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  1. shit.. and I thought all I gotta do is get one more KH attack mythic to get those 25´s
  2. I just realized that I haven´t posted here in a while.. so here we go pretty cheap win on nutaku .. not a very good 1st on the main RoI wise but half way through the league it looked like I could get a new personal best so I decided to not cheap out this this ^^ ( in hindsight..I probably could have easily made 24,5+ if I went all AM and all cordy all week and if I didn´t do so many fights before blessings change ^^but well I still take it ^^)..still missing 2 KH mythic items to play competitive so I´d say that´s not too shaby
  3. there was no double xp on nutaku but girl xp/lvl up..so somebody poored like 5mio gxp in it for the win plus all xp some of you´re guys .com contests are crazy cheap.. I barely made 4th and I had 5,1mio
  4. tsk tsk tsk ravi.. starting mythic campaigns and not even pinging me (I might have suggested fubuki to someone at KK :p) I personally wouldn´t mind a fubuki, murana end makima parody (my top 3 probably from the survey)
  5. have a headpat (congratz you just got holy rng)
  6. Simple solution: Forget about season like all other f2p before KC and after you get to tier 63 (true but you can get top4 without AM´s too.. and let´s be honest.. if you got a @-MM- or a @Ol Sheriff Joe in your league..there´s no way of winning anyways ) every benefit the card offer is an advantage ..I just fail to see how it´s p2p if you still have let it regen afterall all those comment yesterday and now you got a gold card.. you´re killing me and probably @Antimon too lep haha 🤣
  7. come on man now you´re just nitpicking you were talking about pay to win not pay to help so ofc we don´t have to mention the "club friendly" options and even if ..then you might rather pick the can help kill it so that the low levels get more shards instead of weak team.. that´ll help them more at the end of the they
  8. I´m sorry but this comment... makes me think you don´t know anything about leagues.. if you want to win leagues.. *spoiler* you almost always gotta have to refill.. top 15´s however or whatever you go for ..won´t change.. you know.. it´s not like we can´t refill anymore..if anything this might make the whales check league less and miss snaps so ..yeah .. I don´t get how you can say that´s a pay to win feature. It´s a smaller cost yeah..but still 1 less refill per week isn´t ultimately going to change the pvp landscape for D3. The cc one is only relevant for day 3 of cumc.. that´s the most
  9. yeah I don´t see that one tbh.. sure.. you can start with a full bar of 60 into MD´s or so but come on man.. that´s A) 400kobans and B) needs over 1 day of regen .. It would be great for QoL but it´s nothing that widens the gap to p2p.. If anything it´s a selling point for cards.. which will hopefully make them a good chuck of extra revenue so that they don´t have to force us into those stupidly expensive events like SB / hopefully go back to the cost of the halloween one that was still expensive but not like sell a kidney for the last girl expensive.. but then again..that´s just me
  10. if only the 18 league fights would have been free ...I wouldn´t need more than that tbh what a shame but well..
  11. it might be just a card holder feature is what @OmerBis trying to say I hope it´s not since that would really help me out because it´s becoming increasingly difficult to find time for the game ..well and I´d like to sleep my 10hours too like @Tom208
  12. never say never ..you might forget to change back again ( I usually stop fighting season alltogether if I dont need to for contests or so..or well..that thing..people call KC..)
  13. you know.. I could change your p2p too ... just saying well.. got louise.. very expensive.. though I didn´t even use 4 SP´s and I did go for the 50x because I can´t refill all of SB manually 1 by 1 anyways so.. yeah art´s solid.. still not above norou or bianca
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