but possible.
  11. And I though that you knew that I nicknamed myself as Mr. Patience some times before in this forum 🤣😝😇 Waiting don't bother me, I was simply stating the fact in a general sense, and I think that learning to wait is a good trait, in games and in life.
  12. You should know it being a forum regular. Of course there isn't a (much needed) forum section yet . There are only a few threads opened in the HH forum. This game really train our patience waiting months for things that can be done in minutes and without effort.
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