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  1. Oh, yes, I wanted to say a drop chance. Excuse me. I really hate that Sylvanus always have "bad run" with no spheres, no tickets, no shards and it's just great if chance of drop 1 in a 100. And now Finalmecia goes there. It's really annoying. Yes it is. I hate guaranteed "bad runs" at Sylvanus, I hate that "bad runs" exists here when even I can fix it by two strings of code (and yet all my programming skills are limited to writing 'hello world'). I don't like bad art, which has become too much. And many other bad decisions in the game. Why am I writing this in the PoA section? Be
  2. I'll finish it tomorrow Despite the successful completion of the task, there is no pleasure in completing it. The arts, although not as bad as they could be, do not arouse interest. They're boring. I will not say anything about spring and autumn - they are also so-so by themselves. There was no pleasure in the process, only the rather drawn-out monotonous execution of the same actions (it was especially annoying to click on the buttons in battles with champions). During the event, there was the lowest drop rate from villains. As a result, a complete feeling of wasted time. It looks
  3. Oh, so this is the new activity that Bunny was talking about! Grinchoid stole the places of power, and now we will search for them. How exciting!
  4. Of course, I have no problems getting a legendary girl, because I am of a very low level and I manage resources correctly. But even now, it's more like a rat race. No fun. Not only are the rewards (art) terrible, but the process is disgusting.
  5. If the developers of the game were thinking about the players, then they would set a few cutoff (according to the brackets and missions), upon reaching which each player guarantee receives a prize. Higher cutoff - better prize, nothing new. But that's how every player who plays and spend resources have a chance to get LC girl. LC must not be a fucking lottery where you can loose even spending all resources.
  6. Oh, so you also know how to improve the appearance of girls in this way! It's great that there are many of us!
  7. Due to the fact that Tano is now in my harem, and I have to see her regularly, my eyes began to bleed. What should I do? Get used to it? Stop playing? Gouge out your eyes? I was already starting to choose between the second and third options when a great idea came to me: I have to do something with Tano. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you a new look for Tano, much more beautiful than the previous one! Look at this pose, just look at this face! Now she's perfect !! And the blood from my eyes will no longer flow. What a relief ...
  8. Finished at 7th place so today i got Taro "the Nutcracker". But it is not important. Spent 10 EP orbs, got 3 girls. This LC is very strange.
  9. Most often it works. But a couple of times I found myself in a situation where everyone at the very end began to rush and I was not destined.
  10. I got 50 shards and the next contest is to play Pachinko. Hope my 28 Epic + 29 Mythic + 11 10-great will be enough. If only Tano weren't so terrible 😧
  11. And despite this, one comrade gave out seven-digit numbers, when the majority showed five-digit ones when I was below level 200. It was too much to say the least.
  12. Aha! Moderators do what they should. And they also expand my vocabulary and explain what kind of address on the forum is allowed and what is not. Hence, it is permissible to call another person stupid here. I wonder if, as an appeal to the moderators and members of Kinkoid, I use the epithet "sir of stupidity", will double standards work again or will they swallow it?
  13. Whoa! Look, I still have a chance to get 50% female attraction. Incredible! Got a second warning: "Kinkoid prohibits data mining of future content. Please don't be stupid enough to post evidence that you are doing this on the forum." Yes, it's my fault. I did not know that this is prohibited, because how can such a thing come to mind when you see that scripts, which allow you to see girls which have not yet been won, are posted and not banned on the forum. It's my fault again and I'm so sorry. So yeah, I'll post this nutcracker image tomorrow when it becomes legal. And one
  14. Guys, if I get banned soon, have a couple of pints of beer in memory of me. And yes, this is not offtopic, because I want to say that I really love such legendary contests. A great way to get adorable legendary girls into your harem without any incredible stress. Easy relaxing gaming experience. I would only like to see also the know-how girl. Otherwise, keep it up!
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