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  1. without.. what? ...welp.. I keep forgetting that the game actually works without the scripts..thanks for the info. guess I´ll never be able to verify that myself cause I´d be gone if I have to waive all scripts.
  2. I know people joke about us Germans being right but I´m fairly sure left is correct in this case
  3. oh you´re not wrong.. they´re still not fixed indeed I remember @-MM- telling me how easy some of the bug fixes are but well.. guess KK has their own plans.. who knows If I had to guess .. I think KK is going to slowly fix the bug that got reported in the survey ..we´ll have to wait and see how long it takes.. I mean the "market refill bug" ..got "fixed" like ? 6 or 7 years later :p...
  4. we the mods .. do that on a regular basis directly with KK tech (what they make out of it is ofc KK´s decision 😛 ) to answer the question a bit further.. yes the forum is a good idea.. usually we(mods) report them ..if necessary .. to KK tech directly via asana/discord.. so this is prolly the most effective way to report.. also there has been a survey about the most important bugs to fix.. I´m sure our lovlely @Luna - Kinkoid has send the results internally to KK.. as Rosso already implied on the discord. also.. I´ll try to get all the questions here to the Q&A so if you have a question maybe ping me so I don´t forget about it. I´ve noted down the questions thus far. (only those that are questions..I don´t consider statements and feedback questions fyi)
  5. yep..I did buy the cards but laby might even make up for it tbh .. still.. I rather get the cards and don´t feel obligated to do perfect resource mgt
  6. Once again KK has blessed us with another version of best girl I wonder why Unfortunately underwhelimg art compaired to the last one but I´mma eat that can of dog food regardless I think 14k ish should be enough for me to get them all thanks to my coins
  7. I´m curious on how you´d rate the RoI .. I f.e. haven´t spend a dime/ koban on it and I can get almost 15k extra TP now ..this week is a bit shit for me since I only own 3 mythics that offer a attack bonus.. would you mind giving us some insights on your additional strength ? ( you can slide into my dm´s secret dimension too if you´re too shy to do so publicly )
  8. you know what I had to think about when seeing this.. that´s some next lvl some would say p2w GE power I see there I suppose someone spend a "few" kobans on EqP
  9. I actually dislike all others ..all the others are just rin.tin to me
  10. JOKES ON YOU.. she´s also called rin 😛 I wanted to post this one first though 😛
  11. IF we´re talking about those..
  12. Mimir is one of a kind don´t say that but yeah.. we(the mod´s) have been asked about important bugs and I asked if we can give KK bug that they believe to have fixed too (one of which is this one)
  13. PoR(evival) Mod-Edit: replaced bugged version of the calender with the corrected one
  14. Hay muchos problemas en el harem actualmente. De momento, KK está intentando arreglarlas.
  15. holymolly

    Chat room

    Have you ever been ? If benefits are what I´m after I wouldn´t be asking in the first place
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