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  1. really easy 1st and 2nd low effort and great RoI this week might be another 2x win but terribly expensive I´m afraid ..
  2. you got lucky .. miccia stripped for you afterall
  3. do you see a all gems counter in your market? (yeah fairly sure:P)
  4. happens to me sometimes too.. refreshing the page (a few times) usually helps..fyi.. if it occurs again
  5. holymolly

    Chat room

    you know others have a live as ninja´s too
  6. I mean.. it´s just 5 energy man...I knew about it but I couldn´t be bothered redeeming it 🤣 and as the other guys already said.. most of the codes expire fairly quickly.
  7. Whoop Whoop : We´ll probably have some spots open soon so if anyone´s interested hit me up on discord or here with a player profile screenshot of yours
  8. and here I am .. totally relying on numbers script .. do you guys edit those excels manually or is there some form of script you guys use for that..because I can only imagine how long the manual editing would need ^^
  9. holymolly

    Chat room

    Oh an Italian club..your leader is grancazzo..well I don´t want to say it fits but..after what you told us @Antimon ..next time he´s mean maybe suggest him to take a bit of antimon and shallow it ( no sexual joke ofc )
  11. holymolly

    Chat room

    I met him in a contest on monday but can´t help you with elimination because I claimed it already 😅 Oh we got a few of those too ( the not sure when they quit jokes.. myself included 🤣) since everything´s on max over here you wouldn´t need to donate anything (may I ask in which club you currently are @Antimon? sry to hear that "club issue" ) (don´t worry div that´s the last post in chit chat.. afterall we´re just chatting ) (as for the digimon: I thought that might not be your reference so I´m glad I called the right shot )
  12. was going for a cheap top 4 on both and ended up that way.. even though both 1st scores were pretty low espeically on nutaku but well I take the no AM and cordy top4
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