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  1. I'm also stuck at 80% shards just testing new option. Spending tickets, kobans and time to get Epic guy isn't worth it. Another one event I'd pass.
  2. I guess that is Dating Tokens which was removed from the game last Fall
  3. It may happens if you complete the Tier and after that lose some battle(s). So your progress downgraded back to previous Tier but you still can take the reward from the next Tier reached before losing battle(s).
  4. Today my balance has loss of ~70m but I'm not upset, I'm satisfied. Why? Coz I spend that money to upgrading my Harem not donate throw it out. Hope game dev would change this contest requirement from donate to spend.
  5. You're right, as always I'm to pessimistic and toxic 😉 But for now it seems that PoV is bad designed. Back to the upgrades: upgrading to the first star and fifth star would bring me the same amount of points but cost difference is huge. This is another problem in design.
  6. And we need 'constant' filters that we can apply once and use forever. Lets say I want filter all Epic (or all 5 star) guys in my Harem. After that I'm going to the Market to upgrade them, return to the Harem, and... should apply filters again 😬
  7. I suppose the better way is to test'em on redrawing some old characters that is really terrible...
  8. Maximum 12 points for upgrading guy?! Minimum 175 upgrades to obtain PoV's guy, really?! I'll better wait for next PoV Besides I have no so much guys for upgrade (most of my is already fully upgraded).
  9. Hm, what does it mean 'Upgrade' in current PoA? Get new star for the guy or what?
  10. 1. It's better to keep the books to upgrade Legendary guys with the same effect on PoP. 2. After increasing income from the first four guys its nothing. 3. Yes, this contest was the one reason, but I guess that last one was more than month ago (not counting Legendary Contest yesterday).
  11. Guess not, while I have 16 Free Draft for the Club's Champion too. Surely I haven't get 40 guys for the last 3 weeks PS: confirmed NOT. Now I have new round (1 of 5) of one guy and have 17 Free Draft for it 🙄 PPS: It seems that one-star guys doesn't counted
  12. Hm, I'm surely beat the Champions between recruiting 160 and 200 guys in my Harem...
  13. I have 200+ guys but still have 16 free Change Draft for Champions. Is there a limit (16 times) for free changes or bug?
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