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  1. Hi, all! I have some news for you - I'm changing departments at Kinkoid and won't be your community manager any longer. It was an honor being there for you! The community will always hold a very special spot in my heart If you need anything Tohru - Kinkoid is your go to person! ✨She will take good care of you! ✨ I'll miss you greatly. (That does not mean I won't say hi from time to time 💋 ) XoXo Love, Bunny Noacc.
  2. Can you tell me what your ingame ID is?
  3. I have updated the patch notes with a short reminder of automation scripts. Things are gonna get so much worse for cheaters. Edit I'd like to add that the bans are permanent.
  4. @DvDivXXX I'll repost my rant again in the near future 😄
  5. I'm reading topics from August and I'm surpised by the feedback on the art of the girls. The art has never been more solid and yet people still somehow manage to judge and find mistakes. Srsly guys? 😭 Cut the artists/content/art team some slack... In my most honest (and unbiased) opinion there are very few girls from the past few months there weren't top quality. BUT that's just my opinion and art is subjective. Edit - not the most correct topic, but I wanted to share my heartbreak 😄
  6. The emojis are pretty expressive, are they not?
  7. Issue has been reported! Thanks keeps, this helped a lot.
  8. This should be fixed now, is it still occuring?
  9. The following players have violated the terms of use of Kinkoid. Closing~
  10. You can't like it until you try it! 🎉 Closing this troll topic.
  11. @bolitho76 Hey, bolitho! Do you happen to have discord? If you have discord would you please PM me? ^^
  12. Hey, guys! I checked all your accounts and they are validated. 🤔 Are you able to access the customer support page now?
  13. @descawer2 Can you refresh, please? Descawer2 ^ Is this the account you want to have your mail validated? If so it should be fine now ^^
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