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Introducing "gem mines" + use for 1-star guys.

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Having recently run into quite a shortage of some gems despite multiple possible sources to gain some I got an idea on how players could aim to somewhat "farm" gems of a certain element they need while at the same time making the 1-star guys somewhat useful.

Similar to Places of Power there could be a "gem mine" with a slot to place an 1-star guy into. Depending on the element of said guy you get a certain amount of gems in the corresponding color every 12 or 24 hours.

By paying kobans and/or possibly fulfilling tasks or conditions more mines/slots can be unlocked up to a maximum of 8 so that in theory every gem type could be farmed or more of specific elements if you place multiple guys with the same element.

Depending on balance questions then the additional gem prizes from Places of Power could be removed (perhaps to increase the chance to get other PoP prizes).

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