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  1. in the next half hour i will have completed Step # 12 ..............just like anything else in life money helps
  2. i disagree to the whales F2P players are an after-thought and don't pose much of a challenge,..............as for competition for the whales, most any paying player will give them that
  3. when will the game runners figure out that most of this game's player's are interested in hentai / cartoon porn If they wanted to see real people they could visit thousands of sites that feature that sort of thing
  4. win pvp battles , win battles in league play, and buy energy refills and advance through the game scrolls quickly
  5. OUCH! i thought i did provide feedback in my previous post...........i'm closing in on 3 years of playing this game and about the only thing of interest to me now is League play I have tried to set up my team to do well in pvp and league play and like the scorpion and frog crossing the river it is a lot to ask of me to change my nature. i have 282 harmettes and find the recent depiction of the affection scenes and harem girls to collect aren't very good in my opinion i have suggested on several occasions the game runners should make some of the affection scenes into gifs that would be much more interesting to me
  6. are you sure that you have the "right way" of looking at things, perhaps if you have been playing checkers all your life and then all of a sudden it was decreed that from now on everyone must play chess...........you would consider the adage "adapt or die" ...........well some people/players may choose a (honorable) death instead of changing to put in context to Hentai Heroes scenario suppose you only engaged in regular coitus and then after a certain point you only could engage in anal sex ........maybe you might consider becoming celibate.............or your a meat eater and then were told that you must become a vegan because it is better for you............well maybe not so much.............why do people follow and believe in religious traditions today when clearly believing in science is more rational.............well apply that thinking to Harem Heroes
  7. when posters refer to end game content..........does that mean the main protagonist becomes impotent
  8. sure let them limit the top level to 500 ...........it will give me an excellent reason to quit playing
  9. @Captain715 I've been playing this game for almost 3 years now and right from the beginning the girls that had become part of my harem all have engaged in some sort of sexual activity as part of their 3 scenes..............so i do not understand your reference to girls only getting undressed, my complaint is the emphasis on anal sex .......i guess I'm prudish on that matter
  10. @Shal how about showing a little respect to the creator of this thread (that's right it's me) which is closing in on a 100 pages of replies If and when you create enough forum topic threads that generate a 100 pages worth of replies i will definitely pay homage to your forum contributions
  11. during the last 6 league season's i have won twice in D3 and in both incidences i did not have the strongest team by level and in one case there was a team 11 levels higher then mine, ..............additionally in the other 4 seasons in which i did not win i came in second 3 times.............also shal if you find this "odd" you need to get out more
  12. i do not want to divulge my tactics in a wide open forum but i am wiling to share them to a smaller audience, suffice to say they are almost the opposite of Blaa's
  13. Just wanted to add that my strategy is different then yours and i have finished in the top 4 in my D3 leagues for 3 consecutive months
  14. first of all your a minimum of 80 levels to low to effectively take on the top champions, and secondly you need to be using boosters also.
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