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  1. Looking forward to those daily spent koban tasks "rng and so on " at least the mythic book and gift per day is something good ..
  2. seriously ...first the f++ uped PvE PoV now this PvP Pov ... what´s next ? did they maybe lower the points for the Pachinko one as well?? They NEED to AT LEAST fix the ratio for kisses ASAP!! that´s the BARE minimum...I really don´t want to insult anyone but seriously? .. who came up with this point ratio?? BIG FAT 👎
  3. soo emm ..did somebody hit his/her head again or did I maybe before I looked at the points for the PvP PoV ?
  4. Sooo since we have time atm I´ll go ahead and post my result: Pretty bad rng (and terrible blessings for me on nutaku this week) lost 2 fights on hh and 3(+6 i didn´t use because those would be losses as well) on nutaku got a 2nd place on my main and unfortunately only 8th on the f2p (probably a few AM boosters on nutaku and yourdaddy made use of the good blessings (i´m pretty sure he had that score ever since Monday ) biggest surprise of the week was @Oda and his lvl 700 team (650 prior) I suppose he forgot to finish his fights/ didn´t had the time 😮 ?
  5. Yep game´s down for a fix .. no info what the fix is (maybe the unawakening bug some were talking about )
  6. holymolly

    Chat room

    There´s nothing wrong with that ^^.. I just wanted to make sure you know how we roll on the forum It´s totally ok to post some meme´s and interact ! (just make sure you stick to the forum rules and everything will be fine ^^)
  7. So I just unlocked stage 1100 .. the win percentage was 40% so I was a little bit nervous but it seems I had about 70% of ego left.. so .. let´s see if stage 1200 will be a problem
  8. holymolly

    Chat room

    I have honestly no idea what that nor your post´s in the patch notes from yesterday mean.. anyways just so you know there are forum rules (I´m pretty sure you haven´t read them) I suppose you should give them a try (spamming f.e. is against the rules )
  9. everything seems fine for me it´s like @jelom said. I´ve also checked my profile and some others ..nothing has chance and 300 girls within a year isn´t impossible there are plenty of players that probably accheived that
  10. Yeah it would be a lot nicer if people would get a proper head up.. all those surprises are probably the biggest reason why people hoard this much. skipping the next PoV it it Since the last Revivial was Estelle, it´s only logical to assume that Alexa will be the next.
  11. I´d honestly always prepare for the worst .. I´ll be betting on a MD revivial..just because Rosso mentioned the feb-march thing in the last Q&A. Good thing that I have all mythics I REALLY wouldn´t WANT to choose between the revival and the NEW girl due to koban shortage.. MYTHIC girls art style is just superior to all the others imho
  12. holymolly

    Chat room

    Oh nvm then .. I somehow didn´t remembered you to be the leader (I was about to ask if you´d need a new one with nice folks 👉👈) maybe you want a merger once cc war comes out @Xemnas
  13. holymolly

    Chat room

    Have you changed clubs @Xemnas 😮 ?
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