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  1. It seems that with this move htey are trying to cut losses in ComixHarem. Kinkoid has shown that it can leave a game if it don't give profits, as it did with Hentai clicker, which is now a zombie game, so perhaps that's the future of ComixHarem, and having its girls moved somehow to Hentai heroes. I see it possible because both sets of girls are drawings, and they don't need any modification to be in the same game. There are some options to do that, one would be just migrating all girls and even the adventure as a parallel haremverse, and other moving them slowly as with kinky cumpetition.
  2. In the harem, go to to one 5star girl of each color and push in the 5th skill
  3. My perception is that they just try to reduce the number of new girls, now cut to only 7 per month. I still have quite a few girls to get but many are from Seasonal Events that are very difficult to get even in revivals. But if most events are revivals, I will eventually have many days free in the month (not counting Seasonal events that force you to play continuously). I will welcome if they reduce the number of events and not simply substitute one event with a revival. Classic days event was the first event appearing from almost the start of the game (in HH) and it was one of the most liked by me. I will miss it for sure.
  4. Black hair team in HH. If you want shield you can only choose hair or zodiac.
  5. A gemini team, but is weaker than in CxH because i have less gear for the girls.
  6. It is not a secret, everyone can see it in leagues, just a blonde hair team. Mythic Misstres, Mythic Narkisha, Stalwart Saviant, Kityrina, Unbreakable Unleashed, Siliana bones and Dark Dragonheart if you want their names. I have decided to stick with a permanent team in all games, to reduce stress when blessing change and also to save cash.
  7. And it happens in CxH daily tasks too, but as it was said above it is energy not common shards.
  8. They are "deeply concerned" about a 0,5% drop rate reduction when there are two girls in the same villain ... but they have never acknowledged the well documented reduction of about 1,5%-2% in drop rates for classic, epic, orgy and legendary days that the compiled data show accross more than one year, or the even older halving in drop rates in epic pachinko.
  9. I am now immune to blessings change, whether planned monday's or unexpected bugs, now I have fixed teams in all games (HH, CxH, PsH and even in test server). I know I cannot compete for 1st or even top4 most weeks, but I have a top15 assured and what is more important: I have peace of mind and save Ymens too. Now I only have to slowly get and upgrade my girls' mythic gear until I complete a full maxed set.
  10. yes, logging out and in again solves that problem of not updating tasks in DP
  11. Fortunately I hadn't to think of this event when doing DP tasks
  12. Well, with some accumulation of resources, a few hours of continuous clicking and luck getting tasks, of course, I have completed 500 points in DP for all played games. Now I can play normally and try the slow approach to 1000 points and no more. DP still one of my most hated events.
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