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The BUG syndrome


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-Hey dude, game bugged. My scores higher but this weird-ass game make me lose all battles.
-What score is higher?
-The money. I have more money, more gold, I have to win. Is a pay to win game it isn't?
-Oh no, those are Ymens, you spend it to purchase stuff in the market.
-Market!? What's about this new trash feature? No one told me about a market! Anyway, the game is bugged. I collect money when I do win instead of spending it. That's mean the more one beat me, the more money he does collect. Change it immediately. That's the opposite to pay to win!

-Hello, I'm a F2P player since 1870. Recently I found that I cannot access my game anymore. I've tried everything, but the browser show me another game entirely! That should be immediatedly solved, it's a scam and people should be fired for that.
-How do you access the game?
-I cannot access entirely! What a fraud.
-Have you checked if a trojan is affecting your PC and redirecting?
-Are you mocking me? I've reported you to the admin and they'll do a Copyright Stroke to your account. I'm not so stupid.
The moment I'll try to access the game I'm sent to another.
-What game, indeed? Can you copy the address for us to check?
-It's a game about a bouncing dinosaur. I cannot even undress the dinosaur.

-Hi folks, I0m in the Tower of Season and I'0m spenting all icons to make the things happen. Whatever, the score of the Karma is not going down as it should. I've also noticed that Bushes, FishEye and Roots aren't going up if I'll put on Elements. Could it depend on my GloryHole or my Harlem size?

-I'm not tolerating that anymore! You should care more of people or your company will explode in minutes! I know what I say!
-What's the issue?
-You cannot cheat people this way, I'm really tired of such inconvenience and I'll probably call my attorney.
-Sorry, but what problem you're talking about?
-Tried everything, I dunno one had to be a Computer Man to play a simple game, you must put an alert when one subscribe.
-Sorry again, but can you answer so I can finally help you?
-HEY! HEY! No need to be so rude!

-Hello, I've spotted a bug and I want to share with you. Since the beginning of my adventure, three days ago, I found a misterious icon that tell I need to be of Level 20 to enjoy. You probably missed it. Now, if I ever know how to increase the "level"! So I think they're all scamming us by adding a secret feature that you can only access by paying. I thought this was a free game. Have you experienced the same thing?

-It's unfair that people that play better than me always win! There's any way to correct such critical issue?

-I HATE such scam practices! They told me to 'send a ticket' to KK, but they doesn't tell any physical address! Where I'm supposed to send this helluva ticket?
PS: do they accept restaurant tickets?

-I can't do battles anymore. This is annoying, I was in the middle of reaching 35th in the W3 League! Who'll refund me?
-How the bug manifest itself?
-My 'Perform' button is totally insensitive.
-Maybe you've completed all battles. You can challenge all opponents just 3 times each.
-No, I tell you again, I touched the 'Perform' button. You know? The button, my finger, touch, and do nothing! It simply does nothing! Who was the overpayed coder that made such a pity interface?!
EDIT: I was on desktop, not on the touch device. ANYWAY they should put an alert about.

-Bug spotted. Please fix it ASAP. My girls boobs aren't big as I like.

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