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  1. got a grand total of 12 shards between 3 girls on bremen, ledgendary bad luck
  2. had to spend some kobans getting rid of garbage tasks, didnt even need the girl for team building i just love the source material, no regrets
  3. i cant even say how happy i am to have a tea gardner parody in the game anyone else remember the huge boobs and constant panty shots from shonen jump?
  4. when i hear "less events" i makes me think these people simply dont want other payers to get anything they dont like they have gotten all the rewards they want for they time they are willing to put in and anything beyond that shouldnt exist anymore what about players who spend LESS time than them, arent they getting the same unfair advantage as players who play more than them i dont get everything from every event but i focus more on what i get than what others get that i dont
  5. I dont get why i keep hearing "oh no more content" whenever something is added to the game having a event twice a month is literally twice as good as once a month you dont need to do everything if you dont enjoy it personally i would like 10= events at a time, i love free stuff
  6. How hard do you think the upper difficulties will be? do you think we will need 70 girls with maxed skills, equipment etc? a lot of the girls i take to the labyrinth are common girls i leveled to reach 750 i think i need more leveled ledgendary and mythic girls
  7. girl skills really ramped up the difficulty of the pantheon, i went from being just shy of beating floor 1700 to literally being one or two shot
  8. 3 chances for mythic girls a month starting to be not quite as exclusive of a resource cant wait for 7 star girls to completely blow them away yay power creep
  9. i ended up getting nike because she is such a hottie but now i have 4 mythic girls doing nothing for me so im gonna duck out of the mythic events for awhile
  10. I love everything about Nike's design but i dont need a 4th purple mythic efore i get my first of some other colors her incredible tits are drawing in more than just me, her shards super fast and i dont need that headache will only go for her if she had tons of shards left for a while
  11. when i try to use the scroll bar it just highlights all the words and pictures in blue is there a claim all button anywhere i missed? Mod-Edit: Merged two posts. i figured it out thank you for the help
  12. is anyone else having problems scrolling the rewards bar, i cant claim anything before the most recent one?
  13. is it just me or is moe bunny bustier than her "older self?
  14. anyone else miss the days when you would go for a girl because she had nice tits or was a parody you liked instead of doing math to see if she is good or not? 50000 shards left last i checked, still have mythics far from build, thats why im skipping plus never really liked neono, kind of a bitch
  15. i have never gotten the chest of gems for getting all the girls in a event and even so i am drowning in gems (20-30K each) and i cant use them since i cant level up girls fast enough to need them why are books so hard to come by?
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