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Your Performance Handbook!


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About B.D.S.M.

B.D.S.M. stands for Battles, Development, Strategy and Mechanics and is the name of the current PvP system (PvP stands for Player versus Player).
It was released on live servers on July 21, 2021.
With this updated PvP system we went from 3 girls to 7 girls (up to 7) to use in our battle team during performances.
It is now the total stats (Charm + Know How + Hardcore) of a girl that matters in increasing our power.
With B.D.S.M. we also got introduced to some new features like blessings and elements.

To read more about B.D.S.M. go here -> B.D.S.M - Kinkoid (Highly recommended!)


Now then, what is a Performance and how does it work?

A Performance is the name of a battle/fight in this game where you challenge an opponent (be it another player or an NPC) and you take turns attacking each other. Whenever you start a Performance, you are always the first to attack, meaning that the attacker (in this case, you) will have the advantage of the first hit and damage dealt. The first Performance you'll encounter in the game is against Dark Lord, an NPC and the first world's villain in the Adventure Mode.
Read more about villains and the adventure mode -> HERE <-
This is how the screen can look like before starting a Performance:image.png

Clicking the "Perform! x1" button will start the performance.

Before I can explain further, you first need to know about the stats of this game, read about that first -> HERE <-
Now, as you can see, Dark Lord has 199 Attack Power/Damage, while my Defense is 6373, there is no way for Dark Lord to deal damage against me. On the other hand, my Attack Power is higher than both his Ego and Defense combined, so this Performance will be a guaranteed win in just the first hit. It's recommended to look at the opponent's stats and compare them to yours before starting a Performance to try and predict the outcome.

In other Performances where the opponent is stronger so the Performance lasts longer (this is more common against other players (PvP)), you will do the first hit, then your opponent will do a hit and that process will repeat until one of your Ego reaches 0, the first one who's Ego reaches 0 loses that Performance.

Predicting the outcome of a Performance against an opponent with similar stats as your own can be quite tricky, simply because there exist something called a Critical Hit, which is possible during EVERY hit from both you and your opponent, so sometimes all you can do is wish for the Goddess of luck to be on your side. However, since the attacker (the attacker is the one who clicks the Perform! button) is always the first one to attack, you always have the upper hand from that at least.


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The 4 stats that are used in a performance:

Damage image.png
Defense image.png
Ego        image.png    

Damage image.png, also known as Attack Power, is pretty straight forward, it's the damage you or your opponent will deal during each of your turns during a performance, which is reduced by the defense image.png stat. 
Example: You have 1000 damage and your opponent has 100 defense: 1000 damage - 100 defense = 900 damage dealt.
image.png is the HP/Life stat of this game, reducing your opponents ego to 0 is how you win a performance. 
image.png is the stat that determines the critical hit chance in this game. Critical hits deal extra damage (double damage without any critical damage bonuses). The higher harmony you have COMPARED to your opponents harmony, the higher your chance to crit becomes.

Your stats can be upgraded by buying points in the market for Ymen image.png or getting better equipment.
For every new level your account gains, you will be able to buy 30 extra stat points from each of those 3 stats.
This means, at level 500 (the current max level) you will be able to buy 15 000 points from each stat for a total of 45 000.
Do keep in mind that the price goes up for that particular stat every time you upgrade it.

You can buy multiple stat points at once by clicking the button that says x30 in the picture above (default is x1).

Hardcore (HC) -> image.png, Charm (CH) -> image.png, Know How (KH) -> image.png

Only your main stat will increase your damage and enduranceimage.png (every point of endurance increases our ego by 1 point), the other 2 stats will increase your defense and harmony instead. Hover your mouse over each + icon to see by how much.
Your main stat will be the same stat shown next to your name in the market:

image.png My main stat here that I want to primarily focus on is the charm stat (flower).

You can hover your mouse over most things in the market to see what they're called.


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Blessings are increasing the power of girls with specific traits, you can press this button -> image.png  found in the top right corner to see the currently active blessings.

Here is an example of how it can look like:

In the above picture you can see for example that currently Common girls (like the girl in the picture below) have their total stats increased by 25%. When a girl is blessed her stats will be green in your Harem page (again, like in the picture below).

To find out a girls traits, you can go to your Harem page and click on the girl you want to read about: 

Blessings are replaced by new ones every Monday at 13:00 UTC+1 (Which is the same time as you get new Daily Missions).


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Elements/Synergy bonuses

There are currently 8 elements in the game, they are:

Dominatrix    image.png ->Increases your Attack Power
Eccentric       image.png ->Increased your critical damage
Exhibitionist image.png ->Increases your Ego
Physical          image.png ->Increases your Critical chance
Playful             image.png ->Decreases the opponents Defense
Sensual          image.png ->Heal for % of damage dealt
Submissive  image.png ->Increases your Defense
Voyeur           image.png -> Increases your Harmony

Before doing a performance, you will see this screen:

Click that "!" icon that I've circled in red located next to your battle team to bring up the synergy bonuses screen:


Look at the battle team (first picture) and you will find these icons located under each girl, this is her element.
Each element has a name, hover your mouse over each icon to see what it's called.

The more girls you have recruited to your harem, the bigger your passive bonuses will be, up to 100 girls of each element.
These bonuses may be further increased by the girls currently in your battle team.

For example, look at the above picture, look at the Dominatrix icon (the black icon), there you will see that I have +9% damage, +7% of those 9 are from my harem, where I have 100+ Dominatrix girls recruited, and +2% are from me currently having 1 Dominatrix girl in my battle team.

Note: The 7% and 2% bonuses are ADDITIVE and not multiplicative with each other, that's why the total is 9%.


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Counter Bonus (Domination scheme)

Click the "!" icon next to your battle team (seen before doing a performance) to bring this up:image.png

Having 3 or more girls of the same element will give your team that Element, this means that you can have a maximum of 2 Synergy Bonuses active. Example:
image.png Here is a team with 3 Exhibitionist girls (the green icon). 
This gives us the green icon under our girls.
Players with an
 Eccentric team (the red icon) can now Counter your team and gain a bonus when battling you (See Counter Bonus to the right of the icons in the Domination scheme picture).
At the same time, you also get a counter bonus against players with a 
Physical team (the orange icon), so in this case you will get +10% Ego image.png and +10% Damage image.png against such opponents.

image.png Here is a team that gives us 2 elements (Dominatrix and Sensual).
This gives us both the black and blue icon under our girls.
Players can now get a double counter bonus against us if they're using at least 3
Voyeur girls and 3 Playful girls in their performance team (this would give them +20% Crit chance, +10% Ego and +10% Damage against us).
At the same time we would also gain those same bonuses against opponents with the elemental bonuses of at least 3
Submissive and 3 Eccentric girls.

However, keep in mind that a double counter bonus may not always be worth going for, for example: If the opponent is running at least 3 Eccentric and 3 Playful girls in the performance team, then you would need 3 Sensual girls and 3 Physical girls for a double counter bonus, BUT this will also give your opponent 1 counter bonus (Playful counters Sensual in this case). So my tip here would be to only try and get 1 counter bonus, which would be to go for the 3 Physical bonus.

If you don't have 3 or more girls of the same element you will see a rainbow colored icon instead, image.png this is called a Balanced team.
A Balanced team will not counter nor be countered by any team, so no counter bonuses will be applied.


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Harmony/Critical Hits

Harmony image.png is a stat that determines your chance on doing a critical hit. The combined percentages of you and your opponent will be 30%, and that 30% will be divided between both players depending on both players' harmony stat. If the harmony of both players is equal (ratio = 1:1), then both players will have a 15% chance to crit. If the ratio of the harmony stat is (4:1), then one player will have 24% chance and the other 6% chance to crit. In short, the higher your harmony is compared to your opponent, the higher the chance to crit will be. You can not go above 29% or below 1%.

To calculate your chance to crit against a certain opponent then use this formula:
0.3 * Your Harmony / (Your Harmony + Opponent's Harmony)
Example: If you have 80k harmony and your opponent has 20k harmony, then this would be the formula:
0.3 * 80 / 100 = 0.24 (here 100 is 80 + 20)
So in the case above, your chance to crit would be 24%, meaning that your opponent's chance to crit would be 6%.

The critical hit chance can be further increased by having Physical girls in both your battle team and harem, and even further increased by some counter bonuses. These bonuses are additive to the harmony's chance.

The maximum possible critical hit chance is 78%.

29% from harmony.
9% from Physical girls (1 girl in your battle team and 100+ in your harem).
40% from a double Counter Bonus

Looking at the Counter Bonus page, we can see that we can only squeeze 1 Physical girl into our team for us to possibly be able to get a double 20% Critical Hit Chance Counter Bonus. However, even 1 +20% Crit Chance Counter Bonus is still more Crit Chance than another 6 Physical girls, which would "only" give us another +12%.


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Changing performance team

You can change your performance team in 4 locations. 

1: The first place is when you click on the blue Perform! button to challenge a villain. Underneath your stats there is a blue Change team button. Click on this button to change your team.

2: The second place is in the Season. Here you can also find the blue Change team button after clicking on Find Opponents. (See the picture below.)

3: The third place is in the Leagues screen at Tower of Fame, just click the Change Team button under your battle team, same as the first picture.

4: The fourth and last place is found by going to Sex God Path -> Pantheon's Stairway -> Enter -> Change team

When changing girls, the game will first automatically select the girl in the center. If you want to change any of the other girls, you will have to click on the girl currently on that spot first. Then click on the icon of the girl you want to swap into your team in the menu on the right. Now this girl will be in your team.
Note: If you want to switch the position of two of your girls who are in your team already, then select one of the two girls on the left, and the icon of the other girl in the menu on the right. The girls will now switch places.

IMPORTANT!!  IF you have more than 1 battle team saved, then updating your battle team in a location MAY ONLY update it in that specific location! In other words, if you for example change your team in seasons, then ONLY your seasons team might update! So please be careful about this before doing a performance.


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Best girls

Girls have different rarities, the rarer she is, the higher her base stats will be.
The order is from least to most rare:

This means that Mythic girls will have the highest stats (not taking blessings into account).

That said, the best girls, or rather, the most powerful girls will always be in order from top to bottom to the right when you are in the Change team screen, so depending on what blessings are currently active, the order of the girls will vary.
If you're not going for a Counter Bonus or just a specific element in general, it is recommended to use the top 7 girls.image.png Here you can see that I have my top 7 girls selected.

In this picture you can see that the top 8 girls have a red background, this indicates that they are Mythic, then we have 1 with purple background, so she is Legendary, and lastly we have 3 common girls, because they have a gray background.
If you're still unsure, just hover your mouse over a girl and get this popup: 
image.png Here we can see it say: Legendary girl.

Here is a spreadsheet by zoopokemon about the best girls (with blessings) and more: HH: Girl Data - Google Drive


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Boosters are temporarily power increases, they can be found in the Market -> Boosters tab, Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary boosters lasts for 24 hours once applied. Mythic boosters work differently, they last for a set amount of uses instead.

In the market you can see these boxes:

They are for boosters (can be found and bought from the Boosters tab in the market), the 3 red boxes are reserved for Mythic boosters only. Mythic and Legendary boosters are not recommended for new and low level players.
Common, rare, epic and legendary boosters increases some of your stats: 

Booster name                   What does it boost?                Common                    Rare                     Epic                     Legendary 
Chlorella                          Ego                                         +1200                     +4200               +14700           +10%
Ginseng root                   HC, CH, KH                            +100                       +350                 +1225              +6%
Cordyceps                       Damage                                 +300                       +1050               +3675             +10%
Jujubes                            Harmony
                                +400                       +1400               +4900             +20%
Note: HC = Hardcore, CH = Charm, KH = Know-How       

Tip: You can hover your mouse over each booster to read what it does.

Best boosters: Cordyceps > Ginseng root > Chlorella > Jujubes


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Best equipment

Currently, the only relevant equipment are Legendary equipment, which can easily be obtained by doing 10x pulls in the Great Pachinko.
Note: Mythic equipment does at writing moment not yet exist (2021-11-20)

Multistat/rainbow image.png equipment that boosts all your stats:

Mono/single stat equipment that boosts 1 stat

It is recommended to mainly use multistat equipment, or mono stat equipment that boosts your main stat (in my case above it's charm).
All other mono equipment are useless for you.


Combination of mono and multistat equipment, when to use mono?

Personally I have my own rule that I will share with you.
We'll focus on the top 3 stats of a multistat equipment, and ignore the harmony and endurance stat.

image.png  (Note: This equipment is a level 500 equipment)

This mono equipment gives me +2134 in main stat, and -3400 average in secondary stats (The math being: 3434+3366=6800, 6800/2 = 3400).

Here's what I do:
If the mono item wouldn't give me at least half of 3400 (>1700) then I would sell it, because the multistat equipment is always better in that case.
So IMO it's only worth using mono equipment if they are above that 50% mark. 
Equipping any mix of these above 50% mono equipment and multistat equipment are fine.

However, with that said, because critical hits are so dangerous in the current state of the game, I would recommend to mainly use just multistat equipment, but if you need more guaranteed damage without having to rely on luck (crits) then keeping mono items in your inventory and use 1-3 of them is totally fine. Using more than 3 at once is not recommended as your harmony becomes too low and leaves you vulnerable to critical hits against your opponents.

Also, good mono items are way harder to come by than multistat equipment (their drop rate is lower) and if you're kind of a low level you will switch out your multistat equipment quite often as you level up. As you keep leveling up the equipment that drops will become stronger and stronger and the newer multistat equipment will quickly become much stronger than your old mono equipment.


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Girl level and grade (XP and Affection)

First let's get this out of the way:
Leveling up a girl = XP (Books)
Upgrading a girl = Affection (Gifts)

Girl's level and grade are important for increasing your battle stats, the higher level and grade your girls are that are in your battle team the higher your battle stats becomes.

The sum of all stats of the girls in the battle team give
2 Ego + 0.25 Attack + 0.12 Defense

Below your battle team you should see this text: image.png 
Note: The numbers next to the text is the total stats of your battle team, so it will not be the same numbers as mine.

You can level up your girls by giving them Books/XP in the Market -> Books tab, just look for the girl you want to level up, chose the book you want to give and click the Offer button. Another way to give girls XP is to use them in your battle team and win performances in Season, the girls in your battle team that is not at a level cap will gain XP. The amount of experience given is displayed in the table below:

Level opponent          Experience received by the girls in your team
001-050                      1
051-100                      2

101-150                       3
151-200                      4
201-250                      5
251-300                      6
301-350                      7
351-400                      8
401-450                      9
451+                            10

Here is a spreadsheet by zoopokemon where you can see the amount of XP needed to level up girls: HH Girl XP Chart 


You can also increase a girl's base stats by upgrading her grade, by giving her affection in the Market -> Gifts tab.
Upgrading her grade will give her a star, there exists 1-star, 3-star, 5-star and 6-star girls in the game, meaning that 1-star girls is NOT recommended to use in your battle team if you want to increase your stats. Upgrading a girl costs Ymen (or kobans).

Here is the total amount of affection a girl needs to be upgraded.

Starter:      90 /    225 /    563 /   1,125 /  2,250  (   878 total for 3 stars |  4,253 total for 5 stars)
Common:      180 /    450 /  1,125 /   2,250 /  4,500  ( 1,755 total for 3 stars |  8,505 total for 5 stars)
Rare:        540 /  1,350 /  3,375 /   6,750 / 13,500  ( 5,265 total for 3 stars | 25,515 total for 5 stars)
Epic:      1,260 /  3,150 /  7,875 /  15,750 / 31,500  (12,285 total for 3 stars | 59,535 total for 5 stars)
Legendary: 1,800 /  4,500 / 11,250 /  22,500 / 45,000  (17,550 total for 3 stars | 85,050 total for 5 stars)
Mythic:    4,500 / 11,250 / 28,125 /  56,250 / 112,500 / 225,000  (437,625 total for 6 stars)

Here is the total amount of ¥men you need to spend to upgrade the girls:

Starter:    36k /   90k /  225k /  450k /  900k       (  351k total 3 stars |  1.701m total 5 stars)
Common:     72k /  180k /  450k /  900k /  1.8m       (  702k total 3 stars |  3.402m total 5 stars)
Rare:      216k /  540k / 1.35m /  2.7m /  5.4m       (2.106m total 3 stars | 10.206m total 5 stars)
Epic:      504k / 1.26m / 3.15m /  6.3m / 12.6m       (4.914m total 3 stars | 23.814m total 5 stars)
Legendary: 720k /  1.8m /  4.5m /    9m /   18m       ( 7.02m total 3 stars |  34.02m total 5 stars)
Mythic:    1.8m /  4.5m / 11.3m / 22.5m /   45m / 90m (175.1m total 6 stars)

Another way to earn affection is by using the girl as a part of your performance team in Season. The girls in your team will get a small amount of affection depending on the level of your opponent, every time you win a performance in Season. The amount of affection given is displayed in the table below:

Level opponent          Affection received by the girls in your team
001-050                       1
051-100                       2

101-150                       3
151-200                       4
201-250                       5
251-300                       6
301-350                       7
351-400                       8
401-450                       9
451+                             10


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Awakening girls is also relevant for maximizing your performance power.

You can as of the Awakening patch on November 17th, 2021, awaken your girls, meaning that you can now use a new type of currency called gems to level up your girls above your own player level to a maximum of level 750. Before this patch you could not level up your girls above your own level, and the current max player level is 500.

Awakenings are level caps that happens every 50 levels for each girl.

Awakening girls at level 50, 100, 150, and 200 are free and need no gems to advance.
For lvl 250+ however, you'll need gems. 

When you girl is at the level cap, the Offer button is replaced by an Awaken button:

image.png -> T49Hxx1.png

When clicking the Awaken button this UI will popup:


This chart shows how many gems are needed at each level cap for every girl rarity:


17 hours ago, Attirm said:
Gems 251 301 351 401 451 501 551 601 651 701   Sum 250-750 Sum 350-750
C 40 60 80 100 125 150 200 275 350 500   1880 1780
R 80 120 160 200 250 300 400 550 700 1000   3760 3560
E 120 180 240 300 375 450 600 825 1050 1500   5640 5340
L 160 240 320 400 500 600 800 1100 1400 2000   7520 7120
M 200 300 400 500 625 750 1000 1375 1750 2500   9400 8900

Also this can happen:


Which means you'll need to level up more girls to your current cap before you can advance.


This means that you need at least 100 girls to be at level 700 before you can Awaken your first girl above level 700+.

Read more about Awakening here: B.D.S.M: Awakening - Kinkoid (Highly recommended!)


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Your Ego image.png is your HP (your life) and is a byproduct of your Endurance image.png + your girl's Total Power in your battle team.

You Ego is mainly determined by the following factors:
Every point of Endurance gives +1 Ego and the sum of all stats of the girls in the battle team gives +2 Ego (Check Other sources for more)
Ego formula: Endurance stat + ( 2 * Team power )

OR the full version: (Endurance stat (including club and ginseng booster(s) bonus) + ( 2 * Team power) * (1+Exhibitionist synergy bonus) * (1+Domination Ego bonus) * (1+Chlorella booster(s) bonus)

Other sources:

Exhibitionist girls in your battle team gives +3% Ego each
Exhibitionist girls in your harem give you up to +10% Ego if you have recruited at least 100 of them
Club bonus "Endurance stat" can increase your endurance by up to +10%
Your harem level (go to your harem page and look for this: 
image.png Harem level is the sum of all your girl's levels.
Endurance bonus from harem level is -> 50 x √(HAREM LEVEL)

Boosters: Which can give a maximum of +30% Ego (Legendary Chlorella boosters) OR +44100 Ego (Epic Chlorella boosters).
Some Counter Bonuses can give +10% Ego, with a double counter bonus giving +20% Ego


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Damage/Attack Power

Your Attack Power image.png is your damage that you will deal to your opponent's Ego during your turn in a performance.
The damage dealt is reduced by the defense stat.

Your Attack Power is mainly determined by the following factors:
The Attack power is your main stat + 1/4 of the sum of all stats of the girls in your battle team (check Other sources for more)

The sum of the stats in your battle team gives you +0.25 Attack Power. 
Attack power formula: Primary stat + ( 0.25 * Team power )
OR the full version: 
(Primary/Main stat (including club bonus and ginseng booster(s)) + ( 0.25 * Team power) * (1+Dominatrix synergy bonus) * (1+Domination attack bonus) * (1+Cordyceps booster(s) bonus)

You can see the total power of your battle team below their icons before starting a performance.

Other sources:
Dominatrix girls in your battle team gives you +2% Damage each
Dominatrix girls in your harem give you up to 7% damage (maximum value at +100 Dominatrix girls recruited)
Boosters: Which can give a maximum of +30% Damage (
Legendary Cordyceps boosters) OR +11025 Damage (Epic Cordyceps boosters)
Mythic booster All Mastery's Emblem also gives you +15% Damage for 100 performances in Season and League
Some Counter Bonuses can give +10% damage, with a double counter bonus giving +20% damage

The maximum possible Attack Power increase would be +74% (in Season and League)


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Your Defense image.png is the amount of damage that you will block each turn from your opponent during a performance.

Your Defense is mainly determined by the following factors:
The Defense is 1/4 of the sum of both your secondary stats + 0.12 Defense is added from the sum of the stats of the girls in your battle team
Defense formula: 0.25 * ( Secondary base stat + Tertiary base stat ) + ( 0.12 * Team power ) * (1+Submissive synergy bonus)

Other Sources:
Submissive girls in your battle team gives you +2% Defense each
Submissive girls in your harem give you up to 7% Defense (maximum value at +100 Submissive girls recruited)

The only booster that can increase your Defense is Ginseng root, because it increases all your stats.


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Leagues (Q&A)

League is a PvP feature that you unlock after reaching level 20. Here you can gain XP after every performance, and at the end of the League (Leagues lasts for 1 full week) you can gain addition rewards such as kobans. 

A FAQ about Leagues was made by Mika Kinkoid here: https://forum.hentaiheroes.com/index.php?/topic/6797-leagues-faq
Some information there is now outdated and I have therefore decided to post an updated version here:

Q: Where can I go to compete in the Leagues?

A: You can find the leagues inside the Tower of Fame, from the town screen.


Q: What is the goal of the Leagues?

A: The Leagues were created to provide a new challenge for the competitive players in PvP. One in which they have the ability to select more strategically their opponent to optimize their ranking up.

Q:  How do the Leagues work?

A: Your ranking within the leagues will be determined by the amount of points you can gather during the week. To win points, you need to challenge opponents, using challenge tokens. In case of victory, you will win anything from 15 - 25 league points depending on your EGO that you have left after the fight, and only 3 - 13 points in case of defeat.

Q: Why fight in the League?

A: Every Performance against another player will reward you with XP, regardless of a win or not. That said, a win provides more XP than a loss, and the higher level your opponent, the more XP you will receive. 

Q: How long will a season in the league last?

A: A league season will last for 1 week (Starting and ending every Thursday 13.00 UTC +1).

Q: How many players will be included in a league?

A: Each league will try to be composed of groups with between 100 and 199 players.

Q: I can’t participate in the Leagues, why?

A: It is probably because you have not reached level 20 yet. Whenever you will level up to 20, you will be able to compete in the Leagues.

Q: I don’t want to participate in the Leagues, how can I do that?

A: The Leagues are totally optional as a feature. They are designed  to increase the rewards in the game yet are not mandatory in order  to upgrade your harem or to advance in the story. However, most of your XP will come from the leagues at later levels, so it's recommended to play the leagues.

Q: How many leagues are there in total?

A: There are 9 leagues in total.

Q: What are the name of each league?

A: The names of the different Leagues are in order:


   Wanker I               Wanker II               Wanker III  

Sexpert I                Sexpert II              Sexpert III
Dicktator I           Dicktator II         Dicktator III


Q: What is the best strategy to obtain a high rank in the Leagues ?

A: The best tip I can give you is to fight players you know/think are not currently using boosters. If an opponent is using boosters, it's better to wait and see if that opponent will drop his boosters during the week. Another important thing is to make sure that you've fought all your opponents by the end of the League, even if you lose a fight, you will still earn some points. Use your currently strongest girls (make sure to check the current blessings), and try to counter your opponent with counter bonuses as much as possible.

Q: How can I challenge an opponent ?

A: In the Leagues tab of the tower of fame, you will be able to challenge opponents by selecting players from your group. A challenge will cost you a single challenge token.

Q: How can I obtain these Tokens ?

A: Every 35 minutes, you will receive one automatically. You can stock them up to 15 in total. If you want to continue your ascension in your group without waiting, you can use kobans to fully recharge your tokens. The price rate is 0.36 kobans according to the time left. A full recharge would be 189 kobans (Hentaiheroes).

Q: How does the 15x Performance! button work?

A: It instantly does 15 performances against the lowest leveled players yet not fought in your bracket.

Q: The current league season is coming to an end, what will happen to my rank afterwards ?

A: If you are among the top 15 players of your group, you will be placed in the next league, unless if you are in Dicktator III.
If you are in the bottom 15 players of your group, you will be demoted to the previous league.
If you have 0 league points, you will also be demoted.

Q: A player has an equal number of points to mine, why am I below him in the ranking ?

A: It is probably because the player has obtained his points before you. The system will register first the players that obtained this total of points at the earliest time and will prioritize the player that obtained them sooner. If this doesn’t resolve the tie issue, however, the system will look at each player’s levels and prioritize the lowest level between the two.

Q: If I stay in the same league, will I be in the same group ?

A: If you begin a new league season in the same league, the group you were in the previous week will be disbanded and new groups will be created randomly with all the players that are currently in the league.

Q: What rewards will be obtained at the end of the League season?

A: Every reward is based on the difficulty of the league - the higher you go, the higher will be the reward. You can see these rewards by hovering upon each league logo on top of the tower of fame.
Here is an example from the highest League Dicktator III:

Q: I saw that I could win worship in the league, but what would happen if I receive them while I’m already at 10 worships?

A: It will just go beyond 10, no worships will be lost.

Q: When will the next league season begin ?

A: Immediately after the current one ends, the next one will be launched automatically. There is no rest for the wicked.


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Seasons (Q&A)

Season is another PvP feature. Each season last for 1 full month.

Season Q&A from: Game Features – Kinkoid

Q: What are the Seasons?

A: The Seasons are like a month-long event where you get to perform against other players. You will be competing with the other heroes based on Mojo.

Q: What are kisses for?

A: Kisses is the currency needed to fight an opponent in the Season. Kisses will naturally regenerate at a rate of 1 per hour. You can regenerate up to 10 kisses.

Q: What is Mojo?

A: Mojo is the Elo system of this game. It keeps track of how well you are doing compared to the other players. The more you win, the higher your Mojo will be. You can see your Mojo score in the Season, under the button Find Opponents. Your opponents in the season will be of similar Mojo as your own.

Q: What's in it for me?

A: If you win and get enough Mojo, you will unlock Experience, Affection and XP items, and other useful and awesome loot, most noticeably 2 girls.

Q: Is there a schedule for Seasons?

A: Each Season starts and ends on the 1st of each month, 13:00 UTC+ 1, Kinkoid's server time. Yes, that means some Seasons will be shorter than others. Blame it on the sun. At the end of each Season, the Mojo is reset and you will begin again once the month starts. Your starting Mojo will be higher depending how well you did the previous season.

Q: What is the Season Pass?

A: The Season Pass is a purchasable set of extra rewards for every rank you earn in the Season. You will receive 2 rewards instead of 1 for every Mojo Rank you earn. 

Q: Is the Season Pass a one time purchase?

A: A Season Pass is valid until the end of the respective Season. When the next Season starts, the Pass needs to be purchased again.

Q: Why do I lose more Mojo for a defeat than I gain for a victory?

A: The amount of Mojo you win or lose depends on your Mojo compared to your opponent's Mojo. If you have more Mojo than your opponent, then you will win less Mojo and lose more Mojo. If your opponent has more Mojo, then you will win more Mojo and lose less Mojo. You can gain and lose between 1 and 40 mojo.
Buying kisses refills early in the month may put you against other competitive players, this will make your experience in the season quite bad if you end up lose a lot. Don't buy refills if you're new to the game. Play it more casual, you have a whole month to progress in the Season.

Q: I am losing a lot of Season performances. How can I get stronger?

A: There are a couple of ways to get stronger, split in two categories: make your hero stronger or make your team girls stronger. In general it is better to increase your strength in your own specialty.

1. Buy stat upgrades in the Equipment/Booster shop. In those two shops you can see the strength you have in all three specialties. Next to those specialties, you can see a + sign. You can click on these + signs to buy 1/10/30/60 points in that particular stat, depending on what the number says to the right. In the case below, I have 30 points at a time selected.
2. Obtain better equipment. The higher the rarity of the equipment, the better it will generally be. You can get new equipment in the Equipment shop, from both the Great and Epic Pachinko, from contests, from missions, from champions. Try to get equipment with the highest increase of your specialty. The best equipment to do this is the so-called legendary mono-stat equipment. These will boost one stat by a huge amount. After that legendary multi-stat equipment is the best. However, if your legendary multistat equipment gives you more EGO than the corresponding mono equipment, then you should go for the multistat equipment.  
3. Use your best girls, and increase their level and grade (the number of stars they have). The higher the level and grade, the better their stats will be. Check out each weeks blessing to see which girls currently has boosted stats.


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Most powerful Elements

Currently, all elements are not exactly equal in power, so choosing girls with better elements to upgrade might be worth it if you're having several girls with similar stats.

Deciding the most powerful elements comes down to your stats and your opponent's stats and battle team in the end, but here is a tier list of generally the best elements to have in your battle team, with focus on league play.

Disclaimer: Do keep in mind that this list is coming from a top level player, keep reading and you'll see.



Playful is dead last, 2% decrease in opponent's defense does give us more damage, but if you want damage there is just no reason whatsoever in choosing it over that of Dominatrix which gives us way more value. The only time that Playful is better than Dominatrix is when your opponent's defense is higher than your Attack Power... those fights is a lost cause anyway.

Voyeur is considered the 2nd worst element, as 2% harmony just isn't enough to make any meaningful impact. Also, looking at the legendary boosters then Cordyceps gives us +10% Damage, and Jujubes gives us +20% Harmony (double that of Cordyceps). Still, Cordyceps is still considered to be way better than Jujubes. 

Submissive is actually "ok", but compared to the elements above it on the list, it just doesn't bring enough value to be worth going for.

Exhibitionist with it's 3% ego increase is quite nice, this is definitely to most "mid" element IMO... it's decent.

Physical and Eccentric are about equal in power. Physical gives us more crit chance than Voyeur and Eccentric gives us the most damage out of all the elements when we actually crit.

Dominatrix is really good as the current meta is to settle performances in as few hits as possible, and this element gives us the most consistent damage out of all the elements, so it's a safer choice than Eccentric. In other words, Dominatrix is always good to have in your team.

Sensual is currently considered THE strongest element, HOWEVER, this is only the case for the top players (who are considered the strongest players), and this is also only the case for the league where winning with as much Ego left as possible is the way to go. If you are not at the top of the food chain in your league, then Dominatrix is THE strongest element.

Also, Sensual and Dominatrix are 2 elements that are always useful, Physical and Eccentric are your "lucky" elements that are only useful with a bit of luck (crits). Crits is the meta, yes, but Sensual and Dominatrix is so consistent that they are generally a better choice to have in your battle team.


For more casual and lower leveled players, or just performances outside of the league in general, then just move down Sensual 1 tier and the rest stays the same.

The only reason why Playful is F tier is because it technically does the same thing as Dominatrix, just way worse. So it's just an inferior version and I don't understand why it's even in the game. I actually think voyeur is about as bad, but at least it serves a better purpose.


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Performances at Champions (found at Sex God Path -> Champions. OR if you're in a club, Clubs -> image.png) works slightly differently compared to the other performances in the game. You can read about champions here -> CHAMPIONS + Q&A

However, what I will explain to you here is that the stats/power of the girls isn't the same at the champions compared to Leagues for example.

This is because their stats isn't calculated the same for those places, at Leagues it's the total stats of a girl (CH+KH+HC) that is their shown power.

At Champions it's a girl's MAIN STAT x 5 instead, resulting in the girls being slightly stronger against champions.


I'll show you an example of the Hardcore image.png girl Golden Bunny:

Here are her stats at level 500: image.png 

Golden Bunny in leagues: image.png (Power = ~11.9k)
6625+2000+3250 = 11875. As we can see, her stats checks out.

Golden Bunny at champions: image.png (Power = ~33.2k)
As she's a hardcore girl, that means her main stat is also hardcore, so 6625 x 5 = 33125. Not exactly 33.2k but the stats are always rounded up at champions to the nearest 100.
This is why 125 turns into 200, so this checks out!


Update 2022-01-19

With today's patch the girl's shown stats are even higher at champions, but we still do the same amount of damage as before.
This is because today the visual (and only the visual) formula was changed, so now it's like this:
Girl's main stat x 5 + player's main stat (your own main stat).

This is now my Golden Bunny's shown power at champions: image.png

Let's check: Here is my main stat image.png

Golden Bunny's power (33125) + 44905 = 78030 (~78.1k when rounded up).

Champions now looks easier than before, but the difficulty is still exactly the same.


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