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  1. Almost 3rd place, I lost my final fight against Cryo. The 6th Mythic equipment don't appear anywhere
  2. 12th place. I decided to do some extra battles during PoA. I have finally unlocked level 750 but now my book reserve is exhausted so it will take time to uplevel enough mythic and legendary girls. Still one Mythic equipment left, this is more important considering that now equipment account for more that 50% of stats. Usual boosters 1 SJI and 2 MMP
  3. Do not spend your kobans in that. It takes less than two minutes getting all the rewards and assigning the girls for all PoPs.
  4. Clear your filters (access with the magnifier icon) in the harem. You have probably selected only starter girls (there is just one in PornstarHarem)
  5. Hello again @DvDivXXX I am happy to see you are still with us, I was very worried about you. Reading your thoughs about the game I see you are in a new stage more casual, well, you have grown up and now see things differently. About your comments of the P2W drift, you are right, now money can speed up reaching the end game and make people instantly able to compete in the high end PvP, but money don't buy the dedication and inteligence needed to win, and the current Mythic equipment advantage is only temporal, we are slowly closing the gap. So I just thank whales for paying allowing u
  6. @HornyCat Accept it. @FinderKeeper gave you the correct answer: last 15 places or zero points get demoted. That rule has been in place since the first league more than 3 years ago. I was there to see it.
  7. Congratulations to Darkiz for his win. Another 4th place for me this week, with 6986 points and 23,29 average. I still need one Mythic Equipment to complete the initial set. No AME used
  8. Good 13th place considering some players refilled to complete all possible fights in a 112 player league. Still waiting for the 6th Mythic Equipment, I could sell the mountain of shields and armors I have. Omer, congrats for your good performance in your first D3.
  9. First you should ask for a decent viewer of all the "material". It shouldn't be so difficult to integrate a simple image viewer with an option for a slideshow.
  10. I know that for iPhone users this is a heresy, but, have you considered for the future buying your next phone an android device, you can have a useful one for a fraction of the cost of any Mac device.
  11. Well, another feature added. Pantheon does not take more than one minute a day. Now I am waiting for Kinkoid to finally align the event dates in HH and CxH.
  12. The usual strategy is going all blue (sensual), or just 3 girls to counter the element and then the 4 strongest girls remaining or 4 blue or a mix of that. But for that to work you need to have enough girls at level 600-650 or better.
  13. The shards shown in the Sultry Misteries shop are static, and don't change even if you get more shards of that girl during the time she is show in the shop. If she were to appear in the next refresh of the shop then she would show the new shards obtained. In your case you got 20 new shards of her in PoV, but the shop don't refresh them until the girl changes.
  14. Don't miss the next bundles, we need your money to keep the game running 🤑
  15. If you are better than a random attacking league player you will only attack when you are boosted and your opponent is unboosted, and you will also take advantage of any element aginst him, so even if initially you both have similar unboosted stats, in the end you would have a great advantage against him.
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